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New Mexico Christmas Assistance Programs

How to get help with Christmas in New Mexico.  We are all aware those people do not have the good fortune of being showered with abundant blessings during Christmas. Keeping this reality in mind, many people have a big heart to do something about it.

They reach out to many volunteers and organizations throughout the holiday season to offer warm hands and blessings to those less fortunate than themselves.

Programs that Help with Christmas in New Mexico

At Christmas, sharing with those less fortunate is customary. Still, this spirit of giving extends far beyond one’s circle of loved ones. Companies and other non-profits worldwide run programs to help those in need over the holiday season. Here are a few of New Mexico’s Christmas-themed aid programs you can get involved with if you feel inclined.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a well-known organization to turn to at any time. If you need help with Christmas, contact this charity and register immediately. The Salvation Army is often the first stop for visitors hoping for free holiday meals and gifts.

They may be able to provide aid with their Angel Tree program and may also know of other sources of assistance. You can use their phone number to contact them 1-800-SAL-ARMY.

Toys for Tots

People around the United States love the Marines’ Toys for Tots program. By participating in this initiative, you could potentially receive assistance. If you want help with Christmas in New Mexico being on the list, you should apply as early as possible. Parents, be prepared to answer questions about your child’s gender, age, and hobbies. Their contact number is (703) 640-9433

Coats for Kids

US Bank, the Community Action Agency, and others organize a coat drive called Coats for Kids annually. Over 48,000 coats have been given out to needy kids since 1995. For more information, contact Karen Bailey at (617) 636-6706.

Prison Fellowship

For kids whose parents are in jail and can’t afford to give them Christmas presents, the Prison Fellowship runs a program called Angel Tree. They go out of their way to buy toys and other modest gifts for the inmate’s kids and send them to the family. They help those who need it most by listening to prayer requests and providing financial assistance. You can contact them at 1-877-478-0100.

Two Hands

To connect families in need with well-meaning volunteers, Two Hands provides a central hub for sharing information about those families’ specific requests. People can receive help with Christmas in New Mexico.  Members of the community can then discreetly make purchases and distributions.

The portal seems to have no documentation or eligibility restrictions, so anyone can publish their wants. Visit their site at your earliest convenience to learn more about their services. You can contact them at the number (791) 818-8688.

Christmas Foundation

All low-income families in New Mexico are encouraged to apply for the Christmas Foundation in Albuquerque’s holiday assistance program. Many brand-new children’s toys, along with clothes, games, and books, are available through this initiative. You can contact them through the number (314) 416-2245.

Cops for Kids

Albuquerque’s Cops For Kids chapter spreads holiday cheer toward 100 kids in need throughout Sandoval County. Community Crimestoppers and the Albuquerque Police Department have collaborated to create a special day for kids from low-income families.

On this particular day, lucky kids have breakfast with Santa and Mrs. Claus, followed by the opportunity to shop for $100 on new clothes and toys at Walmart.

After that, the kids will enjoy a catered meal, bowling, and some live holiday entertainment. Finally, kids get free backpacks stocked with goods and supplies for school, plus a turkey and trimmings for a Thanksgiving meal. You can contact them through the number 250-801-4438 or their toll-free number 1-877-500-4543.

Joy Junction

Low-income families in Albuquerque are encouraged to apply for the Christmas gift list program at Joy Junction. Registered households receive toys, books, games, food for a holiday meal, clothing, and other modest gifts right before Christmas. You can contact them through the number (505) 877-6967.

PB & J Family Services

Low-income families can receive help with Christmas from PB & J Family Services of Albuquerque runs the Adopt-A-Family wish program. There are sponsors in the program who will buy things like toys for the kids, clothes for the whole family, modest presents, and household goods for the family in need. You can contact them through the number +1 732-687-8688.


Cars4Christmas provides vehicles to low-income families, the disabled, and military veterans who might otherwise be unable to afford one. After 20 years in business, this charitable group is going global.

Cars4Christmas hosts fundraising activities, takes donations, and acquires automobiles for their Christmas giveaway in the months leading up to the holiday season.

A few lucky families in rural or suburban regions receive given cars, where public transit options are restricted. Online application submission is possible. For more information, call (913) 244-0582.

Best Christmas Ever

This charity provides help with Christmas in New Mexico.  Each BCE family is given the blessing of the Best Christmas Ever via the efforts of BCE and local leaders and companies. The BCE Family Pillars are the cornerstones of BCE’s ongoing support for families after a BCE. Contact them at +1 218-451-BEST (2378)

Be An Elf Program

Operation Santa has adopted children’s letters to Santa since 1912. Volunteers may send holiday gifts to needy children. Operation Santa’s Be An Elf initiative assumes letters through the USPS website. Children’s shoes, clothing, and even food are popular.

Be An Elf intends to send every single parent a $100 Target gift card, but this depends on their income. We trust women to know their children’s needs, so we give tax advantages for donations.

In addition to the gift card, we put in a Christmas letter; This is for your kids. Be an Elf only accepts letters submitted on the USPS Operation Santa website; they don’t send gifts to direct letters.

Churches that Help with Christmas in New Mexico 

High Desert United Methodist Church

High Desert United Methodist Church members welcome anyone having trouble putting food on the table. During the Christmas season, they might have extra supplies that You can use to assist families in preparing a special meal. You can contact them at +1 505-891-420

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul or SVDP

Adopt a Family is a program by the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul. This program provides free food boxes, gifts/toys, and meals to low-income families, immigrants, and the unemployed. Many Albuquerque organizations, such as churches and charities, take part. Contact them at +1 505-346-1500.

St. Vincent de Paul of St. Genevieve Parish

Though low-income seniors are the primary target audience, anyone can apply for assistance. People may get gifts, including clothing, food for a Christmas feast, and toys. St. Vincent helps spread holiday cheer by providing grants and other assistance to the working poor and the elderly. You can contact them through the number (575) 526 2656.

Catholic Charities

Helping low-income families is a priority for Catholic Charities, which is why they work with other organizations and churches in the community. Donation-based secondhand shop. During the winter, they stock their store with toys and seasonal decor, calling it the Christmas Store. The program might potentially offer further help with Christmas in New Mexico.  You can contact them at (312) 655-7000.

Food Pantries that Help with Christmas in New Mexico 

Echo Food Bank

Families from San Juan County can get help through Echo Food Bank. They amass supplies and give them out to those in need. Holiday food boxes are delivered each Christmas to help families have a plentiful holiday meal. At the same time, the Emergency Supplies program provides food baskets, hygiene items, and newborn boxes four times a year. You can contact them at +1 505-326-3770.

St. Felix Pantry

St. Felix Pantry offers a variety of programs to assist low-income households. Holiday meals for families may be available at the pantry. You can contact them through the number +1 505-891-8075.

La Montanita Food Corp

We are a community that has worked together for nearly twenty years to grant the wishes and meet the needs of disadvantaged children. Every year, they support the families of a few exceptional youngsters so that everyone in the neighborhood will always have their backs. An annual tradition whose Community Giving Tree program serves as a source of renewed motivation thanks to the outpouring of support it receives from the locals.

Hundreds of kids in foster care, homeless youngsters, and other at-risk youth have their dreams granted through this initiative. Members, customers, the co-op staff, and others have worked tirelessly throughout the years to satisfy the needs of countless children across New Mexico. They are grateful and hope that you will be in a position to donate again this year. You can reach them at (505) 984-2852.


New Mexico has various Christmas programs that serve low-income families. These organizations have given to children and families for years. If you need help with Christmas, visit their websites. They’ll take food, toys, and even clothes provided by the heart.