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The Salvation Army is a well-known international charitable organization that helps those in need, including shelter and temporary housing. The Salvation Army also helps individuals and families facing homelessness or other crises through hotel or motel vouchers. For anyone needing emergency shelter and seeking a hotel voucher, this article will guide you through the process.

Understanding the Salvation Army’s Assistance Programs

Before examining how to get a hotel voucher, it’s essential to understand how the Salvation Army works. Their programs provide short-term relief for immediate needs while addressing long-term solutions.  This holistic approach means you may receive support with food, clothing, counseling, and referrals to other necessary services in addition to emergency housing.

Eligibility for Hotel Vouchers

The rules for getting hotel vouchers can differ depending on your state. Also, each person or family situation is different. Usually, these vouchers are given to:

Steps to Obtain a Hotel Voucher from the Salvation Army

Locate Your Nearest Salvation Army Center 

The first step to getting help is to find the nearest Salvation Army service center. You can do this by visiting the Salvation Army’s official website and using their location search tool.

1.Contact the Center

Reach out to the center either by phone or by calling in person. During this initial contact, explain your situation and inquire about the availability of hotel vouchers.

2. Assessment and Interview

The Salvation Army will typically conduct a screening to determine your needs and eligibility. This may include an interview where you’ll be asked about your current situation, financial status, and other personal details.

3. Documentation

Be prepared to present some identification and other documentation supporting your case. Documents should include proof of income (or lack thereof), eviction notices, or police reports in domestic violence cases.

4. The Waiting Period

There may be a waiting period depending on the demand and available resources. The Salvation Army will inform you how long it might take to receive assistance.

5. Receiving the Voucher

Approved applicants receive a voucher used at a local hotel or motel. The duration of stay covered by the voucher varies based on individual circumstances and availability of funds.

6. Additional Services

In addition to the coupon, the Salvation Army may offer other assistance such as food vouchers, transportation assistance, or referrals to other services like counseling or job training programs.

Things to Keep in Mind

Limited Availability

Hotel vouchers are a finite resource, provided based on urgency and need. The availability of funds and rooms depends on the guarantee of receiving a voucher.

Short-term Solution

Remember that these vouchers are for short-term relief. The Salvation Army, other chapters, and organizations can help you find more permanent solutions during your stay.


Stay in touch with the Salvation Army Center for additional support and resources. They can be a valuable ally in finding long-term housing and other necessary services.

My Experience with The Salvation Army’s Christmas Gift Drive

I’ve always believed in the importance of helping the community. Working with The Salvation Army strengthened that belief. As the holidays approached, I joined their Christmas gift drive and donated toys and gifts for children.  Our organization, Free Financial Help Services, also donates to The Salvation Army’s summer camp fund.

The experience was very moving and humbling. I’ll never forget our first time joining the Angel Tree program. When my husband and I arrived at the warehouse, we were surprised to see a huge truck loaded with hundreds of bicycles. I didn’t know they gave away bikes.

Inside the warehouse, Christmas trees and sections overflowed with coats, candy, bikes, and toys. Seeing all this, I was emotionally overwhelmed, realizing the effort put into supporting our communities and how many families would have a wonderful Christmas.

More on The Salvation Army

This faith-based organization was established in 1865. It has a notable presence in over 130 countries, highlighting its global reach and ability to address diverse needs.

Its substantial annual revenue, often exceeding $4 billion in the United States alone, stems from public donations, government funding, and earnings from its thrift stores. Crucial to their funding model, these thrift stores sell donated items to support various programs.

They are particularly active in disaster relief, often among the first to respond to natural disasters and emergencies worldwide, aiding tens of thousands yearly.

They also play a pivotal role in addressing homelessness in the U.S., assisting hundreds of thousands annually through shelters and housing programs.


Obtaining a hotel voucher from the Salvation Army can provide crucial temporary relief in times of crisis. However, it is essential to view this as a stepping stone towards more stable and permanent solutions. The Salvation Army’s commitment to holistic care means they can assist in other areas of your life impacted by homelessness or crises. 

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