Organizations that Give Away Free Cars

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Free cars. Can’t afford money for car repairs?  Let’s see how you can find free charity cars.  There are organizations that give away free cars to low-income families.  Cars for Change, 1800-CARS, and other organizations can help qualified people get back on the road.  Car donations to charities help change the lives of disadvantaged families and individuals.  However, this may seem too good to be true, but you may be eligible for a car.   If you need a vehicle, find out if you qualify for help.

Organizations that Give Away Free Cars

First of all. if you are interested in finding a used car, contact the organizations below, to see if you are eligible to receive a free used car.  These cars are given away to qualify applicants.  There are stipulations and you must apply and qualify for help.  Keep in mind that no one is guaranteed a car. 

There are many people in your community who also need reliable transportation to get to work and school.  It is important to be patient and persistent.  You may also be able to find organizations that will actually give you a  free vehicle.  

Vehicles For Change

VFC help to empower disadvantaged families.  Car ownership affords you added opportunities for better jobs as well as helps those who need medical transport.   Locations in Maryland-Virginia-Washington D.C. and Detroit, Michigan.   Request a free car.

Free Charity Cars

This 501(C) (3) non-profit charity has been helping struggling families since 1996, by donating a means of transportation that improves family stability.   You must create a profile, stay active on the site, and state why you feel you deserve a car.

Online Car Donations Auto Charity

Need a reliable vehicle?  This charity organization accepts donated cars, and repairs used cars.  Their mission is to help women in abuse and those with disabilities with access to reliable transportation.

1800 Charity Cars 

Reliable transportation helps disadvantaged families become more self-sufficient and stable.  You must qualify financially to receive a car.

Modest Needs

Modest Needs gives away free used cars and also helps low-income drivers with basic car repairs.


To be considered for help, fill out the online application, and explain why you need a vehicle.  You must be low-income, but this doesn’t necessarily guarantee you will be helped.


If you have your own transportation but are struggling financially this charitable organization can help you will fuel grants. Visit this site for more information. Application.

Good News Garage

This non-profit is a Luthern Social Services program that has given thousands of cars to disadvantaged families since 1996. If you live in the New England area, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, or Vermont and need help, check out this program.

Eligibility varies from state to state. If you receive SNAP, WIC, TANF, Medicaid, etc.  Call them at or call 877.448.3288  or visit their website here.

*Locate a Car Program Near you. (more)

How to get a Free Car?

First, there are charities and non-profit organizations that can help you get back on the road again.  If you receive government assistance, are a veteran or disabled student, you may be eligible.   Some programs like Goodwill Industries  Wheels to Work offer eligible consumers low-interest car loans.  

These cheap loans allow low-income families to purchase a reliable, refurbished used car. Secondly, you must qualify financially and meet other requirements to receive help.  These charities are able to give reliable transportation to low-income families due to the generosity of donors. 

Low- Income Car Loans

Goodwill Wheels to Work

This program helps low-income families to purchase a reliable car with a low-interest loan.   You must be working for a year and need transportation for your job.  You must also be able to maintain the vehicle once you purchase it.  (More)

If you need a car you can find programs located in your area at Working Cars for Working People.

First Wheels

Tennessee’s First Wheels is a workforce development and employment program car program.  The initiative helps low-income parents, working parents with small children on SNAP, or parents in educational programs.  This is a revolving loan program to help you purchase a vehicle.  The loan requires no downpayment or interest.  And monthly payments are low. 

The program enabled families to become self-sufficient through work and higher education.  You can get a loan packet from the Tennessee Department of Human Services.  Your driving record and credit report are factors that will help determine eligibility.   Call 731-687-4222
 First Wheels Program, 553 Enville Bottom Road, Milledgeville, TN 38359

Car Donations

Car donations make all this possible.  When people donate their cars to charities, they not only receive a tax deduction, they also help some families become self-sufficient.  Every donation is repaired and made roadworthy and reliable.  When donating your vehicle, make sure you are giving to501(C) (3)  Charitable organization. That assures they are registered with the government and you are eligible for a deduction on your taxes donate to someone who may need a free car.

Donating your Car to A Charity

Donating cars to charities not only help disadvantaged families become more stable but give local charities the means to help on many other levels.  If you have a used car, even if it is not running consider donating a car to a charity.  Car Donations also help people living in rural areas get better jobs, not on the bus line and help seriously sick people get to the hospital for much-needed treatment.  Something as simple as a car can dramatically change someone’s life.

Donating your car to a charity can assure some less fortunate people or families will receive the support they need.  Often a donated vehicle will be sold and the money used to provide food, rent,  or other subsidies to low-income families.  If you have a car sitting in your backyard for more than a year, why not make it a donation.

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