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By | December 10, 2017

Mecklenburg  Assistance – If you live in Mecklenburg, County in Charlotte, North Carolina and need help with rent?  Organizations like the Crisis Assistance Ministry,  and community organization s offer rent assistance, help with utilities, mortgages and other types of assistance.

These programs serve many disadvantaged families in Charlotte, NC.  Mecklenburg County rent or mortgage assistance programs mission is to help prevent evictions and maintain the stability of families.  Unfortunately, with limited funding, you may have to go to more than one organization to get help.

There are also times of the year when funding runs out until the next budget is approved.  If you can not pay your rent, please contact the organizations listed below for rent assistance.

Mecklenburg County Rent Assistance Programs

 Crisis Assistance Ministry

This program is designed to help struggling families maintain financial stability. If you need help with rent, utilities, and other resources.

Crisis Assistance Ministry provides:

  1. Financial assistance for rent
  2. Financial assistance for utilities
  3. Negotiates with utility company to keep your services connected
  4. On-site free store
  5. Free furniture
  6. Gives referrals to other agencies and programs

Free shopping in their on-site store for:  Clothing, kids toys, furniture, appliances, household items

Crisis Assistance Ministry
500-A Spratt Street
Charlotte, NC 28206
(704) 371-3001

Homelessness Prevention Fund (Rent Assistance)

Provides funding for those who are homeless, to quickly re-house the homeless and those who are in immediate danger of becoming homeless. The funds are used for short-term and medium-term rent assistance. For relocation, utility payments, mediation with landlords, help with moving cost and legal services. They do not pay mortgages.  Family income can be not more than 32,150 for a family of four.

Neighborhood Development Specialist
Rebecca Pfeiffer

Department of Social Services

Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services helps disadvantaged individuals and families with food assistance like WIC, SNAP, financial assistance like TANF, and a host of other services. You may also qualify for emergency and expedited services, even if you do not presently receive government assistance.  All assistance is based on your gross monthly or yearly income. When seeking assistance bring documents like:

  • Photo ID
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of income
  • Social security cards for everyone in the household
Charlotte, NC – 28222
(704) 336-3000

Union Crisis Assistance Ministry

This organization is a result of the burden of local Pastors to help families in the community that are struggling financially.   As a partner with the United Way, those in need can receive rent, utility and food assistance. Each applicant must be screened and to determine if they are financially qualified to receive help.  All bills are paid directly to the utility company or landlord.

1333 W Roosevelt Blvd,
Monroe, NC 28110
Phone: (704) 225-0440

Financial Crisis Assistance

If you need help with rent, utilities, groceries etc. Financial Crisis Assistance offers assistance to those living in the Matthews, NC area.  They also offer referrals to other community organization that provides emergency help. Thier only thrift store is open to those who qualify for assistance and can get clothing, household items. The food pantry offers a one week supply of groceries including canned and frozen foods, toiletries, and hygiene products.

To receive help, you will need to present:

  • Photo ID
  • Social Security cards for all living the home
  • Proof of household income
  • Proof of rent, utility bills
  • Proof of mortgage
  • Disconnect or eviction notices
  • Landlord name and phone number

Matthews HELP Center
119 N. Ames Street
Matthews, NC 28106
Phone: 704-847-8383

Charlotte Area Fund

The Charlotte Area Fund is a private non-profit and Mecklenburg County and a community action agency. The mission is to help the disadvantaged in Mecklenburg County. Their anti-poverty program helps families become self-sufficient through training and educational programs.

You can also receive emergency financial assistance for those behind in rent and utilities. They also pay up to $200 for past-due utilities and up to $500 to prevent eviction. They also pay up to $25 to help with prescriptions. Those unable to work can receive food from the pantry and for those with special diets receive vouchers to purchase groceries.

Charlotte Area Fund
901 N. Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC 28206
(704) 372-3010

Jackson Park Ministries

This organization is a non-profit organization that addresses homelessness in the Charlotte and surrounding area. They offer transitional housing and shelter services for families with children. The goal is to help families maintain stability and help adult become more self-sufficient through training, accountability and lifestyle changes based on biblical principles. Jackson Park Ministries is a 504(c)(3) and all deductions are tax deductible.

5415 Airport Drive
Charlotte, NC 28208.

United Way

If all else fails, call 211 If you are looking for assistance call 211 which is the United Way.  They will have a listing of organizations in your area that can help you with your immediate needs.

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