Free & Low-Cost Clinics Charlotte, NC

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There are free and low-cost Health Clinics in Charlotte, NC. Free clinics support low-income and disadvantaged families and singles who do not have health care coverage. You can visit a free Charlotte community health clinic if you need to see a doctor.

Depending on your income, the cost can be nothing or a small fee.  Free clinics, healthcare, and planned parenthood services can be found in hospitals and well-government buildings throughout the Capital City.

Free Charlotte clinics cover a range of medical, STD testing, planned parenthood, vision, free dental, and behavioral health services to the community.  Those who attend free health clinics can get free or low-cost health care.  

Call your local hospital to find out how to sign up for the sliding-scale program. It is important to know where to go to get care when you don’t have medical benefits. Some people don’t have coverage because they don’t work forty hours a week.

Health insurance is expensive, and many employees work fewer hours, avoiding the obligation to give these needed benefits.  Others work full-time, but wages are low; they still cannot afford insurance.  This is a difficult position, especially if you have a medical problem or a family.   

Free Health Clinics Charlotte, NC

Call the medical office’s number in your area below if you need to see a physical.  Be sure to get the days and times of service and make an appointment to visit the doctor.  Depending on availability, you may have to wait a few weeks to get a license.  If you have an emergency, go to the nearest emergency room immediately.

Phone lines open at 8:00 AM, and appointments go quickly.   Bring photo identification, proof of address, and income, such as current pay stubs, W-2 form, or a letter from the agency you are receiving assistance from. 

If you cannot make your appointment, please call the clinic to notify them you cannot complete it.  This will give them time to book another patient in your place.

Free Clinics in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County

Here is a list of free healthcare offices in Charlotte, NC. Co-pays vary from $0 to $30, depending on income. Self-pay patients pay $50 upfront, and arrangements can be made to pay the balance of their bill.

C.W. Williams Community Health Center
3333 Wilkinson Blvd
Charlotte, NC
(704) 393-7720

Charlotte Community Health Clinic
8401 Medical Plaza Dr., Suite 300
Charlotte, NC
(704) 316-6561

Donna M. Lacey, MS
1330 Spring St
Charlotte, NC
(704) 350-1300

Carolina Center For Women
421 N Wendover Rd
Charlotte, NC
(704) 367-2255

Bethesda Health Center
133 Stetson Dr
Charlotte, NC
(704) 596-5606

Care Ring
601 E 5th St #140
Charlotte, NC
(704) 375-0172

NC MedAssist
4428 Taggart Creek Rd.
Suite 101, Charlotte, NC 28208
Free pharmacy program for

Project 658/Smith Family Wellness Center
3622 Central Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28205
Shelter Health Services

CMC Elizabeth Family Practice
2001 Vail Ave.
Charlotte, NC 2820

Camino Community Center – Health Center
133 Stetson Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28262

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare
550 South Caldwell St., Suite 100

Shelter Health Services  
534 Spratt Street

Shifa Free Health Clinic
4301 Shamrock Dr.

Mecklenburg County Health Department
249 Billingsley Road

Cardiac Resource Center
Heart Bright Foundation
2923 S. Tryon Street, Suite 200
(704) 373-3002
Hours: 8am-5pm

Charlotte Volunteers in Medicine Free Clinic
1416 Beatties Ford Road
(704) 350-1300

Free Dental Clinics 
1335 Elizabeth Avenue
Teeth cleaning, fluoride, and x-rays. Free screening, call for screening days and hours. $20.00 per visit for appointments

CMC Biddle Point Family Practice
1801 Rozzelles Ferry Rd

CMC Northpark – Charlotte
251 Eastway Drive

The Birth of the Free Health Clinics

It is good to know, you have access to health care, regardless of your ability to pay.   John Haight founded Ashbury Free Clinics in 1967 in the city of San Francisco.  The free health clinic concept caught on and spread throughout the state, and today you can find free health clinics in every state in America.

In 1972, the slogan, Health Care was a Right; Not a Privilege” was the theme of a meeting attended by doctors and healthcare professionals in Washington, DC.  This powerful slogan is being proclaimed to this day.  Every American citizen and resident has the right to health care, whether they can afford it or not. 

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