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Are you looking for a government grant to help with roof repairs?  If you are a medium to low-income elderly or disabled homeowner, you may qualify for financial help.  The US government assists in roof repair and incentives to enable people to maintain their property.  You can benefit from the Tribal Energy Program, Single Family Home Repair Loans, or Weatherization Assistance Program.  We will cover requirements and other related factors. Keep reading if you want aid for roof repairs.

Government Grants for Roof Repairs

As mentioned earlier, there will be different grants with some specific requirements. Most of them will suit the elderly, single mothers, disabled, and low-income families. Here are the available government grants you can go through.

1.  Single Family Residential Rehabilitation Program

Low-income families can get assistance from the SFRRP to repair their roofs. They can receive grants to repair their roof, window, and other possible damages to improve the accessibility of homes for physically impaired people. SFRRP has two following programs to create suitable solutions for the needy.

2.  HUD Home Repair Grants

The HUDOpens in a new tab. has many repair programs to help people with low income. Low-income families, seniors, and single mothers experience many challenges while considering home improvement projects. However, HUD has solutions for all, and you can get funds to repair your roofs. HUD provides different types of grants to suit specific needs. We can take the example of Homeowner Rehabilitation Grants, Community Block Development Grants, and Area Agency on Aging Grants.

When it comes to Community Block Development, the HUD will decide the fund, depending on the population, housing age, poverty levels, and other factors. It offers grants to local and state housing authorities. Eligible communities can get support for roof repair and other infrastructural developments.


With rehabilitation grants, eligible homeowners can get funds to repair and reconstruct their roofs. However, the income needs to be less, and the occupied home needs to be the principal residence. You can also get HUD grants from nonprofit organizations.

3.  Weatherization Assistance Program

You might have heard of this program since it is the most appreciated. The Department of Energy provides this grant to those who struggle to repair their roofs. However, there will be some specific requirements for this grant. You can be eligible if your income is below the poverty level. WAPOpens in a new tab. helps low-income families to repair their homes free of cost. Therefore, you will not have to repay your loan.

WAP grants $5billion to enable low-income families to upgrade their homes and energy appliances for security purposes. People with physically impaired and low income can get this grant. Single parentsOpens in a new tab., senior citizens, and needy families can get this grant and repair their homes or roofs. If you have a disabled family member of 60 years of age or above, you will get the priority. The average financial assistance for a qualified family is $6500, and you can use this amount to repair your roof.

4.  The Tribal Energy Program

The Tribal Energy Program is another grant for tribal people. It helps them to repair their roofs without bothering about the end cost. The tribal people who live in tribal areas can qualify for this grant. The purpose of this grant is to create renewable energy sources, and it will limit the consumption of energy. If you belong to tribal communities, you can consider this grant to replace your roof. In addition to financial help, you will receive training and education about clean energy and job opportunities.

5.  Housing Preservation Grant

The Housing Preservation GrantOpens in a new tab. can come to the rescue of very low-income organizations and tribal communities. Nonprofit organizations can also consider this grant. However, individual homeowners cannot use this government program. But there is a way to avail of this benefit. You can use this benefit through a nonprofit organization that helps poor people to repair their roofs.

Moreover, there will be different eligibility requirements for this program. You will have to live in rural areas and federally recognized tribal land with less than 20,000 people. But you will get this grant only through a department, not as a homeowner. Rental property owners can also get this grant.

6.  Single Family Home Repair Grants and Loans

You might have come across this grant since it is one of the most popular home repair grants. You can use the fund to replace your roof, but you need to meet some eligibility criteria. First of all, you will have to be a homeowner, and the income needs to be lower than fifty percent of the average income.

Another requirement is age eligibility, and you need to be sixty-two years old to qualify for this loan. The grant amount is $7,500, but you might need to repay this loan if you sell your house within three years.

These are government grants you can consider to repair your roof for free. However, there will be some specific requirements. Your income, age, and location are the determining factors. If you do not meet the eligibility criteria, you can consider low-interest loan options.

7.  Neighborhood Stabilization Program

Housing and Urban Development Department provides this grant. However, it is for community development. The state and local governments receive this grant and support moderate-income and low-income families to repair their roofs. You will have to find a Neighborhood Stabilization ProgramOpens in a new tab. based on your location. You might find a suitable solution for your roof repair.

8.  Handicapped Accessibility Improvement Program (HAIP)

The Handicapped Accessibility Improvement Program can grant up to $40,000 to remodel a house and improve its accessibility by removing all the physical barriers. The objective is to make the place safely accessible for disabled people.

9.  Roof Repair Program

The Roof Repair Program can grant up to $15,000 to senior citizens to replace or repair their roofs. They can also use the amount to repair exterior roofing and gutter.

10.  Low Income Heat Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

If you qualify for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance ProgramOpens in a new tab. (LIHEAP), the government will give you a check each year to help with heating and cooling your home and other mandatory repairs.  The program was created in the 1980s to help the poorest families with home heating and cooling costs.

HUD Roof Repair Loans

Home Repair Loan Program with One Percent Interest

You can qualify for a one percent interest rate if you meet the following eligibility criteria.

  • A homeowner with a low income, below fifty percent of the median income.
  • A resident of a rural area and a citizen of the USA
  • 62 years or more
  • Cannot repay a 504-section loan

If you meet these eligibility criteria, you can get a loan for up to twenty years. Also, you can expect a low-interest rate, a one percent interest rate. If you are sixty-two or above, you can use the fund for minor repairs, improvements, and safety hazard removals.

Communities or rural areas with less than 20,000 people can use it for different home improvement projects. Moreover, people with disabilities can get this loan and use the amount for home improvement.  If you have a damaged roof or other unsecured arrangements, you can get financial aid to repair your roof. The low-income earners can avail of a $3,000 loan, and they will have to pay only $13.80 per month.

What Are the Eligibility Requirements?

Roof replacement is a costly affair, and you cannot consider one with a limited budget. If you want to use government grants, you will have to prove that you cannot repair or replace your roof with your income. Hence, the first consideration or requirement is your earning status. It needs to be less than fifty percent of the median income. There might be some other requirements, depending on the grants.

You cannot replace or repair a rented property. Therefore, ownership is another requirement to get such grants. If you do not have house ownership, you cannot qualify for these grants. Before going ahead, you will have to do all the paperwork. You will have to show documents to prove the ownership of the property. Another requirement is the age, and seniors will get priority. If a senior citizen has low income than the young one, the elderly applicant will get close attention. In some cases, seniority will be one of the criteria.

Homeowners looking for roof repairs can take help from different sources, including governments, nonprofits, state offices, and community organizations. They need to research well to find suitable grants based on their conditions.

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