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Alabama Christmas Assistance Programs

assistance Alabama Christmas Assistance.  Families with low income in Alabama can get assistance with Christmas through many local agencies in the form of gifts and meals. It is frustrating when you can’t provide your kids with what they need during the holiday celebration. Financial stress can make your holidays even more depressing and stressful.

Christmas help programs help low-income families with Financial Assistance for Low-Income Families across the City of Alabama with the help they need to enjoy the holiday in the best way possible. Many community organizations, charities, and government programs help families every year during Christmas.

Christmas Assistance Programs Alabama

Many can’t afford to celebrate the festive season with significant gifts and dinners.  However, kids are more excited during Christmas; than any other time of the year. That is why it is excellent that Alabama organizations provide Christmas assistance with clothes, food, utilities, rent, and furniture. Here is how you can get help during the holidays.

1. Jackson County Christmas Charities

Jackson County Christmas Charities helps families with a unique Adopt-A-Family program. This intuitive program connects families who require assistance during Christmas with the sponsors.

The sponsors are responsible for buying the families food, toys, clothing, and many more so that the families can celebrate Christmas without worries. Every family receives these gifts just before Christmas. It gives every child something they can open on a particular day.

If you want assistance from this program, you should have at least one child aged not more than 17 years. Also, you have to provide a valid document proving your identity and each family member’s social security number.

Besides, you have to prove that you live in Jackson County and should meet specific income guidelines. Learn more about this charitable organization by visiting its website.  Phone number: 256-575-6056

2. The Salvation Army

Your Alabama chapter  Salvation Army assists low-income families who can’t offer their children Christmas presents. This program helps connect the right sponsors with families who need assistance.

The sponsors buy gifts, food, toys, and clothing that the family needs and deliver them before the festive season starts. They also offer families food pantries as well. The families receive bags full of groceries and holiday dinner boxes.

In addition, Alabama families receive hot meals every day, along with special holiday dinners on Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter. If you like to participate in their program, you should have a child between 0 and 12 years old.

Bring proof of identity, like social security card or a birth certificate for every member of your house, and have proper documents that show your current address. To verify income eligibility, you have to show income and expense proof.  Call:  800-SAL-ARMY

3. Toys for Tots Christmas Assistance

The Toys for Tots Foundation is a non-profit charity and fundraiser organization created by the US Marine Corps. Their purpose is to collect new toys and distribute them as gifts to needy kids during Christmas in the community where the campaign is executed.

In short, Toys for Tots use annual toy drives and donation boxes to give children from low-income families toys and gifts during the festive season. Registered children in Alabama and surrounding areas,  assistance with toys, clothing, shoes, games, and so on a few days before Christmas.

As a result, the kids get something to open on a particular day. To avail of the program’s benefits, parents should register their children anywhere between 0 and 14 years. You can do that by using the application for Toys’ option on their website.

To apply for the program, bring birth certificates and social security cards for every household member and verify income eligibility by providing income proof and overall household expenses.  Call: 256-213-9683.

4. 12 Bushels Food Distribution

The Well Family Worship Center offers a food pantry to people who have difficulty managing their lives. The 12 Bushels Food Distribution was launched in 2016 to eliminate hunger in the Jackson County area.

Bags of groceries contain boxed and canned food, fresh produce, cheese, meat, bakery goods, and other commodities. In addition, families receive help during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

You can visit their official website to learn more about the program. The purpose of the 12 Bushels Food Distribution is as follows.

  • Provide food to the needy people
  • Provide adequate knowledge to people and encourage them to raise their standard of living
  • Create awareness in the community about the needs
  • Facilitate ministry opportunities for people in the community

Contact through email:, Phone number: 256-259-4225

5. Alabama Sheriff Department Marshall County Toy Drive

Each year, the Sheriff’s Department in Marshall County organizes a toy drive to help unprivileged children enjoy the festive season in the best possible way. The department introduced a toy drive to help children receive a toy gift.

So, if you want to participate in the program and see your kid receive a toy, you can apply to the sheriff’s office before the 30th of November. Besides, your children can receive a toy or other gift between 1 and 14 years old.

However, register early so your family can receive help. Of course, they are ready to help the neediest families in the community. You have to produce certain documents that prove your current financial status. Here are the documents that you need.

Proof of guardianship

  • Driver’s license and photo ID
  • Proof of address such as vehicle registration or utility bill
  • Social Security cards
  • Financial status proof such as child support letter, pay stubs, etc.  Call: 256-582-2034

6. Christmas Charities Year-Around

If you live in Madison County, Christmas Charities Year Round offers a Christmas program for needy families. Families with low incomes can receive toys and gifts for their children through the program. However, toys and facilities are provided only to the people living in Madison County.

So, the kids who receive gifts must be between ages 2 and 18. The program provides gifts to elderly persons as well. In that case, the Madison County resident should be over 60 years. A guardian or parent must bring proof of identification, the kid’s birth certificate, and an income certificate to apply for the program.

In addition, there should be a rent or lease agreement to Christmas Charities Year Round. Typically, the applications are open from early September and close in November. Therefore, don’t wait too long and apply as soon as possible. To know more about the program, visit their website.  Call: 256-837-2373