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Where to Get Free Furniture in Atlanta

Free Furniture Assistance Programs in Atlanta.  Atlanta, known for its vibrant culture, rich history, and southern hospitality, is also home to numerous organizations that offer free furniture assistance to those in need.  Therefore, whether you’ve recently faced a natural disaster, are transitioning out of homelessness, or are simply in financial distress, there are places in Atlanta that are willing to help. Here’s a rundown of some furniture assistance programs in the city.

Free Furniture Assistance in Atlanta

Many families and individuals need help with furniture every day.  These agencies below collect gently used furniture to donate to those in need.  Years ago, I took advantage of one of these programs and receive a used apartment-size washing machine!  People really do care about your situation.  Please don’t hesitate to get what you need to establish your home.

The Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta 

What they do: This Atlanta nonprofit organization collects gently used furniture from individuals and companies and then redistributes it to needy families. They aim to reduce the number of children and families sleeping on the floor.

How to apply: If you are in need, you must be referred by a partner agency. Check their website for a list of these agencies.  (404) 355-8530.

Atlanta Mission 

What they do: Atlanta Mission is primarily a shelter for people experiencing homelessness.  However, they also provide free furniture for those transitioning into stable housing.

How to apply: Those in need can contact the mission directly or get in touch through a local social service agency.  404.588.4000.

MUST Ministries 

What they do: MUST Ministries in Atlanta offers services to needy people, including food, clothing, and shelter. They also have occasional free furniture giveaways.

How to apply: Contact MUST Ministries directly or through their website to learn more about their furniture assistance services.  (770) 427-9862.

Goodwill Industries

The Goodwill organization collaborates with the Department of Social Services and nearby organizations dedicated to assessing individuals needing assistance. Goodwill’s possession of stores makes free furniture donations possible,

Upon approval, it is possible to obtain a voucher from Goodwill that allows you to shop for essential items as required.

Salvation Army – Atlanta 

What they do: Beyond their famous thrift stores where you can find affordable furniture, the Salvation Army assists those in desperate situations, including furniture vouchers.

How to apply: Reach out to your nearest Salvation Army location. They might ask you to meet with a caseworker to assess your needs.  1-800-SAL-ARMY.

Additional Resources for Help

Habitat for Humanity ReStore Atlanta

What they do: While not strictly a free furniture program, the ReStore operated by Habitat for Humanity offers significantly discounted furniture. Consequently, the profits from the store go towards building homes for those in need.

How to apply: No application is needed. Just visit one of the Habitat for Humanity locations in Atlanta to browse the selection.  (404) 525-2114.

Hands-On Atlanta 

What they do: While primarily known for organizing volunteer efforts across the city, Hands On Atlanta occasionally runs furniture drives and distributes items to needy people.

How to apply: Keep an eye on their events calendar and contact them for upcoming free furniture drives or distribution events.  (404) 979-2800.

Good Samaritan Center of Atlanta 

What they do: This charitable organization assists low-income families with various needs, including furniture. They’ve been a beacon of hope in the Atlanta community for years.

How to apply: Contact the center directly to understand their current offerings and any documentation required.  (404) 523-6571.

Tips When Seeking Furniture Assistance

Be prepared to provide documentation proving your need, such as pay stubs, rent agreements, or referral letters from social service agencies.

Stay encouraged if one agency can’t help immediately. Due to high demand, there might be waiting periods.

Consider volunteering or donating back once you’re in a better situation. Many of these programs rely on community support to keep running.

Atlanta Churches that May Help with Furniture

In Atlanta, known for its community spirit and warm hospitality, several churches assist those in need, especially regarding essential items like furniture. Here’s a guide to some of these churches, what they offer, and how you can reach out for assistance:

Atlanta West Pentecostal Church 

What they doThis church often hosts community outreach events, including donation drives where gently used furniture is collected and distributed.

How to apply: Reach out to their administrative office or visit during service hours to inquire about upcoming events or available assistance.  (770) 944-3522

Cascade United Methodist Church Atlanta

What they do: Cascade UMC is known for its strong community involvement. They have programs aimed at helping the less fortunate, sometimes including free furniture giveaways.

How to apply: Check their website for announcements on assistance programs or contact their outreach ministry directly.  (404) 691-5770

Mount Paran Church 

What they do: Beyond their regular spiritual services, they often hold community events where items, including furniture, are given to those in need.

How to apply: Regularly check their events calendar or contact the church office about upcoming distributions.  (404) 923-8700

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church 

What they do: St. Luke’s partners with other local organizations to sometimes include furniture for families transitioning from homelessness or facing financial hardships.

How to apply: Contact their outreach ministry or visit the church to learn about available resources and partnerships.  404-873-7600

Tips When Seeking Assistance

  • Documentation: Be prepared to show some form of identification or documentation that verifies your need. Documents can be referral letters, bills, or other documents.
  • Patience: Due to high demand and the nature of donations, the availability of furniture can vary. It’s essential to be patient and flexible in your requests.
  • Networking: Talk to congregation members or church leaders. They often have information about other local resources or upcoming events that can assist.

Other Ways to Get Free Furniture in Atlanta

Network: Sometimes, the best resources come from word of mouth. Talk to neighbors, community centers, and local churches. They might know about smaller initiatives or upcoming drives.

Be Flexible: If you’re seeking something specific, like a bed or a dining table, you must be patient. However, you might find assistance quickly if you’re open to various items.

Repair and DIY: If you receive slightly worn furniture that is not to your taste, consider upcycling. A bit of paint or new fabric can transform an old piece into something beautiful.


Finding free furniture in Atlanta might seem daunting initially, but many people and organizations are willing to help. With its warm-hearted community and numerous assistance programs, Atlanta ensures that residents face hardships. So, keep your hopes high, reach out actively, and soon, you can create a comfortable space for yourself and your loved ones.