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Free Back to School Supplies Near Me 2024

 ttFree back-to-school supplies help low-income families start the year prepared to study. If you need free back-to-school supplies or uniforms, the Salvation Army is a part of the effort to help low-income families get ready for school.

Back-to-school is one of the favorite times of the year for many parents. After Summer is over and the kids finally return to their daily studies. Free school items give children the tools they need to succeed in school.

Free Supplies Help Low-Income Families

It can be stressful for families who cannot afford their children’s necessities. Some people don’t understand how many families need help with school supplies—that long list of things parents need to buy often gets too expensive.

If you have two or more children, it can be expensive, along with buying new shoes and school clothes. Therefore, the Salvation Army will supply backpacks for kids and school uniforms.

10 Ways to Get Free Back-to-School Supplies 2023

Several churches, community organizations, and charities in the United States help needy families prepare children for the school year. Below is a list of places to go for free back-to-school supplies for students.

1.  Salvation Army

Every year beginning in July, the Salvation Army helps low-income children with free back-to-school supplies. Children go on a shopping spree for p free uniforms.

This is done through a gift card to be used only for this purpose. Please check with your local Salvation Army to determine if this back-to-sch00l program is offered in your area. Not all programs and services are provided at every location.

2.  The United Way

The United Way is a one-stop resource to find help will bills and many other things. Every year the United Way sponsors a community school drive to collect families who need help getting their children ready for school. Contact a neighborhood chapter near you by calling 2-1-1 or online at

3.  Operation Homefront

This organization supports military families with financial assistance, transitional housing, holiday meals, and other events. One of those events is their Back to School Brigade, where they collect and give out supplies to children of military families. Get help with free back-to-school supplies.

4.  Local Churches 

Many local churches donate school items to kids every year. If you attend a church, find out if they have a school drive. If not, suggest they begin one. Churches of all denominations and sizes give supplies to the community’s children. You can also call around, starting with larger and local denominational congregations. Churches

5.  Kids in Need Foundation

This free school program helps low-income children with backpacks and other necessities to participate and do class work. This means pens,’ pencils, paper, crayons, pencil sharpeners, and notebooks.

The Kids in Need Foundation works with local schools. In turn, the school distributes supplies to your child. If you receive assistance from the government or participate in the school breakfast or lunch program, you probably qualify.

6.  Community Charities

Every community has local charities like the Salvation Army. Many communities in the country have local organizations that operate programs designed to help prepare students by purchasing their supplies. If you need supplies for your child, you should contact your child’s teacher or United Way to see what available programs in your area. Church assistance programs.

7.  Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities has drives each fall for needy families in the community. A few months before the year starts, contact a branch in your area to find out how to get backpacks and supplies for your child.

8.  The Assistance League

You may have shopped at one of the Assistance League’s thrift stores. However, they are very active in the community. Helping children with free coats, discount uniforms, and school supplies is one way this organization gives back to the community. Operation School Bell is sponsored each year in its many locations across America. For more information, contact the Assistance League near you.

9.  Your Child’s Teacher 

If you live in a low-income community, your child’s school teachers are probably eligible for the kids in need program. If you know your child’s teacher, reach out to her.

10.  Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Community service is one of the principles taught by The Boys and girl clubs of America. Therefore one of its projects is collecting and distributing school supplies for disadvantaged children. Contact a chapter near you if you want to participate or need school supplies.

Cheap School Supplies Near Me

If anything is missing from your kid’s supply list, there are few places to get cheap items for school. Family Dollar is located in most communities nationwide.

Dollar Tree – The best thing about Dollar Tree is unlike Family Dollar, and everything is precisely $1! They have pens, pencils, crayons, notebooks, binders, paper storage, and organization tools—all you need for the first day of school.

Wal-Mart – This store is well known for its sales and affordable items for the entire family.  Look for flyers in the Sunday news or on their website.

Target – These community stores have great specials on various items. (Also, check out how to get assistance for Christmas and free toys.)

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