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Nevada Energy Assistance programs.  The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) helps the resident of Nevada with energy bills.  Nevada energy assistance and weatherization programs are implemented across the U.S. and U.S. Territories.  These conservation services help low-income, elderly, disabled, and families with children.

This government subsidy assists elderly, disabled, and low-income homeowners, with home repair grants you make their homes safe to live in.

The goal of this initiative is to make home more energy efficient by making mandatory upgrades to properties by repairing faulty heaters, insulating pipes, installing carbon monoxide alarms, and fixing windows and doors to avoid the loss of heat and air condition.  The program also includes education on how to conserve energy.

Do I Qualify For Nevada Weatherization Assistance?

As a resident of Nevada and the surrounding areas, your income is what determines if you qualify for assistance. Eligibility varies slightly from state to state.  Generally, you are eligible when you receive some type of government assistance. 

Also, adults over 60, if you or a family member is disabled, and low-income families with children.  Nationally, up to 30 million U.S. families are eligible for weatherization services. Contact your state weatherization agency to determine if you are eligible. Find out more about low-income energy assistance.

Gov. Income Requirements for Weatherization Assistance

Size of Family unit 150% of the Poverty   200% of Poverty  
1 $18,210.00 $24,280.00
2 $24,690.00 $32,920.00
3 $31,170.00 $41,560.00
4 $37,650.00 $50,200.00
5 $44,130.00 $58,840.00
6 $50,610.00 $67,480.00
Each additional member add $6,480.00 $8,640.00

How to Apply for Nevada Energy Assistance

Applying is a three-step process. Locate a local weatherization agency in or around Nevada.  Fill out an application with proof of income, or a letter from a government agency, and the status of your household. There may be a waiting list, as the elderly and families with children take priority.  If you are renting the home you are living in you must get approval from the owner to work on the home.

When You Are Approved

Once you are approved for the assistance your home will be audited by a contractor or someone to train in-home energy conservation.  Also, there will be an assessment of the energy needs of your home.  They will look at doors, windows, water heater, and the general safety of the home. 

Next, recommendations will be given on how to proceed with your home.  Work does not include siding, roofing, or repair to the structure of the building. There will be about $6,500 work per qualified home.

Free Home Heating Oil Assistance Programs

LIHEAP Assistance Program

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).  LIHEAP energy assistance is a low-income grant, that gives families up to $350, for heating bills.   If you live in a warm state, they help with cooling costs.  Home heating grants help disadvantaged residents pay for Winter heating bills.  

This is done through the US Department of Health and Human Services.  To be eligible, your income should not be more than 150 percent of your state’s poverty level. Each state has different criteria for determining your eligibility. 

Nevada Energy Assistance Offices

Carson City
Nevada Rural Housing Authority
3695 Desatoya Drive,
Carson City, NV 89701
Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Friday, by phone appointment only
775 887-1795 ext. 112

City of Henderson 
City of Henderson Neighborhood Services
P.O. Box 95050
240 Water Street,
Henderson, NV 89009

North Las Vegas and Northern Rural Clark County
Urban League:
930 W. Owens,
North Las Vegas, NV 89106

South Las Vegas and Southern Rural Clark County
The Help of Southern Nevada
1640 E. Flamingo Road,
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Elko, Esmeralda, Eureka, Humboldt, Lander, Lincoln, Mineral, Nye, Pershing or White Pine counties
Rural Nevada Development Corporation
1320 E. Aultman Street,
Ely, Nevada 89301

Washoe County
Community Services Agency
1090 E. Eighth Street
Reno, NV 89512

Low-Income Energy Assistance Program LIHEAP

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