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Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles

The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles is a powerful resource within the Jewish community. It diligently works to foster unity and provides indispensable aid to Jewish individuals and families. As a cornerstone organization, it is crucial in serving the Jewish populace, offering services, support, and initiatives catering to various needs.

The Federation’s Mission

The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, dedicates itself to improving the well-being of the Jewish population in the region. They also extends services to anyone in need who qualifies, regardless of race, creed, or religion.

The Federation  embraces individuals, families, and various Jewish groups. Its extensive activities span social services, educational offerings, cultural projects, and active participation in community affairs.

Critical Services Provided by the Jewish Federation

Adopting a holistic approach to community assistance, the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles focuses on several key areas:

Social Services: Moreover, these include providing help to people in need, such as older people, low-income families, and individuals facing various challenges. Assistance may range from food distribution and financial support to healthcare access.

Educational Initiatives: Similarly, stressing the importance of education, the Federation offers scholarships and learning opportunities for children and adults, thereby deepening the community’s connection with Jewish heritage and traditions.

Community Engagement and Cultural Events: The organization coordinates events celebrating Jewish culture and customs, fostering community unity through holiday celebrations and cultural gatherings.

Support for Israel: Their mission includes strengthening ties with Israel through various programs and activities, enhancing the bond between the Jewish community in Los Angeles and Israel.

Extensive Efforts to Aid the Underserved Communities

The Jewish Federation – Greater Los Angeles is committed to addressing poverty and homelessness through various programs and initiatives:

Counseling and Support Services – These include mental health counseling, support groups, and crisis intervention, often available to individuals and families facing various challenges.

Senior Services: Assistance for older members of the community, including home care, centers for older people, and programs for active aging.

Food Assistance Programs involve food banks, kosher meal services, and emergency food assistance for needy people.

Educational Programs: These include Jewish education, workshops, and cultural programs for all ages, from children to adults.

Career and Employment Assistance: This includes job training, resume workshops, and employment counseling. It helps individuals seeking employment or career advancement.

Financial Assistance: Temporary financial aid for those in need, including help with bills, rent, and other urgent expenses.

Youth Programs and Summer Camps: Activities and camps for children and teenagers focusing on Jewish culture, education, and community service.

Community Outreach and Engagement: Programs that strengthen community bonds include volunteer opportunities and community events.

Immigrant and Refugee Support: They assist new immigrants and refugees, including resettlement services.  Services also include language classes and cultural integration programs.

Healthcare Services and Assistance: This might include health screenings, referrals to medical services, and assistance navigating healthcare systems.

Jewish Federations in various communities often provide free services to support individuals and families. Here are ten common types of services that Jewish Federations may offer:

Getting Referrals for Additional Services

These centers are valuable for learning about and obtaining applications for programs like:

LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program), Public housing, SNAP Food Stamps, SSI (Supplemental Security Income), disability benefits, etc.

They offer assistance with screening eligibility for government support and gathering necessary documents.  They also help fill out applications, enroll in programs, and renew benefits when required. Documents include Medicare, Social Security, SSI, Medicaid, and Food Stamps.

Additionally, this program receives federal funding, and the local federation or foundation organization can help eligible clients with their applications. Furthermore, more information and the online application for LIHEAP are available.

Application and Eligibility Process

To benefit from the Federation’s services, individuals or families typically need to demonstrate a connection to Jewish culture or heritage. Qualification may vary based on the specific service or aid based on the help you are seeking.

Start by Contacting the Federation: The initial step involves reaching out via their website or direct contact, providing basic information about one’s needs and background.

Assessment Process: The Federation conducts evaluations to determine applicants’ specific needs and situations, which aids in determining eligibility and appropriate assistance.

Application Procedure: Certain programs require a formal application involving paperwork and necessary documentation.

Continuous Support: Engagement with the Federation means ongoing support and guidance, focusing on immediate aid and long-term welfare and community ties.

Jewish Federation Goldsmith Center
Address: 6505 Wilshire Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 761-8000Finally

Jewish Organizations that Provide Similar Services

Here’s a brief overview of each organization:

JFS Care provides personalized in-home care, supporting individuals and families with various needs. Services include assistance with daily living activities and special care for those with health challenges. (213) 568-1854.

MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger: This organization focuses on advocacy and partnerships to combat hunger. It works nationally and internationally to provide food security and promote sustainable solutions. (310) 442-0020.

Jewish Community Foundation (Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles): Specializes in asset management and philanthropic services, helping donors with charitable giving and legacy planning.   (323) 761-8000.

Jewish Federation and Family Services (Orange County): Provides many services, including family support, senior care, educational programs, and community engagement activities. (949) 435.3484.

Jewish Community Center (Long Beach): This center focuses on cultural, educational, and recreational activities to strengthen Jewish identity. Programs, including arts, sports, and community events, cater to all ages.

Westside Jewish Community Center offers diverse programs in education, wellness, culture, and social activities. Its initiatives cater to various age groups and enhance community life.  (323) 938-2531.

Silverlake Independent Jewish Community Center: This organization is known for its creative and cultural programs. They offer educational activities, arts, and community-building events on the east side of Los Angeles.  (323) 663-2255.

I recommend visiting their official websites or directories for specific services and contact information.


The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles plays a crucial role in sustaining and nurturing the Jewish community in the region. Their extensive range of programs and services ensures that the values of caring, culture, and society are upheld and passed down through generations. Their doors are open to all who seek connection or support within the Jewish community, making them a beacon of hope and unity in the Greater Los Angeles area.