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LBGT community Youth Assistance.  LBGT Youth just like many young people needs help and support.    They are a more vulnerable population and more prone to the homeless than their “straight” counterparts.  The National Institutes of Health reports, that in Boston alone, this is a growing problem.  The average age of these teens is between 12 to be 24 years old.  These young people, are an important part of our community and need our assistance and protection. There are so many tragic stories of how these children suffered at the hands of so-called civilized society.

They suffer torment and unbearable bullying from a classmate, often leading them to drop out of school. Often, the abuse stems from family problems or rejection of their lifestyle. This forces them to flee to a safer environment. 

The Vulnerability of the LBGT Youth

This community of teens also needs our protection. In the past, we have seen these young people subject to teasing, bullying, and hate crimes, just because of their sexual orientation.  As a society, it is our responsibility to make sure that no child or young person, is mistreated for any reason. 

While these teens are on the streets, or homeless, they are vulnerable to abuse, neglect illegal activities to survive.  Homeless LGBT youth have found early in life that adults can not be trusted and will form their own family peer structure. 

The victimization of these young people, adds to emotional trauma, addiction as well as sexual exploitation.  In some cases, this homelessness is permanent while there are many cases where these homeless youth return home or move in with relatives until adulthood.

Helping Vulnerable LBGT Youth

If we are to help these children, early intervention and prevention is the place to begin. They are no longer in the shadows, but are an important part of our society!  They are our children, or nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts, and uncles.  Acceptance is what these young people need and deserve, not mere tolerance. These young people need to be accepted for who and what they are and that is a part of the human family.

Assistance Available to LBGT Community

  • Provide support, mental – Dealing with mental health issues is extremely important if they LBGT teen are to mature and go on to live a productive life.
  • Prove family counseling – Family counseling assists with bringing the family into treatment to work with the immediate or extended family, in the hopes of creating a safe environment where the child can return.
  • Provide health-care – Health-care will address any medical issues the child has stemming from abuse, neglect, and exploitation.
  • Addiction recovery – Addiction recovery programs, help with safe detox, recovery, and addiction counseling.
  • Provide safe housing – If the child can not or will not return home, help with safe fostering, transitional housing, or placement in a stable home with a relative is encouraged.
  • Financial Assistance, financial aid, housingscholarships.
  • Finding your place in the workforce. LGBTQ Students Guide to Getting Hired.

Youth Assistance Resources 

  • National Youth Talk Line  – 1-800-246-7743
  • Crisis Intervention –  Chat online, or by phone:  1-866-488-7386
  • Safe Place – National program addressing LGBT youth runaway, safe environment, and housing programs.
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Health – Health resources, student action group, antibullying support, help for families.
  • Bullying and LGBT Youth – – Finding strategies to help LGBT youth and adults experiencing harassment or bullying.  Providing a safe environment for youth, know your rights.
  • Advocates for Youth –  A one-point youth assistance resource for LBGT youth.  A collection of videos, websites where information and help can be obtained. 
  • LGBT – Child welfare, homelessness and housing, juvenile justice, events, and celebrations.
  • LGBT Youth Resources –  A list of the national organization on the rights, health, and protection of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender youth.
  • The Alliance for GLBT Youth – Provide prevention as well an intervention of this community and partners with other agencies in the Miami area to support GLBGTcommunity as well as youth. They also organize educational programs to promote understanding and acceptance by the straight community. 

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