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Minnesota Energy Assistance.  Get help paying utility bills.  Everyone deserves to be warm and comfortable.  Minnesota is one of the states know for cold, harsh winters.  Because of the potential hardship of living without heat, the state has established the Minnesota Cold Weather Rule.  The cold weather rule protects residents from having their service disconnected from October 15 through April 15th.  This assures no family or individual will suffer the loss of heating during that period of time.

Energy assistance is available to financially qualified low-income customers who do not have to pay more than 10% of the gross family income on their Xcel Energy bill each month.  If you are in danger of having your services disconnected, please contact Xcel Energy immediately to set up a payment plan and get references to local and government assistance benefits.

Minnesota Energy Assistance Programs

The Energy Assistance Program (EAP) helps qualified residents with assistance with heating bills. Grants are based on the family size, income, and type of fuel used. The U.S. Department of Human Services funds these grants, and homeowners and those who rent are eligible. The program helps by:

  • May payments directly to the energy company
  • Make repairs or replace broken heating systems.
  • Speak with utility companies to prevent disconnection
  • Educating the customer on how to conserve and use energy efficiently.

To receive help from EAP, you must apply by May 31st to be processed for that year.  If you find out about the program and have not submitted an application, you will not be eligible this year. Still, you may be able to get assistance from local and government advocacy programs.

Minnesota Statewide Energy Assistance Programs

Minnesota Energy – This statewide program provides needy households with ways to make their dwellings more energy efficient through necessary repairs and insulating or weather stripping areas when cold air enters the home, insulating water heaters.  Residential Customer Service call – 800-889-9508

Reach Out for Warmth (ROFW) – ROFW provides emergency assistance to Minnesota residents 12 months a year. The Department of Economic Security’s Energy Program Unit serves the community through local charities and assistance agencies in the state. ROFW helps with gas, electricity, heating bills, maintenance, repair, or replacement of furnace units.

Eligible homeowners may also be eligible for up to $300.00 assistance for energy conservation repairs to the home’s heating system.  For more information, contact Prairie Five C.A.C., Inc. at (320)269-6578.

1-800-657-3710, or visit their website for more information.

CenterPoint Energy – CenterPoint energy program is similar to the Gas Affordability Program. Each month eligible households receive a monthly energy credit for current gas bills and set up payment arrangements for the remaining year.

If you have ever been behind in your utility, you know how overwhelming it can get when you are only paying the past due amount.  This arrangement helps you to catch up with your payments and avoid the risk of losing your services altogether.  Each month the company will match the payments. To learn more, call:   612-372-4727 or 1-800-245-2377 or visit the site.

LIHEAP (Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program) – LIHEAP energy assistance program that gives financial assistance to disadvantaged homes pay for heating and utility bills. If you qualify financially, you can receive up to $300 a year to help with gas and electric bills.

Home heating assistance grants are funded and distributed by the Dept of Health and Human Services. This funding is distributed among all states, territories, and tribal governments. This is done through the US Department of Health and Human Services.   For more information call:  866-674-6327.

Alliant Energy – This utility company Offers grants to disadvantaged customers a credit toward their current gas and electric bills. If you are eligible for the Low Income Home Assistance Program, you qualify for assistance. Each household received a monthly credit toward their utility bills. 1-800-255-4268

Family Size Annual  Income


1 $24,541 $6,135
2 $32,092 $8,023
3 $39,643 $9,910
4 $47,194 $11,798
5 $54,745 $13,686
6 $62,296 $15,574
7 $63,712  $15,928
8 $65,128 $16,282

Minnesota Energy Assistance providers.  Find help in your county.


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