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Are you are a resident of Indiana and looking for help with rent?  We are going to discuss some of the best places you can get help.  Eligible families can receive aid from the state or federal government, charities, and local agencies.

9 Places Indiana Residents can get Rental Assistance

Rental assistance programs give unemployed and working families low-income grants.  This aid helps with their rent payments during financial difficulties.  The payments are a grant and do not have to be repaid.  However, there are limits on how often you can receive help.

Monroe County United Ministries

This organization serves the employed families in Indiana, and people who are in need of assistance with rent. It assists with the emergency requirements and subsidized child care as it offers a safe and secure place for kids and a quality education.

The organization provides food for three days, once a month.  Charities and community organizations can provide essential articles like hygiene products, cleaning supplies, new socks /underclothes, etc.  Once every three months, assistance for a mortgage and rental to avoid utility shutoff or eviction once a year.

Monroe County United Ministries
827 West 14th Court
Bloomington, IN 47404
812-339-3429 ext. 15 for a financial appointment

Hope Southern Rent Support Indiana

The organization is accountable for the management of emergency relief services to eligible residents of Wayne Township.  It provides direct rental assistance to families and individuals residing in Floyd County, Indiana.  Services include rental assistance to prevent eviction, homelessness, disconnection utilities.

To receive services, a person must be a Floyd County resident, possess a specific household income, have an eviction, cancellation, or disconnect notice.  The organization also operates a food pantry.  For confirmation of these details, they must provide the proper paperwork. Contact Hope Southern Rent Support for more information.

Brown-Starks Neighborhood Place,
1200 Bono Rd, New Albany, IN 47150

Wayne Township Trustee

The Wayne Township Trustee provides emergency assistance with rent, utilities, and food.  To qualify, you must be 18 or older and fill out an application for the services needed.  Eligibility is determined by total family income.  The Indiana township may visit the home to ensure it is safe and compliant for rental assistance.

The organization is closed on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, the timings for the rest of the days are from 8:00 a.m. To 11:00 p.m. In contrast, on Thursday.  If you plan to visit, you must have an appointment cause they operate with the appointees only on Thursday.

5401 West Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46241
(317) 241-4191

Bring these documents to your appointment:

  • An ID picture of your family member who has attained 18 years of age and above.
  • Income verification for every individual in your house.
  • Everyone’s Social Security ID.
  • A current utility bill.
  • 30 days expense and its receipts.
  • Previous rent receipts

Dallas Township Trustee Rent Assistance Huntington County

You can receive cash assistance to pay your bills like rent, mortgage, and utilities.  To be eligible you must be a resident of Huntington County, provide a list of all expenses, members in the household, and proof of income or your need for assistance.  Contact Dallas Township Trustee

Andrews, IN – 46702
(260) 786-1866

  • This organization provides:
  • Rental assistance
  • Emergency shelter, burial expenses, and funeral food
  • Clothing supplies
  • Payment for electric services
  • Payment for water services
  • Temporary relief for finances
  • Pay for medical care.

Lafayette Township

Lafayette, Indiana residents who are requesting rental assistance must apply in the office.  You can also submit a request for help here.  If you need a job, you must prove you are looking for work, and be registered at the Work-One with a resume online. You Proof you are looking for work.

4711 Wolford Drive, Floyds Knobs,

Indiana 47119
(812) 557-3401

The Township program provides:

  •  Gives rental service in an emergency.
  • Offers services with household items and food in a crisis.
  • Provides burial or funeral aid.
  • Relief for the prescription expense
  • Aid for Electric service expenses.
  • Relief for Gas Service expenses.

The recipient of relief must be a Lafayette Township resident and fulfill the guideline for income.

Salvation Army County Owen County

This organization is purely fund-based and assists with rental only when reserves or funds are accessible and available.  It is open on Tuesday and Thursday.  Times: 9:00 a.m – 11:50 a.m. Call (812) 829-2279

A list of services include:

  • Electric service payment assistance
  • Gas service payment assistance
  • Heating fuel payment assistance
  • Medical care expense assistance
  • Mortgage payment assistance
  • Prescription expense assistance
  • Rent payment assistance
  • Water service payment assistance

145 N. Harrison Street
Spencer, IN – 47460

Metropolitan Department of Development

This organization assists individuals whose earnings are 80% AMI less and surveys areas where over 50% of the people live below the poverty level.  It provides housing reliefs for persons whose incomes are between low to moderate. And not only for people, but it also provides aid to agencies assisting the homeless people and shifting them to supportive permanent housing as soon as possible.  See if you qualify for rent assistance.

 200 E Washington St t2042,
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 327-5155

Salvation  Army Lake County

This organization provides financial aid to assist needy people with rental issues, prescription and utility costs, mortgages.

The Salvation Army provides the following services:

  • Relief in payment for Electric service.
  • Relief in charge of heating fuel.
  • Support in medical care
  • Relief in payment for water services.
  • Aid in prescription payment.
  • Relief in a Mortgage payment.
  • Aid in payment for gas services.

(The organization provides relief to only the residents of Owen County).  The operation hours of the organization are from 8:00 a.m to 4:30 a.m on Monday to Friday.

The Salvation Army of Lake County
8225 Columbia Avenue
Munster, IN 46321
Phone: 219-838-0380

Fort Wayne, Indiana Salvation Army Rental Assistance Program

The organization works for several social relief programs, but this funding is limited.  If you want rental assistance, then you must have your appointment with the organization.  The organization assists once a year for its clients and must possess the action letter’s copy of the lease or a past month rent voucher’s copy or help with gas.

A client can receive help only twice in his/her lifetime.  They work on the line of ” First come, first served.”  In the battle against the high rent, this organization has provided affordable housing as a solution.

What Should I do Next?

Contact the agencies listed in this post.  Schedule an appointment to apply for help.  Many organizations offer other assistance, so if you need help with groceries or other necessities, ask. If you can not pay rent, talk with the landlord directly. Contact your mortgage lender to inform them you are having problems meeting the mortgage.

Many lenders are working with clients due to the state of the economy.  But then also, if you don’t come up with any solution with your landlord, you are uncertain about losing the rental right out — mainly since several local and state governments have established rent relief funds or canceled eviction proceedings.

If you need legal help,  you must qualify for low-cost or free representation. Check the Legal Aid website to find relief in your region.  If you live in a rural area the support available may be limited.  Call The United Way at 2-1-1, to see what assistance is available near you.  This way you won’t waste time and money on travel.   Those with special needs such as HIV-positive, AIDS or veterans, may qualify for priority assistance with rent or have special programs designed to help that particular situation.


Indiana rental assistance programs help to decrease the number of homeless.  This support is invaluable to millions of Americans living in poverty.  This temporary support helps families and individuals until they are self-sufficient.

The Emergency Rental Assistance program has on hand $25 billion to assist households needing help with rent and utilities due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The funds are provided directly to States, U.S. Territories, local governments, and Indian tribes, and then distributed to eligible families in the community.

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