10 Louisiana Programs that Help with Rent

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Louisiana Rental Assistance.  A secure home one of the necessities for survival. In the US state of Louisiana, many families struggle to obtain permanent housing due to their financial constraints. Fortunately, many governmental, charitable, and community-based organizations assist such families in rent and rental services. Here are the details of some of the organizations that provide support to low-income or moderate-income families in Louisiana.

Louisiana Programs that Help with Housing & Rental Assistance

Volunteers of America of Greater Baton Rouge

VOA reaches out to the most vulnerable and low-income groups. It is a non-profit, faith-based organization that helps individuals and families to live with hope, faith, and dignity. The agency believes that proper housing forms the very foundation of life. The organization provides both homeless and housing services to the residents of South Louisiana.  

Different affordable rental and housing services are available for senior citizens, working families, veterans, and persons with disabilities. It is the largest provider of suitable, affordable housing in the entire state. The institution’s outreach program partners with many service providers to better the condition of homeless individuals and families. Apart from this, its housing programs also include transitional as well as permanent housings.  (225) 387-0061

Unity of Greater New Orleans Rental Assistance Programs

This Louisiana non-profit organization leading a group of 63 other organizations that provide rental assistance and related services. Its mission is to reduce and ultimately end homelessness. The agency conducts proof-based programs and strategies to prevent homelessness in New Orleans. It trains service providers, conducts programmatic monitoring, and evaluates the member organizations’ performances.

  • The Support Services include
  • permanent supportive housing,
  • transitional housing,
  • emergency shelters,
  • homelessness prevention or
  • rapid re-housing, and a haven for girls and women.

It also works with different partner agencies to transform abandoned buildings into mixed-income housing for low-income workers and homeless, disabled persons.  Contact for rental assistance. 504-821-4496

Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans

Under the housing and homelessness services, the organization provides shelter and case management for persons suffering from chronic physical and mental health needs. Also, Catholic Charities offers help to families who are facing homelessness. The Voyage House program provides long-term supportive housing solutions, case management along with referrals for women who are surviving on the street or are suffering from substance abuse or mental health issues.

The Bridge to Self Sufficiency program aims at helping families with a single parent. It helps such families find transitional housing until they can recover from their homeless condition. Under the Ciara Permanent Housing program, the agency gives permanent housing to mentally weak and chronically homeless individuals.

Case management services provide support so they can maintain permanent housing.  The Sacred Heart Apartments supports homeless people with special services for the veterans. The program goes beyond just providing homes and ensures that all its clients live meaningful life.  (504) 310-8788

St. Mary Outreach

St Mary Outreach is a private organization that provides emergency services. The  St. Mary Outreach was established in 1985 to provide adequate food to the Tri-City area residents. Today, the organization offers many more services. Under its Energy and Shelter Program, the agency has partnered with the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA). Together, throughout Louisiana, they provide the required funds necessary for rental assistance.

The outreach also has other programs such as Emergency Medical, Food and Hygiene Pantry, Infant, and Elderly Assistance. The organization named Helping Hands also gives grants to the institution for utilities. These funds, however, come with specific guidelines. An advisory board supervises all the possible partnerships with patrons.  (985) 385-0525

Section 8 Housing – City of Ruston Louisiana

The City of Ruston, Lousiana, under its section 8 housing program, attempts to provide sanitary, decent, and safe housing conditions for low and very low-income families. The organization also helps extremely lower-income groups to manage their resources in a better manner.

The Public Housing Agency encourages personal, financial, and social mobility to give millions of families the chance to transform successfully from subsidized housing to non-subsidized housing.  Also, the Section 8 Program provides rental assistance by paying a large percent of the rent, while the tenant pays a small portion.  (318) 251-8621

Volunteers of America North Louisiana

VOA North Louisiana is a faith-based organization that believes in providing equal opportunities and promoting the dignity of all who are needy and come to seek help. The agency aims at offering wholesome and quality services to the residents of North Louisiana.  These rent assistance programs help prevent homelessness and help to maintain family stability.

Under its Youth Permanent Supportive Housing Program, the institution transitions homeless youths.  They support ages from 18-24 to permanent supportive housing solutions. It also addresses the traumatic experiences of the past and the present needs of the youths. A select group of case managers offers home-based stabilization leading to independence and housing retention.

This program aims to help the homeless youth by taking them through a process, allowing each individual to attain self-sufficiency from dependency. The organization encourages a sense of usefulness, a sense of competence, and promotes a sense of belonging. It utilizes a trauma-based approach, adhering to the principle values, including safety, choice, empowerment, collaboration, and trust.   (318) 221-2669

Community Christian Concern – Thrift Store

To build a strong, self-sufficient community, this organization provides the necessities and proper guidance to all those who need it in crisis times. The mission of the agency is to touch a single life at a time. Under its program for transitional housing for men, the institution has set up the Miramon Center.  It offers transitional housing, spiritual development, and life coaching to homeless men. The center temporarily assists these men in re-entering the conventional society. This re-entry is made possible by offering them secure permanent housing.

The Northlake Homeless Coalition has also partnered with this institution to make the transition process smoother. Apart from this program, the institution also provides emergency assistance in food, shelter, prescription assistance, spiritual guidance, clothing, emergency travel, and personal care needs.   (985) 646-0357

Louisiana Housing Corporation Rent Assistance Programs

This organization’s mission is to make sure that all Louisiana residents receive the opportunity to get rental assistance, as well as, affordable, safe, and energy-efficient housing. Funds from both the Federal and State governments—different programs designed to provide suitable housing for working families.  Being a part of the Low-income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), the institution helps low-income groups pay home energy bills. Besides bill payment and rental assistance, the agency also provides services related to an energy crisis.

Under the program rental assistance for the Disabled, the institution offers community-based, affordable, safe, and decent housing that gives tenants their tenancy rights. It also connects them to flexible and voluntary support services, especially for low-income families and individuals suffering from unstable health conditions.  The Louisiana Housing Corporation had created the Louisiana Emergency Rent Assistance Program to reduce the global pandemic’s economic impacts.

The program offers emergency assistance to all renters who are facing an immediate risk of eviction. The eviction might result from closures, reduced work hours, shutdowns, or unpaid leaves due to the worldwide health crisis.  All eligible applicants are given one-time rent. A considerable sum of money is paid directly to the management companies or the property owners. However, the amount of the total assistance received is determined based on income eligibility.  (225) – 763 – 8700  Contact for assistance.

Catholic Charities of Acadiana

This Louisiana chapter was established in 1973; Catholic Charities had started its journey by providing limited rental assistance and utility assistance. While the program related to renting and utility assistance began in 1984, the housing program began in 1987. Today, these programs also include transitional or permanent supportive housing during a crisis.

The Monsignor Sigur Center provides resources for individuals as well as families who are facing a financial crisis. The organization serves both impoverished individuals and families and also those who are suffering from homelessness. Households facing monetary issues may apply for receiving financial assistance with funeral expenses, utility bills, transportation fares, etc.

The Emily House, operating since 2018, is an emergency shelter providing services to homeless families. The shelter services focus on returning homeless families to permanent housing solutions. Personalized and intensive case management services are also provided to stabilize homeless families.

Catholic Charities of Acadiana Men’s Services

St.Joseph Shelter for Men offers emergency shelter to around 32 homeless men per night in a dormitory set-up. Residents are encouraged to participate in case management to receive employment, apply for benefits, and secure permanent housing.

St.Michael Center for Veterans is a transitional and emergency housing program. This service is available for around 20 male veterans who are homeless. Supportive services such as education, mainstream services, employment, and housing placements are provided. This program is currently working together with the VA Medical Center situated in Alexandria, Louisiana.  Contact for help with rent.   (337) – 235 – 4972

Louisiana Bill Assistance

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