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Free Summer CampsSummer Camp Opportunities for Low Income Kids.   We want to tell you about Summer camps where you can send your children.  Some are free and some charge a fee and some offer scholarships.  I still remember when I went to the Police Athletic League  (PAL) Summer Camp when I was 11 years old.

I had a ball, fishing, boating, catching frogs, meeting new friends.  Most of all,  I enjoyed playing Captain Hook at camp “Antia Bliss Kola’s” production of Peter Pan!  I might never have been able to go to get out of the city if it weren’t for a grant my family received for low-income families.

Today there are still many organizations that help young inner-city children have their own Summer camp advent.  The key to getting a spot for your child is to apply ASAP!

Contact the agencies in this post to find out more about the camp programs in your community and apply right away.  April and May is a good time to start the process of finding a camp that is right for your child.

School’s Out for Summer!

Many families can not afford to pay to send one, much less 2 or three children to camp for Summer.  Community outreach organizations give a child a chance to hang out with their peers and enjoy fun and educational activities.  Also, children’s meals are provided.

PAL has organizations in New York, New Jersey, Brooklyn, Upstate New York, Philadelphia, Florida. Georgia, New Hampshire, Staten Island, Connecticut, Maryland, Indiana, Kansas, North Carolina, Missouri,  Kansas, Arkansas,  Pennsylvania, Illinois,  Washington DC, Virginia.  

Police Athletic League  (PAL)

PAL offers free camp programs to children from the age of 5-13.  Enrolled children enjoy activities like:

  • Playstreets –  City streets are blocked off and designated as safe playstreets for kids.
  • Summer Camps –   sports contests, learning arts, crafts, academics, fitness, trips
  • PAL Fit – Encouraging physical play and nutrition and athletic tournaments and competition
  • After School Programs –  Children get help with homework, have access to the computer lab.  The after-school program includes
  • PAL Smarts  –  Homework assistance, STEM activities including chess.
  • PAL Arts –  Children get an opportunity to explore their creativity through art, music, dance, poetry, and theater

 Police Athletic League
34 1/2 East 12th Street
New York City, New York


The Y is a national organization found in almost every US state and territory. They sponsor events like Summer camps and retreats for adults children and teens. Sleepaway camps like Nokomis for girls and Lawrence for boys in New Hampshire and the YMCA of the Rockies Colorado, where they offer weekly day camps. Prices vary depending on the state and camp type.

Day Camps

These camps may include daily activities like day trips, arts, crafts, sports to help build charter, relationships, leadership skills, and self-esteem. Who can attend?

  • Teens
  • School-aged
  • Preschool-aged

Sleep Away Camps

Sleepaway camps give kids the opportunity to get out of their communities to experience beautiful country settings.  Many children have never been to the country and for the first time can experience fishing, canoeing, campfires, and loads of fun.  Many locations offer a sliding fee scale families may be able to pay according to their income. (more)

The Fresh Air Fund

The Fresh Air Fund was founded in 1877.  Every year, deserving children have the opportunity to experience an outdoor adventure they will remember forever. Kids get to go out of the city to a sleepaway camp in the upstate area.

If you live in one of the five boroughs of New York City you may have the opportunity to send your child to camp for free.  The Fresh Air Fund offers free summer camps for low-income families who qualify financially.   (more)

The Fresh Air Fund
633 Third Avenue, 14th Fl
New York, NY 10017

Other Programs that Help Children

Government Assistance – Low-Income Programs

Government financial assistance programs help families with rent or other bills. These state assistance programs help those experiencing long-term unemployment or waiting for disability benefits.

There are many government programs that provide free financial help for low-income families.  Resources have been put in place to help American citizens and residents who need emergency help. There are programs that give away … Continue

National School Breakfast & Lunch for Children

Preschool Age Childcare for Low-Income Families

Free childcare assistance.  This article will tell you how families can get assistance with childcare.  If you are employed, and low-income, you need affordable daycare.  Free or affordable childcare helps single mothers and low-income families that qualify financially.  They help low-income go back to school to further their education or work. Daycare is very expensive and these subsidies help men and … Continue reading

Free Coats for Kids 

Free Winter Coats.  How can I find a charity that gives out free winter coats?  You may ask. There are many children that need winter outerwear.  Their families don’t have the money to buy a new coat for their kids. When a child wears a coat, they cannot button or zip because it is too small, give little protection against … Continue reading

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