18 Companies that Offer Free Diabetic Supplies

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Almost half a million adults worldwide have been diagnosed with diabetes. So, If you are living with this condition, you are aware maintaining and treating diabetes can be very expensive.  If you are unemployed or are from a low-income household, it can be more difficult to pay for your supplies and medication.

Whether it’s the glucometer or the insulin syringes- nothing comes cheap, and the cost of these supplies is only getting steeper with time.

Luckily, there are specific ways you can follow to save some cost on the supplies. In the following section, we will discuss all that and inform you about the companies that offer free diabetic equipment. Here are some things about free diabetic supplies.

These Companies Offer Free Glucometers and Diabetes Testing Kits?

1.  OneTouch

This company is currently offering the Verio Flex glucometer as part of its promotional offer. To qualify for this, you need to ensure that you haven’t received free supplies from the company over the last twelve months.

Go to the OneTouch website, and answer the questions regarding how you manage and monitor diabetes. Complete this questionnaire, and by the end of it, you will get a confirmation message stating that you qualify for their product.


If you currently don’t have any insurance or your existing insurance doesn’t include the test strips from One Touch, you might want to check out their Savings Program on this page. Thanks to this offer, you can get 100 diabetic test strips at $25.

Contact: 1-800-227-8862

2.  Abbot Diabetes Care Division

When it comes to diabetic care, Abbot has never disappointed, and that is all the more reason you should check their FreeStyle range of accessories. Thanks to their program, you can qualify for any type of Freestyle glucometer. What’s more, you also get a bunch of test strips as an add-on after you complete the registration for the FreeStyle Promise.

If you do not have working insurance, you can check out the Neo meter from Freestyle. This product is available over the counter, and you wouldn’t need any prescriptions for it either. You can qualify for cheap Neo meters here.
If you are using the Freestyle glucometer from Abbott, you can either the Lite or the InsulinX variant of strips from the brand.

Contact: 1-888-522-5226

3.  BD OR (Becton, Dickinson – Medical Supplies and Devices

BD offers insulin syringes for three months. However, you need to sign up for their mail program to qualify. This requires you to pay $15 as a copayment. Once you qualify, you can enjoy the free syringe supply over the next 90 days.  Contact: 844.823.5433

4.  Genetech/Roche

This is yet another company geared to help address your health insurance coverage, especially when it concerns diabetes. The company has a range of affordable policies for diabetic patients, and their customer care professionals explain the copayment rules in a simple and easy-to-grasp manner. These representatives also assist diabetic patients in choosing the right copayment program for their condition.

Additionally, the company is always looking to support individuals who cannot afford their diabetic treatment. In these situations, you get a co-pay card from Genetech.  The company had long created the GARCTF to support patients suffering from ailments, including diabetes. Visit their website for more information.  Contact: Contact information

5.  Glaxosmithkline

GlaxoSmithKline is yet another organization that supports individuals from economically challenged backgrounds by providing a range of free diabetic supplies. The company has launched GSK to help patients access to medication.

However, you need to meet specific income requirements to qualify for the program.  Their website is easy to access and once you log in, enter the name of the medicine you are looking for, your current location, and details about your existing medical coverage (if any). If you select the o Coverage’ option, you will get a list of medications you can afford at a lower than market price.  Contact:  1-(866) 728-4368

6.  Insulin for Life USA Inc.

This non-profit offers insulin and other supplies to help those with diabetes manage their condition. Its mission is to provide low-income individuals with free medication and testing supplies.

Their goal is to make life-saving services available to those who otherwise would suffer without them. Insulin for Life USA collects and dates collections for freshness and usability. IFL-USA operates in Florida and is authorized to distribute and receive medications and supplies.

7.  The Embrace Foundation

Embrace is a new non-profit created to make communities aware they can find support to treat diabetes. Twenty-five percent of people with diabetes need financial help to maintain and check their insulin levels. Organizations and individuals receive donated unopened supplies.

Those with limited income can receive free resources to stay healthy and prevent premature loss of life. The Embrace Foundation provides medical supplies. They also educate children and adults on how to maintain this severe condition. Request Supplies.

8.  LilyCares Foundation Program

If you’re looking to get free insulin, the LillyCares Foundation Program might be one of your best options. Typically, you can qualify for this program legally and permanently reside in the United States of America. Other applicable regions include the Virgin Islands in the US and Puerto Rico.

Next, you also need to ensure that your healthcare practitioner has recommended medication from Lillycares. Third, you need to confirm that you are currently uninsured. Alternatively, you can also qualify for this program if you are a member of the Part D program of Medicare.

You must also meet the parameters for household income, as stated by Lillycares. You can find more information about their program on this page. Note that you will be eligible for free insulin over a specific period once you qualify. You may also get rebated insurance and copayment plans for diabetic medication.  Contact: 1-800-545-6962

9.  Medicare Part B

If you have either Medicare part B or D, you will qualify for free diabetic supplies. You have to pay a small copayment in some cases. However, the overall cost is still significantly less than what you would pay with Medicare.

Another major highlight of Medicare Part B is that it offers extra glucose strips completely free. The glucose strips are deemed DME; your Healthcare professional and DME supplier also need Medicare insurance to be eligible for the coverage.  Contact: 1-800-633-4227

10.  Merck & Co.

If you want to get some diabetic medications at a rebated price, you might want to check out Merck. Since its inception, the company has offered diabetic medicines, vaccines, and additional medicines without charge.  Any economically struggling individual who cannot afford medical insurance or similar coverage can apply for the Special program at Merk.

The company has also created an additional program to assist patients regarding medicines and vaccines. If you qualify for their program, you can get free diabetic supplies and insulin at a significantly lower rate than the market price.  Merck mentions explicitly that these programs benefit people who need them the most on their website. The company doesn’t collaborate with any third parties on this matter.  Contact: 800-727-5400

11.  Needymeds

At Needymeds, you will find all free diabetes, insulin, and diabetic medication resources. NeedyMeds might be your go-to platform. The company educates you about many programs that offer free insulin and other diabetic supplies.

It also informs you about the companies providing copayments and medical insurance rebates. You can check their website for the latest and updated resources on free diabetic supplies.  Contact: (800) 503-6897

12.  Novartis

Novartis has developed its unique patient assistance program with several other leading pharmaceutical companies. This program is offered through the Novartis Foundation, and like the other programs, you are expected to meet a set of pre-defined parameters to qualify for this program.

Typically, you are eligible for free diabetic supplies from Novartis as long as you are a permanent resident of the United States, meet the company’s household requirements, and do not have any insurance coverage, either private or public. Additionally, you are expected to complete many household income parameters to qualify for this program.

Qualifying for Free Diabetic Supplies

Once you qualify, the company will support you with their multiple copayments and rebated price. Thanks to this program, you can now purchase your diabetic medication at a lower cost. The company walks through the entire process on its website. It is effortless to operate even if you do not have any experience with handling pharmaceutical websites or settling claims before.

You can contact their customer support team if you need assistance, who will readily address your concerns and immediately get you the right help. The company also stands out with its rebate on these diabetic medicines. While some drugs are free, others can be purchased at 20 or 30% of the original cost.  Contact: 1-888-669-6682

13.  Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk has always stood out in the pharmaceutical industry with its excellent fleet of products. This company has launched a Patient Assistance Program geared toward individuals battling diabetes.

If you qualify for this program, you can get many free diabetic supplies from the company. According to their current guidelines, you can get these products free from the company.

If the ongoing pandemic affected your current job, you would qualify for free insulin. You can be eligible for three months of free insulin supply in these situations. However, as with everything else, you need to meet the Covid-19 job loss parameters to qualify for this.

How to Qualify for Help with Supplies

To qualify for the medicines and the other diabetic supplies, you need to be a permanent and legal US citizen with an annual household income less than 400% of the current Federal designated poverty level.

If you qualify for Medicaid, you need to take an extra step by signing the Patient Declaration area of your Patient Assistance Program.  Fill out this form and answer all the required sections. After this, you need to collect your current income proof that you meet the income requirements required by the PAP program.

Finally, when you have the documentation and the income proof ready, visit your nearest healthcare practitioner and furnish the required documents. If you still need any help, you can reach out to the Novo Nordisk contact center at any time.  Contact: 844-668-6463

14.  Pfizer

Pfizer offers a bunch of free diabetic supplies that the company manufactures. As with Novo Nordisk, they offer a Patient Assistance Program to meet the unique and varying needs of the patients.

The biggest highlight of Pfizer’s programs is their programs geared toward patient assistance. If you are eligible for assistance from this program, you will get your diabetic medicines for free, delivered at home, or available at your nearest doctor’s clinic.

Finally, you also need to have records of previous treatment either in the US or US-controlled territory. To check whether you qualify for the assistance, you need to submit the enrolment form as requested by the company.

Providing Proof of Income

Additionally, you need to furnish the required proof of your income levels. You may be prescribed additional assistance instead of the free medication right away depending on your situation. To check out which medicines you qualify for, visit this page.

To take advantage of these free medicines, you currently need to ensure that you do not have any existing coverage for a prescription. Your income should be under 400% of the Nation’s average poverty level as per your family size. You should also have a legitimate prescription from a US healthcare professional and have registered as the outpatient facility for all the selected clinics.  Contact: 1-866-706-2400

15.  Sanofi – Patient Assistance Connection

This program is specifically geared to support individuals in need of resources related to diabetes and insulin. If you qualify for the Patient Assistance Connection, you can get medicines and additional medical resources without paying a fee. However, this only applies to some selected and specific prescriptions of Sanofi.

The North American Wing of Sanofi hosts the program, and to qualify, you must be a permanent US resident or a resident of the participating US territories. Next, you need to have a medical history with a US medicine practitioner. This can be in the past, but the practitioner needs to be a fully licensed doctor operating in the US.

You are also expected to meet the income threshold, where your income cannot be more than 400% of the current poverty level in America. If you qualify for Medicaid, make sure all the necessary documentation is sent in even before assessing.

Applying for Assistance with Sanofi

If you want to get a vaccine from the company, you need to be 19 years old. To apply for this program, you need to fill out the form on this page. Next, you need to get this form to your healthcare practitioner. Fill out all the information, or else your application may be delayed. You can also physically post your form to Sanofi’s Charlotte office.

After the company gets your application, they will analyze it to check whether you meet the specific eligibility requirements. In the event of your eligibility, you will receive a confirmation correspondence that’ll reinstate your participation in the program. Your medical practitioner will receive a similar letter.

However, if you have signed up for Medicare Part D, the individual sponsoring the plan will receive the same letter. Once your enrolment is confirmed, you wouldn’t have to worry about diabetic medication for that specific year. The program lasts for 12 months which is a decent time.

If everything else works fine, you should expect your medicine at your medical clinic over the following week. If you aren’t eligible for the program, you will still receive a correspondence stating the same and the reason for denial.

Fax: 1.888.847.1797.  Apply here.

16. GetInsulin.org

Here you can find help with urgent insulin support.  If you are in medical danger, of course see immediate help at an urgent care facility or hospital.  GentInsuline.org will help you establish and insulin plan of action to assure you do not run out, or that you have a place to expedite access to medication.

17.  RxAssist

This assistance program can help you receive low-cost or free insulin if you do not have health insurance.  The program is hosted by pharmaceutical companies the help low-income patient locate free medication. They work with other programs to help you locate the best options for your.  It is a one stop resource you should consider.

18.  RxHope

This company work much like other medication assistance program.  Go the the site, enter the medication you need help with.  If the company hosts that medication, then you or your pharmacist can fill out an application and wait for approval.  There you can get up to three month supply of meds a low cost or totally free.  RxHope also offers discount prescription cards for those with insurance.

Free Discount Cards and Coupons

Even when your medical insurance covers diabetes, you are expected to pay high copayment fees. The co-insurance costs in these cases may also shoot up. This is one of the main reasons several medicine manufacturers extend their assistance to individuals who currently have working medical insurance.

Depending on the medical manufacturer, you can be eligible for many coupons and discount cards. Once you apply them, your copayments will be significantly lower. That means you will pay much less every time you pick a new prescription. Almost all leading pharmaceutical companies offer these cards.

To check whether your preferred company offers this, visit their website and search for any patient support or assistance guide/program.
Bottom Line

Since we’ve listed quite a few companies here, you will find a range of different coverage options and insurance plans.
Check out all the programs listed here and pick the one that best meets your needs. You will soon enjoy free supplies once your registration is accepted. Because the qualification requirements for most of these programs are pretty simple, anyone with an economically challenged background can qualify for and avail of these programs.

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