Wheels for Work Car Repair Program – Tompkins/Tioga

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Wheels for Work car repair program is sponsored by Catholic Charities.  They help qualified low-income adults with free car repairs.  The program presently covers Tompkins and Tioga Counties in New York.  This program pays for auto insurance, and vehicle repairs.

This much need program, however, the program does have a limited amount of funding.  Owning reliable transportation can make the difference between working or being unemployed.   If you live in areas where public transportation is limited owning a car is a necessity, as many better-paying jobs are in the big city area.  

If you are already struggling financially, finding the money for car repairs is impossible.  If you have no savings what do you do?  The Wheels for Work program helps eligible residents in Tompkins and Tioga counties with auto repairs.  Everyone needs to be able to work, shop for the family, go to the doctor, and take care of the basic needs of every family.

How the Wheels for Work Program Operates

This is an incentive program to help the less fortunate.  If you are working and need help fixing your car, check this out.  Getting help is based on income and many other factors, such as age, family size, etc.  Let’s look at how to qualify for help.  In order to receive help, you must:

  • Be 21 years or older
  • Have to be a resident of Tioga County
  • Have a valid New York Drivers license
  • Work a minimum of 25 hours weekly
  • Be the single part of a minor child receiving TANF Assistance
  • Have not received Wheels for Work assistance in the past
  • Have no DUI/DWI’s or vehicular felonies on your license

How Wheels for Work Works?

Wheels for Work is facilitated through are organizations, charities, insurance companies, and authorized auto repair business in the community.

  • You must own a vehicle.
  • You must be unable to pay for repairs and be a TANF recipient
  • The participant is awarded up to $750 for mandatory auto repairs
  • Your vehicle must be covered by a minimum of $500 deductible collision, comprehension, and liability.

The program is sponsored by the Catholic Charities of Rochester in Tompkins and Tioga counties.

Other Ways Catholic Charities Helps Low-Income Families

Catholic Charities offers financial assistance in Charlotte, NC, Georgia, Texas, California, Puerto Rico, and throughout America and US Territories. Their 3,621  locations also include several nations outside the U.S.  They offer supportive services that help residents struggling, to care for themselves and their families.

  • Food Pantries – Provides food services to disadvantaged families. Walk-in food assistance.
  • Burial Assistance –  If you have a death in the family and can’t pay for funeral services call: 704-370-3232 for info.
  • Holiday Outreach –  Holiday baskets help families during Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Also, sign up early for toys for kids.
  • Disaster Assistance – Helping families after a disaster such as floods, fire, tornado.  Help with clean up, food, shelter, etc.
  • Teen Assistance – Assistance for homeless teens, job, pregnancy assistance, life, and parenting skills.
  • Help to pay Utilities –  Help for those in danger of losing gas, water or electricity services.  They will pay all or part depending on the amount and availability of funds.
  • Assistance for Immigrants –  Helping those new to the country find help with housing, jobs, education for children, interpretation services.   Refugee and immigrant resettlement.
  • Emergency Assistance with Rent –  Helps those with eviction notices.

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