How to Recognize & Report Elder Abuse

By | January 2, 2018

Report Elder Abuse – How to Recognize & Report.  The most reprehensible thing to discover is that an elderly person is being abused.  Often, this abuse goes undetected, especially if the person has no family, lives alone or is in a nursing home and receives no visitors. The elderly often times are helpless and unless we help them.  Often abuse is committed by members of the family.  If you see, hear of suspect some is being mistreated, it can be reported anonymously.

There are several types of elder abuse:

  • Physical Abuse:  hitting, punching, slapping
  • Emotional Abuse:  terrorizing, threatening
  • Sexual Abuse:  self- explanatory
  • Neglect:  not providing care, cleaning, feeding, turning the body to prevent bed soars.
  • Financial Abuse – missing jewelry, money, taking their benefits check

Signs that may Indicate Elder Abuse.

Loss of weight: Weight loss can be a sign of abuse of the elderly. If those in charge of an elder person is not regularly preparing meals or are preparing substandard meals, the result could be a loss of weight. It does not take long for an elderly person to lose weight.

Sleeping all the time: This can be a sign, the person or nursing home caring for them, is over medicating the person, to make it easier to deal with them.

Sexual abuse: It is hard to imagine but, this type of abuse happens to the elder all the time.  Signs of sexual abuse could be venereal disease, unexplained blood on undergarments, bruises or tears on genitalia or breast.

Bruises: Elderly people bruise easily because their skin is thinner. Bruising could be a sign of physical abuse, such as hitting, dropping or neglecting hygiene.

Depression: Depression could be a sign of abuse. If the person was usually an upbeat happy person and suddenly they are depressed or always crying, this can be a sign of emotional abuse, such as being yelled at or threatened if they complain.

Fearfulness: There could be elder abuse involved if, all of a sudden the person seemed to be afraid, this can also be a sign that someone is threatening, physically or emotionally abusing them.

Bed soars: Bedridden seniors, need to be turned on a regular basis, to avoid ulcerated soars on the body. If your elderly loved one has a lot of bed soars, this could be a sign of elder abuse or neglect.

If you have hired someone to care for a loved one in your home, it is a good idea to have a hidden camera on the premises.  Especially if the person is not verbal or has Alzheimers or dimension. Elder abuse is a crime, punishable by time in jail. Once you have noticed any signs of serious or dangerous abuse, it should be reported immediately to the police.  (911)  more info.  or call 800-677-1116.

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