LIHEAP energy assistance program. (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program) helps pay heating and utility bills for disadvantaged households.  Get help with gas, water or electric Bills.  Call the Numbers in this Post or go to Local Church AssistanceLIHEAP energy assistance is a low-income grant, that gives families up to $350, for heating bills.   If you live in a warm state, they help with cooling costs.  Home heating grants help disadvantaged resident pay for Winter heating bills.  

During the Winter months, many low-income families will be eligible for help paying for heating.   August is the time to sign up for this assistance program!   You too may qualify for free  (NOTE:  The time to apply for this free government money, is the Summer).

LIHEAP Energy Assistance

If you qualify for LIHEAP you will receive a check for up to $350 to help with heating bills.  The program began in 1981, as an assist benefit to the poorest families with home cooling bills.  Congress later shifted the purpose of the funds to include warm weather states as well.

Home heating assistance grants are funded with a yearly subsidy, to the Dept of Health and Human Services.  On October 15, 2014, ACF awarded approximately $3.05 billion for home heating grants.   This funding is distributed among all states, territories, and tribal governments.  This is done through the US Department of Health and Human Services. 

The President receives additional funds each year to use for LIHEAP at his discretion.  Each state that wishes to receive this grant must apply for a block grant.  In conjunction with heating assistance the Home Weatherization program, helps families make energy-saving repairs to their homes.

How Home Heating Assistance Grants Help Families

There is nothing worse than coming home to a cold house.  People in the U.S. go without heat ever Winter. Often families without electricity,  use kerosene heaters that cause deadly fires.

There are sad stories of elderly people freezing to death in their homes.  You may qualify for help with electric bills or eviction prevention.  Find out how to get help with rent payments.

Find out if you qualify for money for, home heating bills, through the Home Heating Assistance Program.  If you receive help from a government assistance program, talk to your caseworker about receiving heating assistance.

Are you Eligible?

To be eligible, your income should not be more than 150 percent of your state’s poverty level. Each state has different criteria for determining your eligibility. You also may receive help if your family receives any aid from the government.

Speak to your social worker, to find out if you are eligible and when you should apply in your state. If you qualify, you will receive a fuel assistance check the first week of February.

Call or contact your local Department of Social Services, or The National Energy Assistance Referral Project at 866-674-6327 for questions about eligibility.  You are eligible if your gross family income is,  at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Household Number Total Yearly Income
1 $17,505
2 $23,595
3 $29,685
4 $35,775
5 $41,865
6 $47,955
7 $54,045
8 $60,135

Or if you are receiving help from a government program such as  Food Stamps/SNAP, Receiving Medicaid On Section 8 or Federal Public Housing, Emergency Rent Assistance, Receiving TANF- Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, the National School Lunch Program, Supplemental Security Income SSI.

Where to Apply for Home Energy Assistance

If you want to apply for assistance, contact your Department of Social Services or a community action agency.  Funding is limited and helps low-income families with children and elderly, get preferential assistance when funding is limited.  You can also find out how to get Christmas toys.  Or find out how to get financial assistance for single Moms.

The government funds each state, to distribute this grant to those who apply and qualify for the grant. The Home Energy Assistance checks are sent the first week of February.  Money is given on a first-come-first served basis, so it is important to apply between August – September before the money runs out.

The program gives assistance with:  

  • Power Bill payment
  • Energy crisis assistance (prevent utility disconnection)
  • Home Weatherization Grants and energy-saving home repairs

Where to get Help with Heating Bills

National Energy Assistance Referral Project:   866-674-6327


LIHEAP Energy Assistance Program
Aerospace Building, 5th Floor West
370 L’Enfant Promenade, S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20447

Phone Number: (202) 401-9351
Fax Number: (202) 401-5661

37 Replies to “LIHEAP Assistance – Get Help with Utility Bills

  1. Hello
    My power was cut off in July and we have been living on a generator
    Its starting to get cooler weather can we get help with getting it turned back on
    they are wanting us to pay 1,295.00 plus a deposit and i only receive 733 in disability due to a heart condition
    I have kids also…I am in Kentucky

  2. I need assistance with my utilities. I am currently pregnant and not making a lot of money for rent either. I am due by the end of 9/27/16.

  3. I need help with rent that is do in 3 days before they put me out I need help with my light bill I been out work for 5months Now.

  4. Hello, Kayesha. I am sorry to hear you have lost your utilities. Please go the Department of Social Services for emergency assistance. Also, call 2-1-1 which is the number for the United Way. The will know all the assistance programs in your area.

  5. i need help with my utility bill they cut me off today my bill is 301..i only get 250.00 a month…125.00 every two week check split every 2 weeks

  6. I currently am needing help with water and gas bill just got a job but my bills are off and I have a 10 yr old with me anything would help ty…

  7. Hello, Riva. Contact the United Way who will give you references to other resources. Salvation Army and Department of Social Services. All programs can help with food and water bill. All check out this list of Food Banks in your area. Good luck Riva!

  8. Hello, Mr. Walker. Do everything you can to keep your home. When getting assistance for rent contact the Department of Social Services. They offer once a year emergency help with bills. Also, check with Catholic Charities and Salvation Army. Many assistance agencies will not help with rent unless you can prove you are able to continue to pay rent ongoing. Look for work where you can walk to your job.

  9. Hello, Ashley. If you have children these ages, you would qualify financially if your gross family income is at or below federal poverty guidelines. Please contact the Department of Social Services. Also, check these church charities.

  10. I’m a single parent and my daughter is going to college I lost my job and my water bill need to be paid and it’s off I’ve been getting water from my friend house. I’m in need of help please. Don’t have no food been eating hot dogs only.

  11. I don’t know how to begin, I’m à student in school, I work over nite.things was go good for a while my car broke down had someone to fix but h wasn’t fixing it he steal parts off my car had lose my job I’m looking for another one my landlord is being a pain like I’m not trying to do anything don’t know where to turn for help.please help I really need it I’m not like some of these people got the money bout just want to keep they money in they pocket..

  12. Hi my name is Ashley O’Connor how can I get help I have three kids under age I 7,4,1

  13. Hi, Olivia Many people have to where to turn for help. However, you can get help! There are a few places to go. First, apply for unemployment benefits. When you go for assistance, it will depend on your gross family income. Also, visit the DSS to see if you qualify for emergency assistance, WIC for you and the baby and expedited food stamps. Contact the agencies in this post to see what help is available to you. Take a copy of your electric bill. Local Help with Bills. Good Luck!

  14. I am seven months pregnant and I had to quit my job due to complications in my pregnancy. Last week,my husband lost his job and we have absolutely no Money to pay our light Bill this month… We need help because we both do not have anyone in our families that will help us.

  15. Hello, Rashida. Our organizations help anyone regardless or race, religion. Unfortunately, our programs are located in the US and can only help those living in America. You may want to consider contacting some of the Christian Catholic or Protestant programs in Pakistan. Catholic Charities is one place I would call. Hope you can get the help you need.

  16. Are you in Pakistan? Because I’m Pakistani Christian woman and need help to pay rent of home.

  17. Hello Patricia. First contact you utility company to find out if they have a program to help those having problems with bills. Also call the agencies below.

    Salvation Army Corry County, (843) 488-2769.
    Waccamaw Economic Opportunity Council, Inc., Conway, SC (843) 234-4100

  18. Hello Victor. Thank you for writing Free Financial Help. Concerning receiving a toy for your little one, It is too late to register, but the larger denominational local churches are a place I would suggest contacting. The Lutheran church does a lot of outreach to the community. Perhaps you can find some help there. Sorry we could not send you to the help you needed.

  19. Patricia, you didn’t say what state you live in or if you have any children. If you have children you may be eligible for TANF. If you do not have children, you can get emergency assistance and food stamps from the government. When you go to DSS request emergency food and you can receive groceries and a list of Food Banks in your area. Good luck.

  20. I am a single person living by myself,I wrk part time mostly 12 -15 hours per week,I am finding it very challenging to pay my rent at times n to even feed myself,I am seeking some form of assistant that will help me get by on a day to day basis,please help me.
    Thank u.

  21. I know it’s probably a little bit too late to try to get help with Christmas but I have a family of six I have 3 girls and 2 boys ages 1615 and 11 are the girls my son he is autistic and his age exactly 20 but he has in the mindset of an 11 year old demand my wife’s name is Shannon and I we’ve tried and going through all kinds of other organizations and they said were too late but we’re just asking if anybody could please help us with Christmas we would greatly appreciate it our phone number is 828-9740 address is 861 East 23rd Street Merced California

  22. Hello Patricia, I am sorry to hear about your recent illness. Try contact Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency, 1‐800‐256‐1489,, when you find a place, you can also get help with your security down payment from HUD also try, Catholic Charities, and St. Vinecnt de Paul Catholic Church. God bless you.

  23. Please can someone lead me in the right place.. I am 28 years old and have been diagnosed with cancer . My husband and I are needing assistance in little rock arkansas getting into a home. He works everyday that he can but having to pay for us a hotel room everyday to make sure i am Ok doesn’t leave room for saving. Please!!! Someone help him. He is trying to so hard but can only do so much as one man. Please!

  24. Hello Selma. You are a good daughter to help your MOM. I do not not if you are working or what your income level is. Most assistance programs are set up to help very low income families. They will help if you are about to be evicted or have your utilities turned off. If you are facing eviction or loss of utilities, try contacting the organization in the article below to see if you qualify for help. Good Luck

    Local Assistance Programs

  25. Could someone please send me some information on where I can get some emergency help please I reside in Atlanta Georgia 30315

  26. My name is Selma. I live in St louis Mo. I am a single mom of 16 years old boy and I need some help. I am in very bad financial situation ,I took a couple of loans to help my mom for her breast cancer surgery. She lives in my country and I sent it her money to save her life. Now I am not able to py my bills. I really need your help. Thank you.

  27. Hi,

    I am Edwin from the Philippines and my family runs a small business. It’s is very unfortunate that our business is slowing down because of some crisis issues here and our local government could not help us. We are in debt of over 2 million pesos and that is a really big number here. My family really need you. I wish to hear from you soon. Thank you very much!


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