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If you are a resident of  Knoxville and need utility assistance, there are several free energy programs that can help you.  There are local community action programs as well as government weatherization programs that help pay for utility bills, and home conservation.

If you are at risk of having your utilities disconnected, you can receive emergency aid if you qualify financially.  You may qualify for help with rent, food, clothing, counseling, even furniture. To stop a disconnection,  contact your utility provider.  They can also help you to sign up with the government’s LIHEAP program, or make payment arrangements.

Knoxville Utility Assistance Programs

LIHEAP – Low Income Home Energy Assistance

The LIHEAP is open to all residents of the state who qualify financially.  This federal program provides help with heating and cooling bills. They also help with cost to make your home more energy-efficient through home weatherization.  If your income is at or below the poverty level, or you receive, TANF, WIC, SNAP, or other government benefits you may qualify. Applications are taken through January, April, July, and October. Please call 1-844-309-0416.  About LIHEAP

Lenoir City Utilities Board

If you live in the counties of Knox, Roane, or Loudon, you can contact the Lenoir City Utilities Board for issues regarding water, electricity, sewer, and gas utility assistance You need to have an active account with the board, and this is easy to do on their website called LCUB. The account will enable you to check connection and billing information, and you can retrieve details of up to the last 12 months. You can also report and check outages on the platform. The board has published its telephone number as (865) 986-6591.

Knox Chapman Utilities Board

The Knox Chapman Utilities Board serves Knox county, and you can get support on water and sewer services. The agency’s online portal is easy to use, and it provides information on new connections or installations, payments, the option for unsubscribing or changing your plans, and general customer support.   Contact them at (865) 577-4497.

Clinton Utilities Board

The Clinton Utilities Board serves Knoxville residents in providing electricity connections, billing, servicing, and related services. If you are moving in from Roane, Morgan, Campbell, and the Union, you will also find it convenient to get information from the Clinton Utilities Board. All you need to get your details or support is to contact them with your particulars or log in to your account online. The utility’s website is called Clintoutilities.

Utility Assistance in your District

Hallsdale Powell Utilities District

For water services, you can contact the Hallsdale Powell Utilities District. As one of the other state-established utility providers, the Hillsdale Powell Utilities District serves residents with financial assistance and standardized services. You can access the services by contacting their support team or log into your online account. The Hallsdale Powell Utilities has provided its telephone contact as (865) 922-7547.

First Utility District

A utility district is just one of the solutions that the state applies to improve utility services’ efficiency. The district provides water and sewer services to residents, and it aims to optimize such provision. The First Utility District has the mandate to ensure that everyone in Knoxville accesses clean water, reliable sewer connections, and sanitation services. You can contact them if you have a broken water pipe or sewer line. On its official website, the board has published its telephone number as (865) 966-9741.

Northeast Knox Utilities District

If you live in Northeast Knoxville, including White Springs and Fountain City areas, you can get utility assistance from The Northeast Knox Utilities District. The utility provider has been in operation since 1959, and you can get reliable customer support at any time. The one-call helpline, 811 provides further information to locate help with utilities. The Northeast Knox Utilities District has provided its number as (865) 688-4070

West Knox Utilities Board

If you live anywhere around Beaumont, Western Heights, or Mechanicsville and the surrounding regions, you can get utility assistance from the West Knox Utilities Board. The utility has an online platform that facilitates billing and other services. The website is called WKUD, and you can log into your account to obtain up-to-date information. To contact the West Knox Utilities Board, you can use the recommended contact line on their site (865) 690-2521.

Charity Assistance Programs

Other places to get help with utilities are community charities like Catholic Charities, Salvation Army, or St. Vincent de Paul.  If you need help paying a bill or have received a turn-off notice for your water, gas, electricity, these organizations help low-income households retain their services.

Other Options

Some issues like wiring, plumbing, etc.  You may need to hire a private contractor.  If you have an off-grid connection, you need to have a technician who inspects and coordinates your utilities issue.  In the case of hybrid connections, the technician ensures that your utility supplements your connection as necessary, and there will be fewer failures.

For solar power, you can get installation services from such private providers as Ameresco. The private utility will conduct its routine inspections, and if you notice that they do not inspect your connection, you need to request details or change your provider.


You now have all the clear information on getting utility support and services in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Also, utility assistance with electric bills and connections, water, sanitation utilities, and gas.  In case you need any more information, feel free to talk to us in the Contact Us section. We will clarify any issues related to your utilities, access to electric bills, water connections, and problems with sewer or garbage services.

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