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HELCO, or Hawaii Electric Light Company, provides electrical utility services to the state of Hawaii, specifically the island of Hawaii, often called the Big Island. This includes both urban and rural areas on the island. How to Get with HELCO Utility Bill.  Electricity is a hallmark of our modern existence, powering homes, businesses, and the countless conveniences we often take for granted. In the Hawaiian paradise of the Big Island, the Hawaii Electric Light Company (HELCO) is the primary source of electrical energy.

However, life sometimes throws unexpected financial challenges, making it difficult to keep up with HELCO utility bills. In such times, understanding the avenues and programs available to provide a helping hand can be crucial. In this article, we will embark on a comprehensive journey, shedding light on how you can seek assistance with your HELCO utility bill.

How to Get Help with Your Helco Bill

Let’s Look at Your Bill

Before going into assistance options, learning how to decipher your HELCO utility bill is essential. Each bill contains vital information about electricity consumption, charges, and due dates. This knowledge is the foundation for recognizing discrepancies and ensures you seek assistance for the correct amount. Moreover, the bill contains contact details for HELCO’s customer service department, providing a direct line for help and guidance.

Making Payment Arrangements

HELCO recognizes that life can throw financial curveballs.  Contact HELCO if you cannot pay your bill by its due date. They are often willing to collaborate to establish a payment arrangement, allowing you to make smaller, manageable installments rather than grappling with a lump sum. This proactive approach can offer temporary respite and thwart any disconnection of your service.

Enroll In Low-Income Assistance Programs

Hawaii takes pride in offering a range of low-income assistance programs tailored to aid residents struggling with utility bill challenges. These programs ensure that electricity remains accessible to all, irrespective of financial circumstances. Let’s explore some pivotal programs:

a. Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP): LIHEAP is a federal initiative that extends financial aid to low-income households for energy-related expenses, including electricity bills. Eligibility criteria can vary by state, so it’s advisable to consult your local LIHEAP office for precise requirements and application procedures.

b. Hawaiian Electric’s Energy Bill Assistance Program (EBAP): In conjunction with Hawaiian Electric, HELCO administers the Energy Bill Assistance Program, targeting qualified low-income customers. This program grants eligible participants bill credits, lowering their monthly energy expenses.

Hawaii Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

  • HEAP is a state-funded program that provides financial assistance to low-income households in Hawaii for their energy bills. It helps eligible individuals and families by offering assistance with electricity, gas, and other energy-related costs.

Compassionate Non-Profit Organizations

Hawaii boasts a network of non-profit organizations and charities dedicated to aiding individuals and families in need. These benevolent entities may offer financial assistance, sustenance, or other essential resources to help you conquer your utility bill challenges. Contact local community centers or charitable organizations to explore their assistance programs and eligibility criteria.

Charities and organizations that help with utility bills in Hawaii are crucial in assisting individuals and families facing financial hardships. Despite its natural beauty, Hawaii faces high living costs, making it challenging for some residents to cover basic expenses, including utility bills. Here are some charities and programs that offer utility bill assistance in Hawaii:

Hawaiian Electric’s Project Share

  • Hawaiian Electric, which serves Oahu, Maui County, and Hawaii Island, offers Project Share. This program allows customers to donate to a fund that assists low-income individuals struggling to pay their electric bills.

Aloha United Way

  • Aloha United Way is a nonprofit organization in Hawaii that partners with various community agencies to offer financial assistance programs, including utility bill assistance, to individuals and families in need.

The Salvation Army

  • The Salvation Army operates in Hawaii and gives emergency financial aid to individuals and families facing hardships, including help with utility bills. They may also offer case management services to address underlying issues contributing to economic instability.

Catholic Charities Hawaii 

  • Catholic Charities Hawaii offers various assistance programs, including emergency financial assistance for utilities, to individuals and families facing financial crises. They also provide support and guidance to help clients achieve long-term financial stability.

Local Community Action Agencies

  • Hawaii has community action agencies throughout the state, such as Helping Hands Hawaii, Maui Economic Opportunity, Inc., and Hawai’i Community Action Program (HCAP). These agencies often administer federal and state assistance programs, including utility bill assistance. They can connect individuals with resources in their specific areas.

The Power of Energy Conservation

While exploring avenues for financial assistance, remember that you have the power to reduce your HELCO utility bill through energy conservation. Simple lifestyle adjustments like turning off lights when not in use, sealing drafts, and adopting energy-efficient appliances can significantly slash your electricity consumption, translating to lower bills.

HELCO’s Customer Service

As you seek assistance with your HELCO utility bill, it’s worth highlighting the importance of HELCO’s customer service department. They are there to assist you with any questions, concerns, or issues regarding your bill. Don’t hesitate to contact them for guidance, clarification, or to discuss your situation. They can provide information about available programs and resources that may apply to your circumstances.

Budgeting and Financial Education

Enhancing your financial literacy is another valuable tool in managing your HELCO utility bill. Many organizations and community centers offer budgeting workshops and financial education programs. Managing your finances more effectively can help you plan for and cover your utility bills better. By acquiring financial skills, you can reduce the likelihood of encountering difficulties in the future.

Community Support Networks

Hawaii is known for its strong sense of community; local communities often come together to support their needy neighbors. Connect with local community groups, churches, and neighborhood associations to explore potential assistance opportunities. These networks may offer financial help, emotional support, and valuable advice from people who have faced similar challenges.

Long-Term Energy Solutions

While seeking immediate assistance is essential, it’s also prudent to consider long-term energy solutions to reduce your ongoing HELCO utility bills. Investing in energy-efficient appliances, installing solar panels, or improving your home’s insulation can lead to substantial energy savings over time. These upgrades may require an initial investment but can result in lower energy costs and reduced reliance on financial assistance programs in the future.


Paying your HELCO utility bill is not just a financial obligation but the key to maintaining a comfortable and functional life in Hawaii. However, should you face financial headwinds, knowing the many assistance options at your disposal is crucial. Whether through payment arrangements, low-income assistance programs, community-based non-profit organizations, or emergency assistance, help is available.

Do not hesitate to reach out to HELCO’s customer service department or local organizations, for it is through seeking assistance that you can continue to bask in the glow of this essential service, even in the darkest of financial times.  Remember that reaching out for help is a sign of strength, and many individuals and organizations are dedicated to ensuring that no one in Hawaii goes without electricity due to financial difficulties.

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