Where to Find a Free Mattress Near Me

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You might not believe how many families with little money could use a free bed or mattress. If you’ve ever tried sleeping on a leaky air mattress to understand the importance of a proper bed matters. And you know what? Giving away free beds can help families get out of places where they don’t have a real home yet.

Thanks to some kind organizations and charities, these families can put their little ones to sleep in a real bed at night. If you know someone struggling and needs a bed or mattress, tell them to talk to the groups below. They can help determine if any beds are available and how to get one.

Also, it’s not just about giving away beds. It’s also a responsible way to help families without much and improve their living situation. So, if you’re looking to help out, here are some ideas about how to help families with low money get free beds or mattresses.

Do I Qualify for a Free Mattress

  • Those living at or below the Federal Poverty Guidelines can receive free beds and mattresses.
  • You qualify if you have experienced a financial disaster such as a fire, flood, or earthquake.
  • You may receive a free mattress if moving from temporary housing, such as a shelter, facility, or hotel, into permanent housing.


  • Contact shelters, non-profits, or mattress recycling programs that may provide free mattresses to those in need.
  • Find out if beds are available.
  • Find out the organization’s qualifications to receive help.
  • Fill out an application stating why you need a bed.
  • Be prepared to verify your identity, income proof, and financial situation.
  • Find help to deliver your mattress home. (organization may not deliver)

10 Ways to Get a Free Mattress

1.  Nonprofit Organizations and Charities:

Many nonprofit organizations and charities assist low-income families with basic needs.  However, they might run programs that provide those in need with free or low-cost furniture, including a free mattress.

2.  Local Government Assistance

Some local governments offer programs for low-income families.  These programs could include essential furniture items like beds.  Check with your local social services department or community organizations to learn more.

3.  Community Outreach

Speak with community centers, churches, and other local groups willing to support such plans.  Work with them to organize free mattress drives, donation events, or help with fundraising.

4.  Donation Drives

Organize donation drives within your community to collect gently used beds and mattresses for those who can afford to donate.  These items can then be given to low-income families in need.

5.  Corporate Partnerships

Connect with local businesses, furniture stores, and mattress manufacturers to secure donations or discounted prices on beds for low-income families.  Corporate partnerships can often be a source of support.

6.  Online Platforms

Use social media or websites to make people aware you are collecting beds.  Therefore, you can seek donations and volunteers or connect directly with needy families.

7.  Volunteer Networks

Look for volunteers willing to help with activities like picking up free donated beds, assembling them, and delivering them to needy families.

8.  Collaboration with Social Workers

Work with social workers and case managers already connected with low-income families.  They can identify families with the most pressing needs and ensure they are directed to charities to get a free mattress for an adult or child.

9.  Local Fundraising Events

Organize events to raise funds within your community to get cash to purchase beds for low-income families.  Additionally, this could be in the form of benefit shows, auctions, or other creative possibilities.

10.  Grant Applications

Research and apply for grants from organizations that support community development, affordable housing, and ending poverty.  These grants can help fund your initiative.

Remember, making connections, building trust, and working with existing support networks in your community are crucial for the success of such initiatives.  Additionally, ensure the free mattresses are in good condition and meet safety and hygiene standards.

10 Organizations that Give Away Free Mattresses

When getting a free mattress, you don’t want to get one from just anywhere. Look for trusted organizations to make sure you receive clean, beg-free beds.  In addition, when you get a mattress from FreeCycle or Craigslist, you can not be sure you won’t have an issue.  When picking out a free bed, always check for stains, buds, etc.


When applying for a free bed from this charity organization, apply with proof of identity and financial situation.  Beds and mattresses are limited, so those who use them first will be served until stock runs out.  

When approved, please bring a truck or trailer to pick up your items and bring them home.  It will be your responsibility to pick up and take the mattress home.  The doors of Beds4Kidz are open Monday through Friday, 10 AM to 5 PM.  Request a bed.  

Cribs for Kids

alt="cribs for kids"Cribs For Kids is a nonprofit organization that provides free cribs to needy families, ensuring safe infant sleep environments.  With a focus on the well-being of kids,

Also, they collaborate with partners to address the needs of their clients.  They offer convenient shipping options for cribs, making it easier for families to receive them.

Focusing on providing cribs, they ensure every child has a secure sleeping environment.  Their Sleep Ambassador educational program equips clients with the necessary knowledge and tools to promote safe sleeping habits.

  • Go to their website.
  • After completing an online training module, parents and caregivers receive a sleep ambassador certificate through their Safe Sleep educational program.
  • Click here to find a crib suitable for your child.

Ashley Furniture – Hope to Dream Program

Ashley Furniture has a program that gives free beds to children and adults coming out of temporary housing and moving into their apartments.  If your child needs a bed or you want to nominate a child, Hope to Dream can help.

Thanks to these collaborations, Serta Simmons Bedding, Elite Rewards, and Purple Ashley can assist many underprivileged children in obtaining their bed, enabling them to enjoy a more restful night’s sleep.

North American Furniture Bank

This National organization works with charities and social, community, and non-profit organizations to offer used household furnishings for at-risk families.

Also. if you need a free mattress or other furnishings for your home, don’t hesitate to contact this organization to request a bed.  Remember, you are responsible for arranging for the item to be delivered to your home.  (713) 842-9771.

Goodwill Industries

Receiving a mattress from Goodwill is a simple process involving several vital steps.  Goodwill is a nonprofit organization that offers a variety of secondhand goods, including beds, at affordable prices.

Here’s a brief guide on how to get a free mattress from Goodwill.  You may have to obtain a referral from another charity, like Catholic Charities.  The charity will confirm your financial status and needs.

Take the referral to your local Goodwill to request a mattress.  If a mattress is available, they will allow you to inspect it.  If you are satisfied with the bed, arrange transportation to take it home.

The Salvation Army

To obtain a mattress from the Salvation Army:

  • Visit their local branch or thrift store.
  • Inquire about their furniture assistance programs for low-income individuals and families.
  • Provide necessary proof of income and identification to show eligibility.

Availability may vary, so inquire about free mattress availability and sizes.  If approved, you might receive a voucher or be directed to select a mattress from their inventory.  Remember that policies may differ between branches, so please get in touch with your local Salvation Army location for specific guidance on obtaining a mattress through their assistance programs.

Free Mattress from Good360

Good360 gives mattresses to families coming out or homeless and families who have experienced a disaster such as fire, flood, single parents in need, etc.

  • Visit the Good360 website to verify if they currently offer free mattresses.
  • Create an account on the platform and complete the necessary profile information.
  • Browse through available product listings to find mattresses.
  • Submit an application or request for the mattress, explaining your organization’s mission and how the bed would benefit your cause.

Good360 will review your application and determine eligibility based on your organization’s criteria.  If approved, coordinate with Good360 to receive the donated mattress.

Free Beds by Love INC National

To potentially obtain a free mattress from Love INC (In the Name of Christ):

  • Contact your local Love INC chapter or visit their website to confirm available mattresses.
  • Reach out to Love INC through their communication channels, explaining your need for a mattress.
  • Complete any required application or assessment to prove your financial situation.
  • Love INC will connect you with available resources, including a free mattress if eligible.
  • If approved, arrange for pickup or delivery of the bed following their instructions.

St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store

  • Contact a local branch and inquire about getting a free mattress.
  • Explain your situation and request a free mattress.
  • Follow their policies, ensuring that you fulfill any requirements they may have.
  • You may receive a voucher to shop in one of their thrift stores if approved.

Thankfully, these stores often collaborate with charitable initiatives to help individuals facing financial hardships.  Proving need and showing appreciation for their work could increase your chances.  Remember to be respectful and understanding, as resources might be limited.

Mattress Recycling Counsel

  • Firstly, visit the program’s official website to understand if you are eligible and available in your area.  Ensure you meet any requirements they outline.
  • Next, if you qualify, contact the program through the provided contact information or online forms.  Explain your your need for a bed.
  • Last, keep your communication respectful and concise.  Since free beds might be limited, conveying your situation genuinely is essential.

If you are selected, follow any instructions they provide promptly.  Remember that this program likely receives numerous requests, so patience and understanding are crucial.

If you aren’t selected, explore other local charitable organizations or assistance programs that offer similar help. This organization services California, Connecticut, and Rhode Island; an Oregon location is coming soon.

In Conclusion

When families are dealing with money problems, they’ve got a bunch of places to turn to for help. State governments, local charities, and even religious groups are there to lend a hand.

Some organizations give out beds to families who don’t have much money. It’s not just about beds but also mattresses and everything that goes with them. These groups are all about helping people get the good sleep they need for a normal and healthy life.

You’d be surprised how many churches and groups that aren’t out for profit do this, too. They’re all about helping families in their area who don’t have much money. These projects make sure families get beds that fit their needs. Thanks for taking the time to read this article!

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