How to Apply for Government Assisted Housing

By | April 11, 2015

Government assisted housing, is a tremendous help to the disabled and low-income  and working population. The federal housing program is not new. It was originally instituted during the Great Depression as a means of response to the Nation’s housing crisis.

Later in the century, the government devised subsidy programs to help in the development of low-income housing to meet the need of those having difficulty paying rent.

Let me address the myth that this type of housing is only for people on welfare.   Many people living in government assisted housing, are hard-working people, yet their salaries are not sufficient to meet their living needs.  You can rent public as well as private government housing.

They have to provide proof of income, have no felonies, and be law-abiding citizens. If rules of the government housing are violated, these persons are subject to losing the privilege of their subsidized living.

Our desire here is to try to direct to safe, affordable housing in decent neighborhoods where you can feel secure.

How Low-Income Housing Works

The Housing Authority partners with privately owned housing to provide subsidies for those in need. It is the Housing Authorities responsibility to screen applicants for this housing.  Once a tenant is approved, the Housing Authority signs the lease and pays the difference between what the tenant pays and the market rate or the apartment.

This is why there is such a long waiting list, and it is a tremendous need for low-income housing all over the US.  The government is now talking about cutting some of these entitlement programs, so the future of government assisted housing opportunities, are subject to change soon.  Check with your city and state for changes.

Types of Housing Assistance Programs

1. Public Housing
2. Section 8 – Housing Choice Vouchers
3. Tax Credit Apartments – Income Restricted Communities

Most people are familiar with Public Housing and Section 8 or Housing Choice programs.  Affordable Housing is actually the same thing.  All three programs help low-income people by paying a portion of the rent, according to their income needs.  Section 8 Housing can include apartment, public housing or private homes.   Tax Credit Housing Communities are not as readily available but are more modern and easier to apply and be approved.  Click on the links below to find out in-depth info about each program.

Applying for Government Assisted Housing

In 1962, the US Housing Act expanded the program with Section 23.  Potential tenants are placed on is a list for housing. Many people are in need of this service and often; the waiting period can be extremely long. Single Women with children have priority over individual residents, for the obvious reasons.  It is important for children to have a safe and comfortable home in which to live.

Qualifications for receiving Section 8 Housing.  In order to receive Section 8, you must be below 50% of the area median income. The process of applying for low-income housing is free. If you come across anyone who what’s to charge you or the application, say no thanks and look a little further.  When looking for housing programs you can also go to to locate government assisting housing programs in your state. Alternatively, housing authority agencies in your area.

  • Call or visit the housing authority
  • Get on the waiting list
  • Make sure you have proper documentation

Types of Government Assisted Housing Programs

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development  (HUD)

How to find HUD Subsidized Housing  Properties?  With the assistance of HUD, those looking for subsidized housing can locate available properties that offer reduced rent options to low-income families.  HUD has a list of private and public subsidized housing.  Go to, enter your county, city,  and the number of rooms, etc. to see what is available.  Contact the location for further details.   For more information – 800-998-9999.

Public housing sometimes called projects  assist the elderly, disabled, veterans, disadvantaged families find affordable housing.  Contact number – 704-336-5183

Section 8 is a voucher program, which issues prospective tenants with an acceptance voucher for low-income housing.  You have to look for a property owner that will accept their voucher.  For more information call, 704-336-5183 or visit Section 8 Housing.

Mortgage Assistance Programs

This program works similarly to the other programs, except mortgage assistance helps those who need help to pay your mortgage.

How Apply for Low-Income Housing

Documenting your financial status

When you apply for government assisted housing, you will need to bring documentation to prove your status is accurate.  Please bring all the proper documentation to avoid having to come back.  If you are not sure what is required, simply make a phone call before you head out so that you are prepared.

To apply for low-income housing, please bring, pay stubs from your job,  W-2, letters from SSI, DSS or any agency that is assisting you, as proof of income.

It is also advised to bring with your current proof of address, picture identification, social security cards, birth certificates of children and your residency status for you and everyone who will be living the dwelling.

Be Patient After you Apply

You can actually wait years, to be called for low-income housing.   Go to HUD, ask for a list of landlords who take Section 8, and you could be moved up on the list quicker.  Be patient and if your situation changes, such as experiencing a disaster in your city, be prepared to bring this proof to the housing agency.

This will be possible entitle you to be moved up on the list! Soon they will be calling you and your family to move into your new affordable home.   Housing prices vary from state to state, but usually, you will be required to pay anything above 30% adjusted monthly income. Your rent will be based on your ability to pay more or less.

If  later, you receive a raise on your job, your rent will be increased according to  the salary increase. In order to continue to receive this assistance, you will  be asked to bring updated pay stubs to verify your income.

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