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Great Jobs Opportunities for Felons Near Me

Seeking Jobs for Felons Near Me? Embarking on a job hunt after incarceration can be daunting. Often, employers might show reluctance when hiring someone with a criminal background. Nonetheless, numerous career avenues and organizations are more receptive to hiring felons. They recognize the significance of assimilating these individuals into society and granting them a fresh start. To illustrate, here are a few job sectors and industries reputed to be more accommodating to felons.

In politics, there have been instances of felons making a comeback. For example, did you know that certain politicians have felony convictions and yet make a return to the political arena post-release? A D.C. mayor had a felony record coupled with a drug conviction.

After his release, he secured a position as a DC council member and reclaimed his role as Mayor. This underscores the message: never lose hope. Always persevere and remain undeterred by rejection!

 Jobs for Felons Near Me – Felon-Friendly Companies

When looking for a job, you will have a greater possibility of success if you apply for work in a field that is friendly to people with criminal backgrounds. 

Many employees are open to hiring people with felonies if they see you have the background, the potential, and the attitude necessary to be successful on the job.

  1. Construction: Many construction companies are willing to hire individuals with a criminal record, especially for roles that require manual labor.
  2. Manufacturing: Jobs in manufacturing plants, especially entry-level positions, can be accessible to individuals with felony convictions.
  3. Transportation: Truck driving is a field where many ex-felons have found opportunities. Some trucking companies are willing to hire drivers with a record, primarily if their offenses are not related to driving.
  4. Freelancing: Skills like writing, graphic design, and web development can be marketed on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer, allowing individuals to work without undergoing a traditional background check.
  5. Entrepreneurship: Starting a business can be a viable option. It allows individuals to be their boss and work without the constraints of background checks.
  6. Skilled Trades: Fields like welding, carpentry, plumbing, and electric work might be accessible. Some trade schools and apprenticeship programs are open to training individuals with criminal pasts.
  7. Carpenter: Carpentry might be a good job if you’ve had legal troubles before. With the proper training, you can become a skilled carpenter.
  8. Welders:  Welders work in many areas, like building things or making stuff in factories. Training to be a welder usually takes less than a year.
  9. Painter:  Painting can be an excellent job for people with legal issues who are trustworthy. It’s a skill that can be learned quickly.
  10. Construction:  Some bosses in this field might give you a chance even if you’ve had legal issues, especially if they believe you’ll work hard and stay out of trouble.

Other Opportunities

  1. Culinary Arts: Restaurants, especially in roles like line cooks or dishwashers, often do not require background checks. With time and experience, there’s potential for upward mobility in the culinary world.
  2. Agriculture: Farming and agricultural jobs (greenhouses or fish farms) are often available to those with a criminal record.
  3. Temp Agencies: Some temporary staffing agencies specialize in helping those with a criminal background find employment.
  4. Retail: While not all retail companies are open to hiring felons, some have been known to, especially in roles like stocking shelves or working in warehouses.
  5. Landscaping: Yard maintenance and landscaping companies might offer opportunities, especially for manual labor roles.
  6. Janitorial Services: Cleaning roles in schools, offices, and other establishments can be an option.
  7. Pet Services: Jobs in dog walking or pet grooming can be pursued without requiring a background check in many cases.
  8. Writer:   Many companies need good writing for ads, websites, and magazine stories. Additionally, many writers work for themselves, so you won’t have to worry about that.
  9. Electrician:  To become a skilled electrician, you’ll need more training. The good news is that you’ll get paid during most of this training.
  10. Plumber: The plumbing field might have some options for you. Before you start training to be a plumber, make sure to check your state’s rules. Some states won’t let you be a plumber if you have certain past crimes. But some plumbing businesses might hire you.

How to Make Money Without A Car

Companies Known to Hire Felons

Several large companies have more inclusive policies that welcome those who have paid their debt to society and want to move forward with their lives. Some of these include:

  • Walmart
  • Home Depot
  • Lowe’s
  • Starbucks
  • Apple
  • Gap Inc.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Kohl’s
  • Tyson Foods

Local Re-entry Programs Help Prepare for a Job

A re-entry program is designed to help promote the successful reintegration of ex-offenders into their communities after their release.  A re-entry program is committed to helping people find employment and housing to become productive members of citizens. Some of the programs offer ex-offenders, vocational training, and help with drug rehabilitation.

More than likely, convicts are enrolled in a re-entry program before their release from prison. These support systems ensure these men and women have a pathway to normalcy and success.

A re-entry program may be the only support for those with criminal backgrounds, and secular and faith-based programs are available. The United States Department of Justice supports the Prisoner Re-entry Initiative.  This program targets both youthful offenders as well as adults. (See links at the end of the article for re-entry programs.)

Truck Driving Jobs

Many people with a record have found successful careers in the trucking industry. The industry is always hiring, and you can get a job depending on the type of crime. There is also a requirement that the criminal offense is 5 to 10 years old. Talk to the recruiter about your background to learn the company’s rules.

Trucking is also great if you hate to be cooped up and love to stay on the road! Many trucking companies are looking for drivers with and without experience.

You must check the company’s hiring policy, as many companies hire people with criminal records. Many offer help with financing for training and getting your CDL license. Within a few months, you can be on the road and earn a living.

Become A Boss

A criminal record doesn’t stop you from starting your own small business.  Being self-employed is a great way to regain your place in society and earn a living for yourself and your family. Furthermore, you will not have to worry about others digging into your background or judging you for past mistakes.

What skills do you have? What can you do well that you are proud of? Can you take down a tree? Do you have a green thumb? Are you artistic? Are you good with computers? Can you paint a room? What can you do well that you can turn into a business?

Restaurant Work

Don’t turn your nose up at work in the food industry. It is an excellent place to get started, and money is money. You can eventually work into managerial positions if you are intelligent, personable, and have leadership abilities.

Most food industry jobs have training programs for those who are considering management. Remember that the food industry is very stressful; if this is not your cup of tea, that is OK. There are other jobs to be considered.

Job Hunting Guide with a Criminal Record

When a person with a criminal record begins a job search, they must prepare for the interview just like everyone else. That means being appropriately attired, having a current resume, and knowing what the employer is looking for.

When going on an interview, if you are a man, wear a dress shirt and tie; if you are a woman, always wear a skirt or dress in stockings or dress slacks. You want to look as professional as possible and give the impression that you are serious and mean business. This is true, even if going for a labor position.

Your appearance is your calling card, and you will be judged instantly by your appearance. You know the saying, “You only have one chance to make a good first impression!” If you do not have the attire necessary to give a good impression, call around to see what agencies, churches, Dress for Success, or thrift stores are looking for appropriate clothes.

Tell the Truth about your Past

As an ex-offender, you must be prepared to discuss the reason for incarceration with your interviewer. It is always good to share what you learned from prison and how you have been rehabilitated. Refrain from dwelling on your past; explain and move on to the strengths and skills you bring to the job!

Look at Your Strengths and Abilities  

These skills can be turned into small businesses or contract work. Are you starting to see the possibilities? Self-employment works best when you have someone to support you until you can get the business going. However, it is also something you can do on the side while working another job as you develop a steady clientele.

In addition, some programs give Small Business Grants to those with a criminal past. (Check out the links below.) Once you decide what you want to do, go online to Vista. There, you can order inexpensive business cards. Begin to tell friends and family to look out for those needing your services.

Talk about your Skills

When interviewing, discuss any on-the-job training or apprenticeship programs you have. While in or out of prison.  It is helpful to let the employer know one of the benefits of hiring someone with a criminal history is a tax credit provided by the government. A federal bonding program provides an employer up to $5,000 against any damages.

In Conclusion

It’s essential to understand that company policies can change. Hiring decisions often depend on the nature of the felony, how much time has passed since the conviction, and the specific guidelines of the local branch or franchise.

For individuals with felony convictions, looking into local non-profit organizations and re-entry programs is often beneficial to help felons reintegrate into the workforce. These programs offer training, job placement, and other resources that can be immensely helpful.

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    1. I do not know of any program that gives cars, but if there is a Goodwill Industries in your area, ask if they have a Wheels to Work program. You have to be working full time 8 months to a year.

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