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Our blog will discuss things that affect and help you and your family.  We will also bring your that latest new and topics that related especially to you.  We want to share with you the latest news and changes to benefit and assistance programs.  It is our mission to help you connect with the right agencies to get the assistance you need.

The Working Poor

The working poor, make up millions of people living in American.   With financial assistance, it would be hard to keep their families stable.  Opponents of assistance programs for the poor, sometimes resent those in need of help.  Their greatest complaint is, their tax dollars are going to those who don’t want to work.

The truth of the matter is… “According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 9.5 million of people who spent at least 27 weeks in the labor force were poor. That year, the working poor comprised 6.3 percent of all individuals in the labor force.”  (read more)

Who are the Working Poor?

The working poor, are the men that cut your grass, the people who prepare your food when you go out to eat, they are the women that clean your offices, the barbers, and hair stylist that depend on tips, and the day care workers who care for your children.  They are our friends, neighbors and family member.

Almost 10 million people receiving some type of assistance work at least part-time.  Much of this is not the fault of part-time workers.  Employers who don’t to pay benefits cut their bottom line considerably.

The law states that those working 40 hours or more are entitled to benefits like health care, dental, eye, life insurance and other benefits,  depending on the state and employer policy.

You can Work for a Good Company and Still Need Financial Assistance

Years ago I work at a well know religious organization in Charlotte, NC.  I was not eligible for benefits because I worked just a few hours 35 hours a week instead of 40 hours a week. So, most businesses hire both full-time and part-time workers to keep their bottom line down.

It is very frustrating to find out the CEO of your company receives a $5,000,00 bonus each year, while you can’t afford to take a vacation or feed your children properly.

There is Financial Help Available for the Working Poor

The good news is, we still live in a country where you can get the help you need to keep your family intact. Government, community and charity organizations work hard every day to give families a fighting chance.

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