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Unusual Odd Jobs & Side Hustles – Get Paid Big Money

Odd Jobs That Pay Big Money. These hustles often capitalize on unique skills, interests, or market gaps typically addressed by something other than traditional jobs. Let’s explore some of these unique money-making methods that are examples of odd jobs that pay big money.

In a world where the traditional 9-to-5 job is no longer the only way to make a living, individuals increasingly turn to unconventional methods to earn money, especially those looking for odd jobs that pay big money.

These ‘weird hustles’ offer income and allow people to engage in more creative and personal interests. From renting chickens to becoming a professional line sitter, the possibilities are as varied as they are surprising and fall under the category of odd jobs that pay big money.

According to, “Forty percent of Gen Z have both a job and side hustle, according to a new report from EY. Moonlighting was considered a sign of poor financial planning, an admission that one’s current salary wasn’t enough to live off.” This statistic highlights the growing appeal of odd jobs that pay big money.

1. Professional Cuddler

alt="professional cuddler"A professional cuddler, also known as a cuddle therapist or cuddle practitioner, provides a service centered around physical touch and companionship in a non-sexual, therapeutic context. Their work involves various forms of physical touch, primarily cuddling, including hugging, holding hands, or lying close together. These activities provide clients comfort, relaxation, and a sense of connection.

How to Become a Paid Cuddler

  • How: To become a professional cuddler, you must undergo training and certification, which various organizations offer.
  • Where: Websites like CuddleComfort and Cuddlist offer platforms for trained cuddlers to connect with clients.

2. Rent-a-Chicken

Urban farming has seen a rise in popularity, but only some are ready to commit to raising chickens full-time. Enter the ‘Rent-a-Chicken’ business. This service allows people to rent chickens for a season, providing fresh eggs without the long-term commitment of poultry ownership.

Urban Chicken Rentals

  • How: This requires starting your own business or joining an existing franchise. You must invest in chickens, coops, and other necessary equipment.
  • Where: Research local farm supply businesses or online platforms for resources and guides on starting a chicken rental service.

3. Line Sitting Services

Yes, this is a real thing!  For popular events or product releases, the demand to be first in line is high. Some entrepreneurial individuals offer their services to stand in line for hours, or even days, on behalf of someone else. This hustle requires patience but can be surprisingly lucrative.

How to Get Paid to Line Sit

  • How do I Begin? Start by offering your services locally through word of mouth or social media platforms.
  • Where to find Clients: Websites like TaskRabbit or Craigslist can also be effective platforms to advertise your line-sitting services.

4. Virtual Interior Design Consultant

With the advent of technology, interior design consultation has gone virtual. Individuals with a flair for design can offer their services online, helping clients redecorate or style their homes through video calls and digital mock-ups.

How to Be a Virtual Interior Design Consultant

  • How to get started: Create a portfolio of your work and acquire any necessary qualifications or experience in interior design.
  • Where: to find clients Platforms like Havenly, Decorist, or Upwork offer opportunities to connect with clients seeking virtual design consultation.

5. Odd-Task Runner 

Platforms like TaskRabbit have opened up a market for doing odd jobs and errands for people. From assembling furniture to waiting for the cable guy, these tasks might seem mundane, but they’re essential and can be a good source of income.

How to be an Odd-Task Runner

  • Sign up as a tasker and list the services you’re willing to provide.
  • Websites like TaskRabbit, Thumbtack, or Airtasker are popular platforms for odd jobs and errands.

6. Voiceover Artist for Indie Projects 

With the rise of independent gaming and animation projects, there’s a growing demand for voiceover artists. Talented individuals can lend their voice to characters in games, animations, and audiobooks.

alt="voice over work"How to Do Voiceover Projects

  • Create a demo reel showcasing your voiceover skills.
  • Where: Join platforms like, Fiverr, or Upwork, where indie project creators often look for voice talent.

7. Personalized Poetry Writer

For those with a way with words, writing personalized poetry or messages for special occasions can be a unique way to make money. Heartfelt words are always in demand, Whether for weddings, birthdays, or anniversaries.

How to Be a Personalized Poetry Writer

  • Develop a portfolio of your writing and decide on your service offerings (e.g., types of occasions, style of poetry).
  • Where: Etsy is an excellent platform for selling creative services like this, or you can advertise on social media.

8. Online Course Creator

Consider creating an online course if you have expertise in a particular area. It can be a profitable venture. From cooking classes to programming tutorials, the internet has allowed us to share knowledge with a global audience.

How to  be an Online Course Creator

  • Develop a portfolio of your writing and decide on your service offerings (e.g., types of occasions, style of poetry).
  • Where: Etsy is an excellent platform for selling creative services like this, or you can advertise on social media.

9. Mystery Shopping:

Mystery shoppers get paid to shop or dine at specific locations and report on their experience. This hustle not only produces but also often includes free meals or products.

How to Become a Mystery Shopper

  • Sign up with a mystery shopping agency; you must pass a primary assessment.
  • Websites like Market Force, BestMark, or Secret Shopper are good places to start.

10. Professional Mermaid/Merman

Working as a professional mermaid or merman can be a dream come true for those who love swimming and have a flair for performance. These individuals perform at parties, events, and aquariums, often in elaborately designed costumes.

alt="mermaid"How to Become a Paid Mermaid

  • Have great swimming skills and invest in a mermaid tail and other necessary equipment. Training and certification in this field can also be beneficial.
  • Where: Start by offering your services for local events or parties. Social media and entertainment service platforms can be great for advertising.  This odd job was recently featured on Netflix.

11. Empathetic Listener Gig

First, clearly define what services you will offer as an empathetic listener. An empathic listener could include listening to clients vent about their day, providing emotional support, or offering motivational encouragement. Remember, as a compassionate listener, you’re not providing professional therapy or counseling unless you’re qualified to do so.

Empathetic Listener

Create a Fivver or Uptale profile and Seller account.  Describe your services and expertise, and set a price for them.

People Who Successfully Made Money with Odd Jobs

Professional Video Game Streamer 

Tyler Blevins, known by his online alias “Ninja,” turned his passion for video games into a highly lucrative career by streaming his gameplay on platforms like Twitch and Mixer.

He gained fame by playing games like “Fortnite” and attracted millions of followers. His success includes sponsorships, brand endorsements, and a deal to stream exclusively on Mixer for significant money.

Professional Sleeper – Hotel Sleep Tester

One notable example is a hotel sleep tester who gets paid to test bed comfort in different hotels. Roisin Madigan, a student, was hired by a hotel chain to sleep in their different rooms and write reports about her experience.  Professional sleepers offer valuable feedback on the sleeping environment, which includes the bed’s comfort, room noise levels, and overall ambiance.


The realm of unique side gigs is diverse and a perfect fit for those seeking odd jobs that pay big money. It provides opportunities for nearly anyone to earn money through unconventional methods. You can capitalize on a special talent or tap into a specialized market.

These odd jobs highlight the creativity and adaptability of people looking to make money outside the typical job scene. In our ever-changing economy, these distinct roles offer financial rewards and bring joy, fulfillment, and adventure to those who pursue them.

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