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title=alt=State and Local Assistance programs, help struggling families in America every day.  Many state, government, and community action groups give support to low-income families and individuals.   They help by paying past-due bills and help maintain family stability, by preventing evictions and the loss of utilities.  To get help, you must qualify financially.  What does this mean?  It means that your gross family income must be at or below the U.S. Federal Poverty Guidelines.

When you qualify, you can receive help with rent, utilities, nutritional support, cash benefits, medical assistance, as long as funding is available.  To be eligible for one of these assistance programs, you must be an American citizen, lawful permanent residents, have a green card, have refugee status.   Many are struggling families receive help every day.  If you need help, please feel free to use Free Financial Help as a resource.  You will be screen and you must bring proof of income, proof of address and identification for everyone living in the household.

Rent Assistance in Mississippi

Mississippi Rent Assistance Programs.  If you are facing eviction, there are several rent assistance programs in the state that can help you.  The U.S. government, charities, community organizations, and non-profits help low-income families and individuals maintain their living situation and family stability.  Programs like Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program help disadvantaged families in the state and surrounding… Read More »

Nevada Weatherization & Energy Assistance Programs

Nevada Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP).  Nevada energy assistance and weatherization programs are implemented across the U.S. and U.S. Territories.  These conservation services help low income, elderly, disabled and families with children., This government subsidy, assists elderly, disabled and low-income homeowners, with home repair grants you make their homes safe to live in.  The goal of this initiative is to make… Read More »

Financial Help for Unemployed – Government & Local Programs

Financial Assistance For Laid-Off Workers – Are you unemployed, laid off, or a furloughed worker?  You may be eligible for emergency financial help with bills.   For instance, there are programs local programs that offer emergency financial assistance for basic living needs. You may be able to get partial or full-time financial aid and other types of assistance. The first thing… Read More »

Louisiana Bill Assistance Programs

Louisiana Assistance Programs.  Everyone doesn’t have a friend or family member that can pay your bills if you are laid off.  Low-income Assistance programs make a difference.  Life is unpredictable.  Anyone can lose a job,  or have the hours cut or have a change in their financial situation.  There are low-income assistance programs, as well as community and government grants… Read More »

Montana Rent Assistance Programs

Montana Rent Assistance Programs.  Rental assistance programs help stop the threat of eviction while supporting the stability of the family. The government, local community outreach, and charities help those struggling financially because of loss of employment, unexpected illness or tragedy.  Organizations like the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities  If you are having financial difficulties do not wait unto the last minute… Read More »

Montana Heating and Utility Bill

Montana Heating and Utility Bill Assistance.  The cold months mean higher heating and utility bills for everyone.  Montana has local and government agencies that help you pay bills. First of all, if you are low-income or in danger of losing services there is help available.  Here is a listing of charities, government and utility companies where you may be able… Read More »