How to Make Money Donating Plasma

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Plasma Donation for Monet –   CSL donation centers are located all over the US.  They collect plasma to help the sick and for experimentation. Did you know that when you make a blood plasma donation,  you can earn money?  Donating blood is an excellent service you can perform, to help others in need of a cure.  Plasma centers that are looking for people with specific illness to use that blood type, to help find a cure.  If you have certain diseases, you could make up a few hundred as a month,  if you are a rare blood-type.

Donating plasma is also a way to make extra money when you are in a real pinch.  It is comfortable, safe and comfortable!  You may be eligible to donate plasma and receive mone if you have recently been diagnosed with an infectious or autoimmune.  Medical researchers are using this type of plasma in the hopes of finding cures and vaccines for specific diseases.

The First Visit

Locate a blood center in your area. Once you have made your appointment, prepare to be there for at least two hours. The initial qualifications for donating plasma is, you must be a US citizen,  have proof of identities such as a passport or social security or immigration card. You must also weight at least 110 pounds and be from 18 -65 years old. They will take your physical and medical history.  A small amount of blood will be drawn to test for blood-borne diseases.  Plasma Centers pay more money for rare blood types.

Who Can and Can Not Donate

The screening process makes sure you are healthy enough to donate and to make sure you have no diseases that can contaminate the blood supply.    You will be tested for blood-borne illness to determine if you are a good candidate for donating blood.  The screening process will assess the health of your blood.  If you are found to be healthy they will begin the extraction process.

You cannot  donate, if you have a specific illness, such as,

  • cancer
  • hepatitis
  • heart disease
  • diabetes

You can not make blood plasma donations if 

  • you are pregnant or recently given birth
  • have high or low blood pressure
  • have been previously rejected from donating
  • if you have had a tattoo or piercing in the past 12 months

How Is Blood Plasma Used?

Plasma helps those with serious medical conditions to increase the body’s ability to heal itself, by producing antibodies.  Plasma is the vehicle by which blood cells can travel through the body.  It is 90% water; the rest contains, minerals, clotting material, hormones, minerals, and immunoglobins. It is extracted from whole blood using a centrifuge. It provides health to the cells while removing waste or toxins.  The use of blood plasma in research contributes to the discovery of cures and treatments medical conditions such as:

  • burn victims
  • hemophilia
  • clotting failure
  • auto-immune disease
  • depressed immune systems

 How Much Do I get Paid?

You might want to do a little research on plasma centers to see who pays the most. Depending on where you live you can receive up to 65$ each time you donate. You can donate plasma twice in seven days.  If you received $65 per donation and give once a week, you will earn $260 a month. If you donate, twice in 7 days, you could earn $520 a month.

You can Donate After a Certain Period of Time After Having these Illnesses

If you have these conditions you can donate:

Hepatitis A: You can give blood plasma if you have hepatitis A. You must have been diagnosed within three months of contracting the disease.

Rubella: If you contract the German measles, you can make a blood plasma donation if it has been within three months of the initial infection. You must test positive for the Rubella antibody. Rubella is transmitted through tiny droplets caused by coughing, sneezing.

HIV: If you have been diagnosed with HIV   within 30 days of contracting the disease you can donate plasma.

Syphilis: If were diagnosed within 30 days of contracting the disease you can donate plasma. Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease.

Hepatitis B: If you have contracted Hepatitis B and were diagnosed within 30 days of contracting the disease you can donate.

Lyme Disease: You can donate blood if it has been not more that one year of the date you contracting the disease. You must test positive for Lyme disease.

Rheumatoid Arthritis: You can make blood plasma donation if you test positive for the disease. The infection load should be larger than 2000 IU per millimeter of blood.

Human Parvovirus B19:  If you tested positive for the HPV antibody within three months of being infected. Infection is transmitted much like a cold through sneezing or coughing and not covering your mouth.

Toxoplasmosis:  If you have contracted toxoplasmosis is transmitted through cat feces and then handling food or preparing meals without washing your hands. You can donate if it has been two months within the initial infection and test positive by the bacteria. Symptoms are much like the flu.

Blood Plasma Donations Help Researchers Find Cures

As a donor, you help medical science, find cures for diseases and receive an income too.  If you have been recently diagnosed with cancer, contagious disease or autoimmune disease; your plasma can help medical researchers find new cures. If you are well and want to donate plasma for money, contact SeraCare Life Services plasma centers in your area.  CSL Plasma collection agency. They offer donor gift-card rewards programs which are redeemable at any time.

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