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Free Health Care for Low Income

Are you looking for free health care?  You are not alone.  Medical bills can easily take all your savings and ruin your credit.  Most people don’t plan on getting sick, but catastrophic illness can happen to anyone.  Thank goodness, that in American we do not turn away people from hospitals or deny medical care. Free Health Care Programs –… Read More »

Help Paying Hospital Bills Today

Help Paying Hospital Bills.  Many people need help with hospital bills.   The assistance program in your hospital can be a great benefit.  No one wants unpaid medical bills, that can destroy credit.  Hospital bills can quickly mount up when you do not have insurance.  Assistance programs help low-income patients with “medically necessary” inpatient and outpatient hospital services. Patients pay according… Read More »

Need Help Paying Medical Bills?

Need help paying medical bills?  Many with low-incomes need help with medical bills and prescription drugs.  In several years, there has been an increased need for healthcare assistance.  More jobs are cutting hours and with it, eliminating the obligation to offering benefits.  Many are working two jobs, and still, don’t have benefits.  Doctor bills can really pile up, especially if you do not have… Read More »

Free Charlotte Clinics

Free Health Clinics Charlotte, NC.   Free clinics support low-income, and disadvantaged families and singles that do not have health care coverage.  If you need to see a doctor, you can visit a Charlotte community health clinic for free, or for a small fee, depending on your income.  Free clinics, healthcare, and free planned parenthood services can be found in… Read More »