How to Watch Free Movies Online Today

How to Watch Movies Online Free.  Today, it is easier than ever to watch movies online for free. People love free stuff, even if they have to do something illegal to get it!  But, it’s not like the old days when you went to some skeezy scam site to watch movies for free, only to discover your computer infected with a virus. 

It was dangerous back then.  Now there are several ways to watch all the movies you want online for free.  Sometimes you will have to make a small initial investment, but once you have done this, you will be in movie and TV land heaven!  If you are on a budget or don’t want to pay the high cost of cable there are some amazing options.

Paid Movies & TV Services

Watch movies and TV with paid streaming services like

  • Netflix – Prices are between $8 – 14.00/month.  30-day free trial.
  • Hulu –  Now 5.99 a month.  30-day trial
  • Crackle – Totally free with commercials
  • VUDU –  Free movies with ads
  • Sling – Free trial, $15 – 25/month
  • FUBO – One-week trial.  $54/month
  • PlayStation Vue –$49.99/moth
  • Play Station – One-week free.  Streaming/gaming.  Monthly $19.99, $99 yearly.

This, of course, is an amazing step up from the ’90s.  Most of these services offer good customer service and unlimited watching privileges.  You can also get streaming movies with your paid prescription cable.  You can watch all the free streaming movies and TV shows you want, as long as you pay your monthly fee.

Free Public Domain Movies

If you are a classic movie buff you will be glad to know that you can watch public domain movies for free every day all day.  Public domain movies are movies whose copyright has not been renewed.  So, you can legally access and use the movie with the fear of copyright infringement.  This includes music and literary works as well.  They have a nice collection of silent and speaking movies, classic black movies, westerns, musical, noir, comedies, thriller, horror, and your childhood cartoons.  To access public domain movies just do a Google search by the title. YouTube also has a collection of Public Domain movies.  Find public domain movies (here)

A List of Free Online and Movies and TV

There are many streaming devices that can connect you to all the streaming your heart desires.  However, you do have to first purchase the devices.  “I thought you said free you may say”.  The movies are free and the big difference from Hulu and Netflix is you only have a one-time purchase rather than a monthly fee.  Once you have the device you can add dozens of movie apps to download.  This will help widen your selection of movie and TV shows. Check out these top affordable streaming devices to watch free movies and TV.

Roku/Roku Plus Streaming Stick/ Box

  • This streamer delivers both HDR and 4K for new TV’s.  Offers great video quality and uses a remote some have voice features.  Like the Amazon Fire Stick, it is very affordable and easy to set up and use.  From $49 – 59

Amazon Fire Stick/ Box

  • The Amazon Fire TV Stick is the most affordable streamers out there. It offers quick clear video qualify.  It has a versatile remote which voice features that can also be paired with your Echo and Dot through Alexa.  About $29 – 39

Google Chromecast

  • You can stream on your phone, computer, tablet, and TV.  They do not offer a remote control so you will use your phone as a remote.   About $30

NVIDIA Shield Streaming and Gaming

  • No doubt this device is more expensive than the other streaming devices listed here.  Keep in mind it is also a ‘gaming system”.  It also includes a ROKU remote.  This is a great option of any young man starting out in his own place and not wanting the added expense of an expensive cable prescription that can cost a few hundred dollars a month.  About $160

Low-Income Internet Providers

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