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Housing assistance programs help working adults, disabled and elderly with affordable housing and rent assistance programs. These programs are available to those who qualify financially.  These programs work through charities and communities to distribute help to those unable to maintain housing.

Rent Assistance in Mississippi

Mississippi Rent Assistance Programs.  If you are facing eviction, there are several rent assistance programs in the state that can help you.  The U.S. government, charities, community organizations, and non-profits help low-income families and individuals maintain their living situation and family stability.  Programs like Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program help disadvantaged families in the state and surrounding… Read More »

How to Get Emergency Help With Your Rent

Emergency Rent Assistance – Losing your home can be devastating.   Eviction prevention assistance is the first line of defense against homelessness.   Government agencies, charities, and community action groups can help disadvantaged families with a financial emergency.   If you are unable to pay rent or facing eviction, and cannot pay your most important bill, you probably need immediate help!  There are many… Read More »

Rent Assistance Programs for Single Mothers

Single Mothers Rent Assistance Programs.   Many single mothers occasionally need help to prevent eviction.  The Salvation Army and other faith-based ministries can be a one-stop resource for many of your needs.  As a single mom, your kids are the most important things in the world.  If you are having difficulties, there are many amazing programs that will help you until your situation improves.  Most of all… Read More »

Charlotte Transitional and Temporary Housing Programs, NC

Transitional housing/temporary housing – Charlotte, NC.  If you live in Charlotte, NC and need short-term help with housing, there are emergency housing programs available. Whether you live in Mecklenburg, Gaston or Union County, there are temporary living opportunities available in every county.  Ten percent of Charlotte’s population is chronically homeless. There are 4,700 children enrolled in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.  Like many cities,… Read More »

Section 8 Housing & Other Government Housing Programs

Housing assistance programs.   is a tremendous help to the disabled and low-income and working population. The federal housing program is not new. It was originally instituted during the Great Depression as a means of response to the nation’s housing crisis.  Later in the century, the government devised subsidy programs to help in the development of low-income housing to meet… Read More »