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alt=Help for Single Mothers.  Many single parents can use additional support.  This support helps to improve the lives of disadvantaged low-income families.   Without this aid, many families would be homeless or destitute.  Federally funded programs work with community and charity organizations, to facilitate and distribute help to the community.  Catholic Charities, Salvation Army, the Hunger Project, free clinics, LIHEAP, utility assistance,  SNAP, childcare assistance are just some of the programs that help.

You can find these programs in every state.  To get the help you must qualify financially, and of course, the funding has to be available.  Low-income parents can receive grants to further their education or work.  Something like free childcare can make a difference between being able to work, go to school or dependency. These government assistance programs help improve the stability of families and change lives.  Find out what programs are available in your town,  how to apply and qualify for designed to support single women with children.

How to Get Free Childcare Assistance

Free childcare assistance.  Free or affordable childcare helps single mothers and low-income families that qualify financially.  They help low-income go back to school to further their education or work. Daycare is very expensive and these subsidies help men and women to continue to support their families.  This article will tell you how families can get free assistance with childcare.  If you… Read More »