How to Find Unclaimed Money from Deceased Relatives & Other Sources

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Find Unclaimed Money and Property.  Some call it “free money” because it is money that has sat for years.  When you discover it, it’s like getting a financial gift.  It has been purported that there are millions of dollars of forgotten money and property out there, with your name on it for years.  There are online sites that lead you to find that you have to pay for the information. There are legitimate ways to find real money or property that belongs to you.

Find Unclaimed Money – Free Money

Millions of dollars of unclaimed property and money are just sitting there, waiting for someone to find it. Have you ever heard of someone who found free money they never knew they had?  It is possible.  Texas alone has more than 2 billion dollars of unclaimed money and property.

How much money is out there with your name on it?  Well, you will never know until you take a look. If you have changed your name, moved to a new state, entered a contest, changed a job, have a friend or loved one who has died, you may have a treasure somewhere out there waiting for you. Here is how to go about finding out if you have unclaimed money or property.

Watch out for Scams

If you have unclaimed money or property, it should be registered with the government, federal, or state programs.   Many sites out there charge a small sum to search a list where your name is presented.  They may see your name come up several times.  This is done to make you believe you have unclaimed money or property and pay a fee to see it.

Do not pay to find unclaimed money or property online.  This is when they tell you for $29.99, you can get a full list of unclaimed money that “may” belong to you.  Please don’t do it!  Even if they claim, “as seen on Oprah” or some other well-known TV personality.

Searching for Unclaimed Money and Property

Do a web search to find your state’s comptroller or financial controller’s office. The National Association of Unclaimed Property site is also a good free place to locate unclaimed money or unclaimed property.  Most state sites are run through the department of revenue.  Also, search for any names or aliases you have gone under and other states you have lived in. They have an exhaustive list of data there is more likely to give you the information you need. Watch out for the Scams

Legitimate Places to Find Unclaimed Money and Property

The State Controller’s Office: Go to your state’s Controller’s Office website or by mail to do unclaimed money or property search. There you will enter your personal information, which will be used to search for money and property.

Filing a claim: If you find money or property that you believe belongs to you, you will need to provide written, documented proof of who you are. You will also have to provide you are the sole owner of the money or property.

Proof of claim: Once your file the appropriate forms, you will receive proof of claim receipt in the mail. You can also check the status of your unclaimed money online.

Government Links to Find Unclaimed Money and Property

Below is a list of government links to begin your search for money and property you did not know you have.  Search in states you have lived in the past.  Check banks and credit unions, look for an undelivered tax refund from city and state, FHA Insured Mortgages, wages, pension, and insurance.

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