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Charity Assistance.   Do you have a financial emergency and nowhere to turn?  There are charities that may be able to help you.  These organizations do not give ongoing assistance but temporary help to get you through a temporary setback.  Many families and individuals get help each year with charity assistance from community organizations.

Do you need help with paying your rent or bills, electric or heating bill?  Local or national charities and non-profit organizations are available to support those in need.   Not only do they help with bills. They also provide free food, temporary housing, free furniture, appliances, clothing, counseling and much more.

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees of help, as finances are limited.  There is a first come first served policy and only the neediest will get help.   However, if one charity cannot help you, a referral to another organization will be given.   Find help from the organization in the posts below.

Top Houston Catholic Charities Assistance Programs

Houston Catholic Charities Emergency Services.  Catholic Charities in Harris County, and surrounding areas have been serving disadvantaged communities for over 100 years.  They network with other charities to offer a wide range of assistance services to the poor.   They provide assistance with bills and other supportive services. Catholic Charities brings hope to underserved neighborhoods without regard to race,… Read More »

Miami & Dade County Church Assistance Programs

Miami Church Assistance Programs. When you live in Miami or Dade County life can get expensive even for the best budgeters. Luckily there are churches that help with rent, utilities, food, clothing, and more. It’s important to be aware of your resources.  Churches are one of the best resources in the world for the needy. A church is… Read More »

Local Food Banks and Pantries Near Me

Find Local food banks in your community.  Want to know where to find free groceries near you?  U.S. food banks and pantries help feed the poor across the country. These food banks, give away canned goods, fresh meat, and household items such as soap, toilet paper, detergent, toothpaste, etc. It A neighborhood food bank like Loaves & Fishes or… Read More »

Places the Give Away Free Furniture

Need free furniture?  There are Furniture banks & organizations that give free furniture to struggling families every day. Do you need a free couch or other household furniture?  Many people ask, us “where can I find free furniture near me?”  There are free furniture programs all across the U.S. to help disadvantaged households.  If you are lucky enough to… Read More »

Assistance Programs that Help with Bills

Emergency Financial Assistance.  When you are eligible for most government assistance programs, you are likely to receive help from other emergency assistance charities and community organizations.  Are you eligible for free grant money for bills?  A low-income family would entail a family where the gross family income is at or below the Federal Poverty Guidelines. This can include adults with… Read More »

Organizations that Give Free Gas Cards

Free gas cards for low-income families.  Free gas vouchers.  Do you need temporary help with gas?  Are you unemployed, on disability,  low-income or receive government assistance? There are community organizations and charities that offer free gas cards, to low-income individuals who qualify financially.   Also, like Catholic Charities and the Salvation Army provide help with bills, counseling, job counseling,… Read More »

Organizations That Give Away Free Used Cars

Free Cars for Low-Income Families.  Need to find free used car?   Car donations to charities help to actually change lives of disadvantaged families and individuals.  However, this may seem too good to be true, but you may be eligible for a free car.   First, there are charities and non-profit organizations that can help you get back on the road again.  If… Read More »