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alt=Christmas charities help disadvantaged families with many resources during the holiday season.  They help with rent, groceries, utilities, furniture, baby items everything a family needs to keep their family intact and stable.  One important thing Christmas charities do is provide toys and gifts for children and senior citizens.  Like with any assistance program it is not enough that you have a need, you have to qualify financially.  These programs exist to help the poorest of the poor.

Single mothers with children always have the preference as well as the disabled and elderly.  If you receive government benefits like, SNAP, TANF,  LIHEAP, you may be eligible for help this Christmas.   When needing help, keep in mind that there are many, many families that also need help during the holidays.  It is important to go for help early.  Do not wait until the last minute because funding is limited.  One resource that is helpful when looking for help is, Financial Help Paying Bill, but to find help in your city The United Way is a great place to start.  You can reach them by dialing 2-1-1.

Asistencia de Navidad del Ejército de Salvación

Jército de Salvación Programas de Asistencia Navideña. Si usted está buscando ayuda o le gustaría patrocinar a un niño o niña durante esta Navidad, contacte con el Árbol del Ángel del Ejército de Salvación, ya que ellos proporcionan ayuda a las familias más necesitadas. Además, proporcionan comida, regalos y juguetes para niños y niñas. En primer lugar, la… Read More »

Ayuda Financiera de la Iglesia

Programas de asistencia de la iglesia local.  ¿Necesitas ayuda para pagar la renta, facturas de servicios, notas de desalojo o servicios dentales? ¿Estás buscando las mejores organizaciones benéficas e iglesias con proyectos como las Caridades Católicas y el Ejercito de salvación, que ayuden a las familias con menos recursos a mantener su estabilidad? Estos ministerios basados en la fe,… Read More »

New York City Christmas Assistance

New York City Christmas Assistance Programs.  Are you looking for help for the Christmas holiday?  If you live in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan or Statin Island, you may qualify for help from a Christmas assistance program like Toys for Tots, Catholic Charities New York and more. The Holiday season is such a special time to spend with family and… Read More »

Christmas Help with Bills Food & Toys

Christmas assistance programs 2020.  The Salvation Army, Toys for Tots, and other charities help low-income families with financial assistance during the Christmas holiday.  Financial assistance incentives work with charities, government, and community organizations.  Some organizations provide Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets, holiday meals, free toys, and financial help to needy families.  You may also be eligible for assistance with bills.  If… Read More »

Free Christmas Toys and Gifts for Children

Free Christmas gifts for Kids.  Free Christmas gifts are given out every year.  Many charities and community organizations are dedicated to locating charities, government, and community organizations that provide toys and gifts to children and the elderly across the United States.  We also will show you where to get assistance with bills, during the holiday months. Many are struggling… Read More »

Mecklenburg County Free Christmas Assistance – Programs that Help

Mecklenburg County Free Christmas Assistance Programs.  Mecklenburg charities help the community every year with toy drives If you need help and live in Mecklenburg County, Charlotte, NC, we will tell you where to go and how to apply.  As a resident of Mecklenburg, you can get free toys for your children as well as holiday assistance with bills.  Christmas is a… Read More »