Alabama Assistance Programs

Alabama Assistance Programs That state of Alabama has many programs to help struggling families with bills and other issues. No matter what county you live in, if you qualify financially, you can get the help you need to keep your family going. It is important to reach out for help as soon as you have a problem. Keep the… Read More »

Tax Deductible Car Donations – Help Goodwill Industries, Veterans, Single Mothers

Tax Deductible Car Donations – Help Goodwill Industries, Veterans, Single Mothers.  Do you have a car on your property you don’t drive?  Why not donate your car to charity?  It’s been sitting in there for a while, and will all your best intentions, you haven’t fixed it. Tax Deductible Car Donations to Goodwill Goodwill Industries will take your… Read More »

West Virgina Catholic Charities Emergency Assistance Programs

West Virginia Catholic Charities Emergency Assistance Programs.  Catholic Charities was founded over 100 years ago, by men and women of faith.  As a result, their vision way, to change the world by serving the poor is helping people all across the United States. Their programs help ever aspect of the population, including the elderly, children, unborn, immigrants, adults, married… Read More »

How to Get Home Heating Help

How to get Home Heating Help.  The goal of the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, is to help low-income families, with winter heating bills.  Each year, monies are set aside for assistance with the electric or fuel bills.  These grants are given to the poorest of families who need. The Home Energy Assistance Program is provided by the… Read More »