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State, government and communities that help low-income families and individuals pay bills and maintain family stability.

How to Make Money Fast

How to Make Money Fast – We live in a time where we can not depend totally on working a 9 – 5 job. People no longer work on one job until retirement and employers are not committed to employees, but their bottom line. That means is you can be hired for 32 hours so that you are… Read More »

Free Health Care for Low Income

Are you looking for free health care?  You are not alone.  Medical bills can easily take all your savings and ruin your credit.  Most people don’t plan on getting sick, but catastrophic illness can happen to anyone.  Thank goodness, that in American we do not turn away people from hospitals or deny medical care. Free Health Care Programs –… Read More »

Crisis Assistance Hotline USA

Crisis Assistance Hotline.   Often people call a crisis hotline when they feel they have nowhere else to turn.   Calling a hotline is a good place to start when you are under extreme stress and dealing with financial or other hardships. Are you experiencing a traumatic situation, like a natural disaster, domestic violence, drug or alcohol addiction or some other crisis?It… Read More »

Food Assistance Programs

Food Assistance Programs.  You are not alone. There are many families that need help to supplement their food budget. Even if you receive SNAP, if you don’t measure every food purchase, you can run out of groceries before the end of the month. Local Food Assistance Programs The first step you should take is to call 211 which… Read More »

Help with Gambling

Help for Gambling Addictions.  If you have a gambling addiction, you are not alone. There are millions of men, woman, and teens who are in the same boat. The casinos make billions of dollars each year off people who have this compulsion. An addiction is, a compulsion needs to use a substance or an activity, to ease emotional… Read More »

Domestic Abuse Prevention and Services

Domestic Abuse Assistance. If you or your children are experiencing abuse in your home this is a very serious thing. Many women experience domestic abuse which may also spill over to your kids. Too many women and children lose their fight against domestic violence and are killed by their abuser.  You are not alone. There are programs and organizations… Read More »

Georgia Assistance Programs

Georgia Assistance Programs.   If you live in Atlanta, Georgia and need help with bills there many organizations and non-profits that assist with bills like rent, utilities, food, temporary shelter, security deposits on apartment or home rentals. We can not guarantee that you will get help, but can lead you to the agencies that receive government funding to… Read More »

Jacksonville St. Vincent de Paul Assistance Programs & Parish Locations

Jacksonville St Vincent de Paul Assistance programs.  If you live in Duval County in Florida you can get help for the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul. This non-profit, faith-based charity provides assistance to struggling families and individuals throughout Jacksonville Florida. As with all assistance, agencies help is available to those who qualify financially and if funding is available.… Read More »