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Assistance programs

Ohio Assistance Programs – Free Financial Help

Ohio Assistance Programs.  Ohio assistance programs offer resources to help with eviction, housing, rent food benefits, medical and childcare, rent, etc.  If you live in Ohio and the surrounding areas, there are many charities and community and government organizations that offer supplemental help to families individuals.  If you work full-time, part-time, are unemployed, disabled, you may be eligible for help.  Ohio Assistance… Read More »

Financial Assistance for Pregnant Women & Teens

Financial  Help for Pregnant Women teens and moms.   If you are low-income expecting you may qualify for pregnancy assistance with medical, food, infant supplies and more.  You can get the support you need when you qualify financially.  If you are low-income, pregnant and need help there is financial support available for you and your unborn child.  Many charities, community organizations, and government agencies extend… Read More »

Arkansas Utility Bill Assistance Programs – Help with Energy Bills

Arkansas Utility Bill Assistance Programs.  If you live in Arkansas and need help with energy bills and utility bills, there is help available through government state and local community programs. These programs help low-income residents stay warm in Winter.   People in the U.S. go without heat ever Winter.  Homes without electricity,  unsafe and often deadly methods to heat their… Read More »

Heating Repair & Replacement Grant

Heating Repair & Replacement Grant.  The Heating Repair Replacement Program is a grant that provides aid to low and moderate-income homeowners who need to have their heating systems repaired or replaced.  This refers to the primary heating system, water heaters, furnaces, etc.   This is one aspect of the government’s home weatherization program or LIHEAP. In addition to assisting… Read More »

New York Assistance Programs

New York Assistance Programs.  Do you live in Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island?  There are many charities and community and government organizations that offer aid to families individuals.  If you work full-time, part-time, are unemployed, disabled, you may be eligible for help. Individuals and families in the Bronx and throughout New York can find many resources to help with… Read More »

How to Restore Good Credit Quickly

Restore Good Credit Quickly.   You can begin to improve your financial status and restore good credit right away.  The economy is getting better for some but not for others.  Some things we don’t have control of but others are totally in our control. We living in a credit based system, meaning you can not make any major… Read More »

Disaster Assistance Programs – Puerto Rico | Caribean Islands

Disaster Assistance Programs –  Natural disasters such as a hurricane, storm, flood, wildfire, or a natural disaster such as a home fire, affect millions of people every year.  If you live in Puerto Rico, Florida or the Caribbean, and have been lost you home, or belongings due to a disaster, there are government, community and charitable organization that can… Read More »

Christmas Programs – Thanksgiving, Christmas Help with Bills, Food,Toys

Christmas programs, and Thanksgiving assistance programs work with charities, government, and community organizations that provide toys, gifts and financial help to needy families during the holidays.  You may also be eligible for assistance with bills, during the Thanksgiving holiday months.  Many are struggling financially and would like your child to receive a toy for the holiday season. If you… Read More »

Texas Disaster Assistance Programs – Hurricane Harvey

Texas disaster assistance programs – Have you been hit by Hurricane Harvey?  There are programs like FEMA, Salvation Army, the Red Cross and other charitable organizations that specialize in helping victims of disasters.Get help with bills, like rent, utilities, mortgage and other bills. Hurricane Harvey is one of the worst disasters in the history of Texas.  Thousands have lost… Read More »