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How to get Help with Rent

Need help with rent.  There are many people struggling. Some are struggling more than others. There are actually people, who need help paying the rent. If you are facing eviction, and cannot pay your most important bill, this statement, is a cry for immediate help! This article can give you some suggestions where you can go to get… Read More »

New York Assistance Programs

New York Assistance Programs.  Do you live in Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island?  There are many charities and community and government organizations that offer aid to families individuals.  If you work full-time, part-time, are unemployed, disabled, you may be eligible for help. Individuals and families in the Bronx and throughout New York can find many resources to help with… Read More »

How to Restore Good Credit Quickly

Restore Good Credit Quickly.   You can begin to improve your financial status and restore good credit right away.  The economy is getting better for some but not for others.  Some things we don’t have control of but others are totally in our control. We living in a credit based system, meaning you can not make any major… Read More »

Disaster Assistance Programs – Puerto Rico | Caribean Islands

Disaster Assistance Programs –  Natural disasters such as a hurricane, storm, flood, wildfire, or a natural disaster such as a home fire, affect millions of people every year.  If you live in Puerto Rico, Florida or the Caribbean, and have been lost you home, or belongings due to a disaster, there are government, community and charitable organization that can… Read More »