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About Us.   We are very glad you stopped by Free Financial Help Paying Bills because we can help you find the assistance you need, during difficult financial times.  We are not a government organization, nor associated with any charity.  Freefinancialhelp.net is a one-stop information resource to help you find the assistance you need to care for your family.

The programs we share are only for those living in the United States and do not give cash directly.  They do, however, work with landlords, utility companies, churches, and community action groups to help you with bills, food, clothing, temporary housing, and other basic needs.   We have worked with community agencies, churches and charities to help families and individuals get much-needed support.

About Me

After finishing school, I really had no marketable skills.  I had a few jobs, but nothing where I saw a future.  I was so excited the day I found out I could go to school to learn a skill and receive childcare assistance.   I took a secretarial course, where I learned to type and take shorthand.  I felt so good about the progress I was making, and self-esteem began to sore.   I finished the course, received my certification, and my first full-time job was as a Legal Secretary, with a Wall Street Law Firm!  

I used some of the grants and programs feature on this site, to move from welfare to self-sufficiency.  This site is the result of my desire to help people who are struggling financially and need a little support.  Today, I am a prolific blogger, self-employed and a consultant.  Most of all, I am an advocate for change.  I have worked as a counselor in hospitals, prisons, and churches to help low-income and struggling families find stability. These programs are not designed to be a lifestyle, a but temporary support until your situation improves.   Life is a journey and some people’s journeys are harder than others, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel when we don’t give up!

Free Financial Help

If you are struggling, please do not hesitate to ask for help!  Keep your head up.  Tough times don’t last forever.  Millions of the men and woman who need help, are hard-working and have one, sometimes two jobs.  As a young single mother living in New York, in the seventies. I received financial aid and Child Care Assistance, and other aid programs, when I took a secretarial course that gave me skills, to get a better job.   Without this help, it would have been impossible for me to achieve this as my family could not help me.

 How We Help

Free Financial Help Paying Bills, offers you advise and the resources you need to get help with rent, utilities, mortgage, childcare, medical bills, affordable housing, or whatever you need right now.  We provide information to help you connect with, state and local agencies and charities that can help you.  It is our sincere hope that your present financial troubles will someday be a thing of the past.  But until then, We will show you:

Keep in mind, all assistance agencies and charities, require that you qualify financially, to receive services.  Please feel free to ask a question or leave a comment.  We will respond to you as quickly as possible.  mail@freefinancialhelp.net.  Follow us @ Google +  and Facebook.


What people are asking every…

1. My name is Sally Garcia..I’m a mother of 5 kids.  I really need help with a house or something.. I’m tired of living with family members.  I get paid 7.50 an hour I don’t even make enough to pay bills or buy my kids there needs.

2.  Hi, I am Kelli. Need cash today, about to be evicted 72hrs. I and my son will be homeless, have section 8, have a job. Just need to pay this rent. Been to DSS and been denied. What would you do? Called some charities, they say they don’t have it. I have section 8, need help ASAP!!!!! Don’t want to move.  Cassie

3.  Please help me. I’m needing help to pay for my rent I’m living in a hotel week by week and barely getting by and I’m trying to start a small business too so I can find work I am a nurse’s Ade trying to make it and hoping I can be a better mom to my son so I just need help with the rent.

4.  My name is Denise.  I just had surgery 3 weeks ago to have a tumor removed. I need help with my bills and rent I’m not working and my cousin only helped me for the month of June. I live in Milwaukee, WI is there any help for me I’m still healing.

5.  Maria.  I am looking for organizations that can get help paying utility bills and help with home repair. I have not had a job for 2 years and the income that I get is not enough to pay my bills or repair my home. I am in a position of losing my home and I don’t know where to go for help.

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  1. Theresa

    If u ever feel the need to or want to do a charitable cause , my family would be greatly rewarded by it. And in the end you would be too. Not only through the blessing of God but at tax time I make considerable donations to those who help through the tough times. Dont mean insult myself but just a blunt person with hardships and when going through difficult times with expenses of this and other unforeseen expenses make things truly unmanageable at the end of the day when you are forced to do whatever it may cause due to circumstances. to make sure your kids have what they need, whether not paying the rent or car ins or elec bill or exc makes things impossible to keep your head held high and a smile on your face to hide the hardships from your kids. And still at the end of the day, your accomplishments weren’t met, it becomes difficult to keep your head held high but you do so as a single mother while tears roll down your face. And you pretend to tomorrow may be brighter and you see the smile and glow that once lit the children’s eyes start to go dimmer, and the hope and the faith you once had in the world and people are drowning from your life. Please help a hopeless family in need.

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