Emergency Rent Assistance

By | May 16, 2015

Emergency Rent Assistance – Help Paying Rent. It is not easy to find help with rent or utilities, but it is available. Whether you live in Florida, North Carolina or Georgia, if you are looking for help with rent, you will be glad to know is help available.

We list the tops places to go to prevent you from losing you home below. There are many people struggling and need assistance with rent or mortgage payments. If you are facing eviction, and cannot pay your most important bill, you probably need immediate help! There are many organizations both private and public, that are in place, to support families through financial hardships.

How to Find Rent Assistance in your State

Each state has assistance programs, in place for the elderly, disadvantaged and disabled in the community. These programs give emergency help paid directly to the landlord, as well as utilities, childcare, food, clothing. Some of these funds are funneled through churches, government programs, and private charities in your city.

In Charlotte, NC, the Crisis Assistance Ministry, help with rent, rent deposits, electrical bills and water bills, travel assistance, and a furniture bank. They have a free store where you can get clothing, kitchen, and bathroom supplies books and toys. Many states have programs that offer support for bills, rent, and utility assistance programs. Crisis Assistance Ministry

Need Emergency Help Paying Rent?

Many people are in the same situation with layoffs, cutbacks, and so many companies are not hiring. With the government threatening to get rid of entitlement programs, I do not know how long these programs will be available, but for now, there is still help for you and your family!

You will be glad to know that there are programs in your city that will help you with emergency help paying rent or mortgage payments. They can even help with security deposits on new apartment or rentals. Each organization may have slightly different rules and obligations you must fulfill in order to receive assistance.

You will be glad to know that there are programs around that will help you with emergency help paying rent or mortgage. Each organization may have slightly different rules and obligations you must fulfill in order to receive emergency help.

Don’t wait to Seek Rent Assistance

Don’t keep quiet. Let your landlord or mortgage lender know you are having problems before it gets too late. You will find that many of them are willing to work with you when they know. Some people let the fear and shame of not being able to pay their bills paralyze them and they do nothing until the sheriff is knocking at the door.

Do not wait until it is too late to ask for help. There are programs, that can mediate between you and your landlord or mortgage lender. When the people you owe know you are getting help, most will give you a chance to get the money and pay you what you owe.

Community Organizations Offer Emergency Help with Mortgage or Rent

Church Assistance Programs

alt="get emergency help paying rent"Try to get over the titles, used to identify your situation; the main thing is to get the financial assistance you need to bring you out of your situation. There are many large and even smaller churches in your community that receive money from the member donations and the government to assist disadvantaged families and individuals.

It doesn’t matter that you are not a member or a Christian to receive help. NOTE: You may be required to attend a service before they receive money for bills. They will ask a lot of questions about your situation. Try not to be offended.

These charities not only give rental assistance; they will help with your mortgage, food, clothing from the dress Pantry. You are not alone in this, and there are places you can go, to get the assistance. The Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program give local social agencies funds to help disadvantaged individuals and families to re-house and prevent homelessness. The goal is to provide short-termed financial aid to support the stabilization of families.

How to Qualify for Assistance

Those who need help, have to be screened. Make sure to take with your social security card, picture identification, work pay stubs, unemployment verification and a few bills that will verify what you are telling them.

Also, have the name, address and telephone number of your landlord or mortgage agent. If funds are available to help you, your landlord or mortgage will be contacted and they will receive the money directly. Many organizations only give you a portion of the money you might need. This means you will have to go to several organizations to get all your rent paid.

Well Known Faith-Based Charities that offer Emergency Help

Charities, such as The Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, or the Red Cross may be able to provide emergency help with utilitie and rent assistance. Go online to Local Independent Charities of America, to locate a charity that can give you the help you need. (800) 876-0413.

Keep in mind, you may not be able to get all the assistance you need to pay your rent, or worse, you may not be able to get anything if funding runs out. In that case, they should have a list of other locations where you can go.

It will be frustrating and embarrassing, but keep in mind you need a place to live. This is a temporary situation and this too shall pass! You may also get help with a list of food banks and church pantries, that can also provide you with groceries.

*Lutheran Services in America, an umbrella organization that only provides services to their member charities and does not directly provide assistance.

Other Organizations that Help with Bills

Department of Social Services

Go online, or call to get the phone number and address to a Department of Social Services in your area. You will save a lot of time if you do most of your searching online. If you do not have a computer, go to the local library. You don’t have to be receiving financial assistance, to receive aid from the department of social services.

Often you can go to them for one-time help to pay rent if you are behind and emergency food stamps. Once you sit down with a worker, let them know everything you need. Keep in mind to bring all the documentation you need to receive services.

HUD (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development) – Rent Assistance

HUD not only helps, low-income residents purchase homes but also gives help paying rent and foreclosure prevention. Do they provide security deposits on new housing? Over a million families use HUD (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development) each year. They are a great resource for the poor, disabled and the elderly find private and public housing. They also assistance with:

  • Buying a Home
  • Homelessness Assistance
  • Down Payment Assistance
  • Security Deposits
  • Buying a HUD Home
  • Rent Assistance and Section 8 Programs


  • Don’t freak out
  • Look online for help
  • Have all your documentation available
  • Get each agency for list of other charities that help
  • Ask for other services like emergency food, or clothing

198 thoughts on “Emergency Rent Assistance

  1. Lee

    GOD BLESS YOU for your posting. This will help many “desperate folks” in need of a little relief. Myself included. You are correct in the fact that it is up to the individual in a crisis situation to “SEEK OUT & INQUIRE” because even though there are programs that will help, they will not advertise them. In fact, I experienced this first hand. I was actually lied to about a program that was available, & the entity that runs the program, ( a supervisor at that), claimed the never heard about it. Now because my printer is out of ink, (I AM DISABLED & IN A WHEELCHAIR), IT is up to me to go to the library, look up the website that I found the program in, & take it back to this ” FEDERAL AGENCY”, & Show them the program exists. Yes my friends, you will have to go through many obsticals, but the help is out there. What bothers me is I understand why these programs are not advertised, but for people to lie & say they never heard of such programs when its their job to help, thats just wrong. Anyway, I suggest that as you go through your struggle, ” PRAY FOR THE LORD JESUS CHRIST” to give you guidance.IF YOU KNOW HIM, YOU ALREADY KNOW ” HIS TIMING IS JUST & PERFECT”, HE WILL PROVIDE! HE LOVES YOU & WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU. STAND STRONG ON YOUR FAITH, FOR HE SEEKS OUT THE DOWNTRODDEN, THE POOR, THE HURT, & THE LIKE, & BY HIS STRIPES, YOU WILL BE HEALED & PROVIDED FOR. ALSO, ” DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED WHEN SOMETHING GOES WRONG LIKE WHAT HAPPENED TO ME! THAT Will happen for whatever reason. Thats the enemy (satan) trying to get pleasure out of your suffering & circumstances. REFUSE TO LET him TAKE PLEASURE IN THIS.THE MORE YOU PRAY & SEEK THE LORDS HELP, REMEMBER, THATS EXACTLY WHAT CHRIST IS THERE FOR!! HE LOVES YOU, HE KNOWS THE NUMBERS OF HAIRS ON YOUR HEAD, DONT YOU THINK HE KNOWS YOUR SUFFERING CIRCUMSTANCES?? I am in those circumstances myself right now, but I know, by faith alone, THE LORD WILL PROVIDE A WAY. JUST WHEN YOU ARE READY TO GIVE UP, ” STOP RIGHT THERE” PAUSE, & ASK THE LORD FOR GUIDANCE. I PRAY ON THIS DAY THAT THE ” LORD JESUS CHRIST” will not only provide an avenue for my circumstances, but also for each of you who took the time to read this. Finally, I want you to know that I did not intend to even mention CHRIST in this, I was looking for help myself,& the “HOLY SPIRIT” came upon me to share these words with you. Thats how GOD WORKS! HE takes one persons suffering & turns it into good for others. Thanks for your time & “GOD BLESS YOU”!!! L.K.

  2. 2besure Post author

    Lee, thank you so much for your comment and your words of inspiration to me and those who will read this. I was very encouraged by your prophetic words and prayer. God bless you too Lee, and please come back again! You are a blessing!

  3. Yolanda Maestas

    Hello I am a 56 year old woman on SSDI I have been trying to refinance my mortgage my house payment went up to $720.10 I make $866.00 a month I am trying to find a Job i am 100% disabled and they tell me that I do not make enough money to refinance I have asked about Fannie Mae Harp Freddie mac I have a FHA loan thru Cenlar they told me my escrow is in the negative 2600.00 how could this be I do not want to lose my home what can i do? I am never late on my payments my mortgage was in 2012 463.00 that was hard as it was I have a 3.25 interest rate now but I really need a lower house payment please help .

  4. Stephenie Bonner

    I am single working parent of 4 needing help with. August rent

  5. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    try going to the Salvation Army and Catholic Charities. Also you may be able to get Emergency assistance from the Department of Social Services. They will help you and give you a list of referral services in your state. All services are based on your income. Good luck!

  6. KaDidre

    I need help paying my rent by the 7th of September 2015 Someone please help me I’m doing the best I can for me and my 3 year old!!

  7. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    KaDidre please contact Catholic Charities, HUD and the Salvation Army for help. Ask these agencies for a list of churches that help with rent in your city. Good Luck!

  8. Kenzie May

    I need assistance with rent as well can somebody help me please im doing the best i can with my 3 kids.

  9. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    For help with rent check with HUD, Catholic Charities and the Salvation Army. Also check with the Department of Social Services to see if you apply for any of there assistance programs. Good Luck

  10. Karen battiatini

    Please I need help paying two months of rent I work but not to much I have three children’s I really need help I have no where to go.

  11. Francisco

    Please I need help paying the rent this month.. I have 3 children and we are about to get evicted. Can anyone help.

  12. brandy rowe

    Need help paying my rent not all just half please help I dt want to add more worries and stress to my life font want the devil to continue to have joy out of my worries

  13. Senior pastor Bogere patrick

    We love you so much, thank you for serving a mighty God.

  14. Corinthia Cain

    Hello I’m reaching to get emergency rent assistance I have no where for me and my kids to go. I’m in the need of help y ok keep from been on the streeet. Can someone please contact me asap. Please.

  15. Shalonda watsin

    Hello my name shalonda i have been cut my hours im having problems paying my bills and fiod for me and 1 year old baby i need help for Dec rent can someone help me um. In baton rouge zip 70815 rhank u andgod bless

  16. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello Shalonda, if you need assistance with rent, please contact these agencies. Good luck:

    The American Legion Department of Louisiana (phone (225) 219-1945)
    Baton Rouge Office of Community Development can be contacted at (225) 389-3039
    St. Patrick Catholic Church (12424 Brogdon Lane phone: (225) 753-5750)
    St. George Catholic Church (7808 St. George Dr. phone (225) 293-2212)

  17. Brandi

    I’m trying to get help with food and bills for my mom. Everybody where I live is too stuck up to help and the churches I go to won’t give me enough food to last a month and they don’t give enough help for the bills. I can’t find a job because nobody will hire me and I lost my paycheck. Please help.

  18. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello Brandi: I see you are having to tough go of it. I will tell you the churches and food pantries are trying to help so many families, no one will give you food for a month. You will have to apply for emergency food stamps or one time emergency help. Hopefully you qualify. If you have a turn off notice or eviction notice you can get help to prevent theses. Contact Goodwill Industries, who has a job program. Good luck.

  19. Carolyn Smith

    We need help paying for our bills house payment land payment or utility’s .my husband can’t work because of his health he has end stage kidney disease and needs a transplant.e only live on his disability.and it is not enough to pay all our bills.if you can help us please call 205-873-6664.thankyou and god bless merry Christmas Carolyn Smith.

  20. Angela

    We are having a really hard time paying our rent this month.. Can you please help me

  21. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello Angela, In order to get help with rent or mortgage, please take you notice of eviction to HUD, Catholic Charities, or the Salvation Army. They will help you if funds are available. If not, they will lead you to other resources.

  22. Pamela

    I’m in need of help paying my ulitites I have been out of work due to surgery and don’t know how I’m going to pay my light bill.thanks

  23. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello Pamela. For assistance like preventing eviction or losing utilities contact Catholic Charities, and St. Paul de Vincent Catholic Church also help those in need with food, clothes, family counseling and other support. Good luck! See other agencies that help below!

    Church Assistance Programs

  24. Mae davis

    Im in need of help paying my rent..imy husband is recovering from surgury n i rescently lost my job..odd jobs just dont pay the rent..our eletric bill is 3mo behind it will b shut off on the 15th.our rent also is vehind n if we dont come up with what we owe we will recieve a eviction on feb 1please can sumbudy help

  25. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello Mae. Please contact the electric company in your city. Many utility companies have an assistance program for low income families. Let them know about you and your husband’s situation as well. In the post below are charities and churches that help with rent and utilities. Good luck.

    Church Assistance Programs

  26. Brenda Martinez

    Hi I would like get information on where I can get help paying my rent my husband just started working and since he’s still not hired by the company it’s self he doesn’t get paid for holidays and unfortunately he can’t work those days either because the whole employees get those days off I don’t work since I’m pregnant and will be due pretty soon on January I would really appreciate it if I can get information on this thank you for your time and help.

  27. Maria Villegas

    By I am having problems paying for medical and don’t make enough money I need help please god bless u

  28. carlos del palacio

    Hi I am struggling at this time and really need help paying my rent I can go on and on with my issues but where can I seek local help to assist me in paying the rest of my rent in the city of long beach California

  29. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello Maria, I know medical bills can quickly pile up. Try not to panic. Hospitals are more than willing to work with you for a payment as little as $25 dollars. As long as you make payments as scheduled, they will not report it on your credit report. If you need continual medical treatment, ask your hospital about applying for sliding scale, or hospital aid. If approved, you will pay only a portion of you bills according to your income. Good luck.

  30. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello Carlos, I know what you mean, after a while you get tired of talking about all your problems. There are a few church charities that help with rent. Of course help is based on your family income. Try St. Paul de Vincent Catholic Church, Catholic Charities and Salvation Army. If you qualify and if funds are available they will help you. Good luck

  31. naporsha manley

    hi my name is naporsha and I need help paying my deposit on my housing … is their anyway I can get some help!? im pregnant and have no income please I need help by January 17 2016

  32. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hi Naporsha, thanks for contacting us. There are a few places that will help you with this. Keep in mind you have have to go to more than one place to get the entire amount and help is based on you qualify financially. Contact the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church and Community Action Agency (CAA). Good Luck.

  33. THOMAS.J


  34. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello Thomas, thank you for writing. I am sorry to hear of your injury and you loss of income. Our programs are for those living in the US. Please try these programs in Bangalore. For more help please do a Google search for Charities in Bangalore, India. Good luck.

    Ashwini Charitable Trust
    450:7th Main: 2nd Cross: Hal, 2nd Stg, 2nd Stg, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008, India

    Vathsalya Charitable Trust Helps with nutrition and school scholarships
    91 80 2545 7360 / 080 41480194

    Bangalore Education Trust
    Address: 286, A K Dutt Bhavn, 23, 1, Yelahanka, Yelahanka, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560064, India
    Phone:+91 80 2271 2165

    The Overseas Woman’s Club of Bangalore

    K K Educational & Charitable Trust
    19/1, Mango Grove, Kp Road, Konanakunte Cro, Kp Road
    +91 80 2666 8582

  35. dolores hoverman

    I am in need of finding a place to move to, Nov 13th 2015 the house next door owned by my landlord burnt down, and took my electric with it , I paid one bill for both houses, Now I traded my car for a generator so we could have electric. that’s costing 30 a day for gas, but code enforcement came and served me papers saying that the mobile home I’m living in is not permitted to even be here, So I called my landloard and gave him 180 to help pay the permits, a total of 853, that was 2 weeks ago and he never went and paid for the permits, code enforcement says we have till December 30, 2015 or were going to be locked out , I live with my boyfriend and his 2 children ages 9 & 12, and 4 dogs, We pay 650 a month rent , and its noy easy to find something to rent for that amount, We had no christmas no tree no gifts, because the generator takes up all our money Is there any help for us ,?

  36. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello Dolores. I am sorry you are experiencing these difficulties. The first place I would go is to the landlord. He probably has other properties or knows someone who does. Especially you gave him money and he did not do what you paid him for. If that does not work, see if family can take you in; or consider a shelter temporarily.

  37. Laura Bevill

    Hi my name is Laura I’m 34 years old and my boyfriend Kevin is 52 years old and we are first time rentals and we are behind on our rent and we got a evidence notice already. While in November Kevin was put in the hospital because of his heart and we couldn’t pay the rent that month then in December my only child I had to pay so she wouldn’t go to jail and my only grandchild won’t go to cps. We need 1500 to keep our place can anyone help us. But my ID got stolen.I afraid to ask people for help and I’m scared I have panic attacks and anxiety. .

  38. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello Laura. Try contacting the DDS for emergency one time assistance and emergency food stamps. You may also contact Catholic Charities, who will have a list of organizations that can help with with other needs. You will need to produce identification in order to get help anywhere. Go to the DMV and get a photo ID for about 10 dollars. You can not be afraid to ask for help, the alternative is homelessness. Once you get proper id. call you local hospital to ask about the sliding fee program people needing help to see the doctor. Good luck.

  39. Isaac

    Thank God I had your contact.. I have a church in Ghana.. and very small church… but because the children are many in the church I need financial help or and help at all to improve the growth of the church and also supports the children in terms of education.. I really want to help spread the gospel but because I lack facilities people come and they don’t return again… sometimes members have to stand during church service.. I really need your help please… and I know The God in Heaven will bless you till you become bless.. Thank you.. you can also reach me on+233576353544. Thank you very much

  40. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello Isacc. Thanks for writing us. Our financial programs are designed to help those living in the Untied States. Also no cash is every given. Hopefully you will receive what you need to continue your ministry.

  41. Shavonn Smith

    Hello my name is Shavonn smith, I am in need of help with my rent I have a family please help. Thank you

  42. Godwin Dzivor

    I need help please. Can I obtain this help while living in Ghana?
    Thank you.

  43. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello Godwin: Thanks for writing. I am sorry we can not help you. These assistance programs are only available to those living in the U.S. Good luck with your search for help.

  44. Gena Cox

    Hello my name is Gena cox I’m in desperate need with help with my rent is it possible to get assistance

  45. Henry Oigo

    Help me pay for the rent of our orphanage or children home premises here in Kenya. we risk evacuation.

  46. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello Gene: Please contact the DSS for emergency assistance. They have help with emergency help with bills, utilities, food etc. once a year for those not presently receiving assistance. If you qualify financially they help you once a year with rent, food, utility problems, etc. Also check out Charities that Help with Bills.

  47. Olu Martins

    Please i need financial help so i can go back to school. my payza email is [email protected].

  48. Pamela Barnes

    I am writing for my niece who has a 2 weeks newborn baby, 1 and 5 year old. Currently, she is homeless and unemployed. I am calling housing and section 8 but no one has anything available. She really needs a home for her children. I am pleading for help for her. She needs emergency housing it can be an apartment or a house. She needs a home for her children. Please someone help her.

    Thank you

  49. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello Pamela: You niece has a challenge before her, but step by step, it will get better, if she takes the help available. She should put her name on the list for public housing. All programs require you to look for your own place. When you find something they help with rent deposits etc. If she has not done so, she should apply for public assistance, SNAP and WIC for the children. Once she gets settled, she can apply for assistance with childcare that will free here up to go to school or gain a skill or degree so she can eventually care for herself and her family. Good luck. Your a good aunt.

    Housing Assistance
    Help with Childcare

  50. Nosheel Nasim Baig

    hello i am Nosheel Baig From Pakistan living in a city of Rawalpindi i am a roman catholic having two kids i am sharing a problem with you my wife is converted for the last two months i am jobless i am living in a rent house didnt pay a rent for the two months i am very upset rite now where should i go with my kids i am facing too much crises right now kindly help me out waiting for your good responce thx

    Nosheel Nasim Baig

  51. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello Nosheel, thank you for writing. Unfortunately, the resources presented here are for those living in the United States. Please look for financial assistance programs in Pakistan. Good luck.

  52. terron johnson

    Im trying to find help paying my moms rent before she gets evicted in 2days she’s currently in the hospital and is very I’ll I’ve tried everything that I can and am running out of ideas

  53. Kathy Byrum

    I live in Oklahoma and I am trying to find someone to help pay my rent of three hundred dollars by Friday the 12 of Feb 2016. I have called everybody here and nobody helps with rent if I don’t pay my rent by Friday my family and I will get evicted. My husband just started work and my daughter just got cut off her social security check and we need help badly can someone please help us .



  55. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Fannie: Please contact the DSS for emergency assistance. They have help with emergency help with bills, utilities, food etc. once a year for those not presently receiving assistance. If you qualify financially they help you once a year with rent, food, utility problems, etc. Also check out Charities that Help with Bills.

  56. Tina Cole

    I am awaiting to hear from judge whether I get my disability and need to pay my bills.. it sill take 6 months to get it if it approved.. cAn you help


    My respected brothers and sisters. Am writing to you with a heavy heart and with tears gushing from my eyes due to the sadness i carry with me always, may His mercy and blessing be on you, seeking a favor from you.am complaining to you for what has happened to me seeking a solution firstly from Allah and then from you for matters which are too heavy for me, am helpless in combating the problems and for that I have resorted to seeking help from Allah first and from you. May Allah’s blessings and peace be upon our beloved prophet(SWA) ,his family and to all is entire UMMAh. Am.Am so humbled and happy to be your brother.Hope to hear from you soon. I need $ 2500 dollars for my college fees and my mothers treatment.

  58. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello Bismillah: I am sorry you are experiencing so many hardships recently. However, the organizations listed do not give our cash and are designed to help those living in the United States. None of them pays college fees. Good luck with you search for assistance.

  59. Tammie Solomon

    Hello my name is Tammie Solomon and I’m a mother of 8 and I’m needing help with my rent and it’s 450 dollars and I don’t have any money for the rent so I am asking you for the help please if you can my family will appreciate that very much and may God bless you all.

  60. Anthoyn jones

    I need help with my rent im a single father with 2 small children i just need help with my rent my rent is 475.00

  61. Danika Carr

    I have a eviction notice being a single mom of 2 we just had our only vehicle repossessed and have no way around we are behind not only on rent but also our utilities are there any places that will help me out? Please may the lord bless you and everyone else in this hardship.

  62. KimMorrison

    Yes I need help with paying my rent I’m a single mother I have a son I just need a little help of 500,00 Thank you and have a nice day

  63. KimMorrison

    I just need help cause it just me and my son sent he’s father past away it’s been hard trying to keep thinks in order

  64. Cassandra Kennard

    Hello, my nephew need help with his light bill, and food, clothing. Four small kids. How can they appt for housing. Need help asap. Here is my email addresses. Cassandra Kennard

  65. John & Tina Pastor

    My wife (Tina) and I got put out of an apartment for being late with rent, so we had to put our belongings in Storage (Rental) and stay in a hotel until we would have the money for another apartment. Our car broke down and was not worth repairing so it got towed to the junk yard. Since then I lost my job because of no buses running to work or getting a ride. Tina is still working thanks to her co-workers giving her rides back and forth. We are at the point of being put out in the street.

  66. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello Cassandra, all the information you need to get help is on the site. Please use the search box to find help for utilities, rent etc.Then contact sthe agencies for help. Good luck

  67. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello, John. Sorry for your situation. Try contacting the Department of Social Services, who may be able to give emergency assistance. Check out the Salvation for options on housing.

  68. Philip S Boivin Jr.

    I live in Ramona California had to move here to get medical assistance for my son he needed specialists. I could now I get here and this is t5he only place that no church social organization or state-funded program helps with rent Now we are gonna be homeless.

  69. Tonya

    I live in canton, Ga. My husband suffers from seizures and because of them he has been hospitalized for many of them, and had been at of work much of the time. We are about to loss are apartment because we can’t pay our rent. Is there anyone in our area that can help us out

  70. Tonya

    I live in canton, Ga. My husband suffers from seizures and because of them he has been hospitalized for many of them, and had been at of work much of the time. We are about to loss are apartment because we can’t pay our rent. Is there anyone in our area that can help us out

  71. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello, Toya. Please call United Way for a list of resources help with your past due rent. If you have an eviction notice, let them know you are in immediate danger of losing your home. Also, contact HUD, Salvation Army and Department of Social Service they help with emergency services, even if you don’t receive government aid.

  72. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello Tonya. Contact the Department of Social Services for temporary emergency assistance. Other agencies to contact: HUD, Catholic Charities.

  73. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb Post author

    Hello, Philip. There are many programs that help low-income residents with rent, utilities, food etc. They offer emergency assistance to prevent eviction and the loss of utilities. Anyone who qualifies financially can get this help. Your gross income has to be at or below the U.S. Federal Poverty Guidelines. Contact the Social Worker at the hospital you are receiving help. Also, check with the United Way and the Salvation Army for other resources.

  74. arleatha richardson

    My name is Arleatha Richardson and me and my husband really need someone help,my grandson be with me every other week,but we are homeless but right now we staying in a motel but we about to run out of money so we just need help paying the first,last and deposited cause right now we don’t have it and can’t continues staying in this motel with money we don’t have so can someone please please help us,if not for us then my grandson thank u.

  75. Melody Stroughter

    Hello my name is Melody I’m 23 and reside in Solano County, and I rent an apartment where my God child and my niece and nephew stay with me a total of 3 . I have recently found work but am late on last month’s rent and will be late this month until the checks start coming in. Will someone help please. This is my very first place, I travel to work everyday via public transportation.

  76. Denise Williams


    Recently dx with RA awaiting disability assistance paying rent. I am willing to repay the funds with an agreed contract. Just need some assistance, not looking for handouts. My daughter just lost her job and we reside together wirh my two yr old grandaughter. I believe in miracles. Thank you in advance.

  77. Ms.Jay

    My name is Ms. Jay I live in Canton MI.
    I need help with Rent/Utility Bills just for 2 months. Because my doctor said I need surgery in June and the recovery time is 6 to 8 week off work.. Because I’m a part time worker I can’t get any pay while off it would just be a personal leave with no pay I went to DHS and the can’t help.
    I just need help with tis for just while I’m off doing recovery time. My son and I really just need help and for 2 month until I can return to work. I may have to put off the surgery if there is no help for us. The doctor really want this taking care now he feel I’ve waited to long already. I just feel like I can’t afford to be off work (no pay) without help. Thank You for any help.

  78. Free Financial Post author

    Hello, Denise. Contact Catholic Charities and the Department of Social Services provides emergency assistance once per year for those not receive government aid.

  79. Free Financial Post author

    Hello, Melody. Contact the United Way who will give you references to other resources. and the Salvation Army help with rent if funding is available. Also, consider the Department of Social Services to see if you qualify for SNAP food assistance.

  80. Corinthia Cain

    Hi, my name is Corinthia I’m a single mother of three and the reason I’m seeking help do to my vehicle is on it way to stop working and I have fell short on my rent and I have been calling all the resource numbers for the last two weeks and haven’t got through. I just need to get this May rent in I been having job interviews.

  81. Free Financial Post author

    Hello Corinthia. Contact the United Way or HUD for assistance with rent. DSS is also an option for one-time emergency help with bills.

  82. Free Financial Post author

    Hello Ms. Jay. All assistance is based on your gross family income. Also, assistance on rent and utilities is given when the person already has been issued a turn-off notice or order of eviction. Please try contacting United Way for a list of agencies that may be able to help you. Good Luck!

  83. Monique

    Hi my name is Monique Mitchell
    I need help I’m about to lose my home, I’m waiting on my disability approval to be made and I got very little time to get the rent for May’s rent. I need the help please before I be on the street. I’m in Florida.

  84. Free Financial Post author

    Hello, Monique. Please contact HUD for assistance. Also, contact the United Way for a full list of programs in you area.

  85. Kim Abraham

    HI, my name is Kim Abraham I’m 48 I started having a lot of Health issues and I’m trying to found a good primary care physician not so easy. I live with my daughter Veronica 30 she has Endometriosis since 101/2 years old she’s in pain every single day, plus severe anxiety, border line personality, fibromyalgia, migraines. We are a month behind and my electric bill WITH National Grid. If I could possibly get some assistance paying those bills? I would so appreciate it more than you know I. Thank you for your time. Kim

  86. Free Financial Post author

    Hello Kim. You may be able to get emergency financial help from DSS if you are behind in rent and utilities. Also contact United Way for help.

  87. Deborah johnson

    My name is Deborah Johnson I am a single mother with a eight year old son i currently work but my job is closing down and cutting back on hours and now I have falling into hardship with my rent I need help in paying my rent if anyone can help me and my son please someone help me and my son am a month late on my rent and I font have the money please help me I pray to god to help me I don’t see no way out please help me somebody

  88. Jorja

    Hello, I was just wondering if these services were the same in Australia ?
    Thank you.

  89. Free Financial Post author

    Hello, Jorja. Thank you for writing. These programs are for those living in the US. Not to say Austrailia does not have similar assistance programs. Christian organization like Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, etc. may be able to lead you to help.

  90. Free Financial Post author

    Hello, Deborah. I am sorry about your job. The Department of Social Services may be able to offer one-time assistance with your rent. Also, please contact United Way for further information and assistance.

  91. Vickie Callahan


  92. Dominique Sellers

    i need my own place with my son. i find a place i just need money to pay rent.

  93. Free Financial Post author

    Hello Dominique. If you are working look for an apartment and contact HUD or the DSS for help with a security deposit. If you are not working and your child is 5 or under, you may be able to get assistance for the DSS.

  94. Free Financial Post author

    Hello, Dominique. If you are working, look for an apartment and HUD or DSS will help you with the security deposit. You have to qualify financially and prove you are able to pay the rent each month. If you are not working and you son in 5 or under, the DSS may be able to help you with full assistance.

  95. Anonomyis

    i need emergency rent assistance ASAp. Everyone that i have called in my area code cant help me at all i already have my eviction notice could some one please help me ASAP

  96. Francis m kutondo

    Hello thanks so much for helping people in need im francis from kenya I have lost my house through fire can I get help?and also I have child who is buddly desable no right hand and no right leg can I get help?for more call.+254728410592.thanks

  97. Tarchara Britton

    I found an apartment I got approved I need help with the deposit and utilties. I been out of a home for 5months now I have a start I need help just getting in

  98. Free Financial Post author

    Dear Tarchara, I am so excited you have found a place. I have been where you are. HUD helps with rental deposits and utilities. Also for back up contact 2-1-1 which is the United Way for programs that can help you become more stable. Good Luck with your new home!

  99. Free Financial Post author

    Hello, Francis. I am so sorry you and your family are suffering so. Please check for assistance in Kenya. Our agencies only help those living in the US. I pray you can get the help you need.

  100. Free Financial Post author

    Anonomyis, please contact the United Way. They can give you a list of agencies in your are that can help. Also, go to the department of social services. They offer emergency assistance, like rent and utilities.

  101. Henry Blay

    We are in need of financial assistance for our church

  102. denise neff

    hi am denise Neff I just lost my job after 1 year of service iam going to loose my place where I do live at I serious need of rent money food and clothes is there anyway someone can help me

  103. nathan

    my name nathan i got accident on 1st month of jan after that in can get proper job i want to pay my childer school fees if any pay means after few months i will return back the money kindly help me.908779166

  104. Free Financial Post author

    Hello Nathan. I don’t know any program that will pay for school fees. Please call the United Way at 2-1-1 to see if there is anything available for this.

  105. Allen Williams jr

    My name is Allen, me and my wife both lost our jobs and we been out of work for 2 months now, and are backup in our rent and utilities. We have no income and we are going to get evicted. I’ve called every agency for rental assistance and everybody is saying that they are out of funds. We have a 9 year old child and my wife is 3months pregnant. Can you please help us?

  106. Neil Mote

    I need to pay my bills. I started work last week and i need to pay my bill this week. please help 8016809367

  107. Stephanie Wagner

    My name is Stephanie I’m a single mother to a 3 year old and 1 year old I love I’m Fort myers florida.im looking for places that could possibly help me with paying my rent for August so me and my babies are not out on the streets

  108. edna harden

    hello my name is Edna. I am disabled and need help with puttjng my gas back on was turn off on the 24 of this month can you help me my phone number is 678-344-7093

  109. Frank J

    I have been online for a month searching for help. I called everyone but local churches with help for back rent. I found a woman advertising on craigslist for help with children. She’s been living in a hotel for too long and there is no help. Try calling you state senators. They have ways of getting things done. N Y

  110. Arthur Seme

    I lost my job so I need help for pay my rent and my utilities bill for the September 2016

  111. Arthur Seme

    Please I need your assistance help for the September 2016, we are 4 people me my wife and 2 kids who are American original 5 and 3 years

  112. Arthur Seme

    Please I need your assistance help for the September 2016, we are 4 people me my wife and 2 kids who are American original 5 and 3 years.
    I live at 460 west Oakridge rd apt 426

  113. Roxanne mcglade

    Me an my kids are in desperate need of help with rent so we don’t become home less again… I’ve been denied by dhs an haven’t been able to find any program to help us…is there any one who can help us…please

  114. Brenda Shumaker

    My name is brenda, an im having a very hard time right now. Im disabled an fighting for my disability. An my fiance was diagnosed with m.s last june. An took out of work permanently. My mother is paying all the bills out of her disability check thats only 710.00 a mo. An with the price of electric bills an rent an house hold items an her medicine she is short almost every mo. We signed up for public housing but it’s a two year waiting list. So im asking for.help if any one can help me please call me

  115. godspower nneji

    pls sir/ma kindly help an orphan to get a home, i need about #70,000 to finish d two rooms i am building. the wok i do is guardwok,plus a family of five. rmain blsd as you help the poor, tnkz.

  116. Mark Seegers

    I really need help, I’ve been struggling with my rent for months, I stopped my eviction once thinking so hard about my 5 month old son.. Now it’s a little harder and over bearing. I lost my job and the person who was helping me with the bills also.. I’m really desperate and I’m running out of time.. I’m constantly going to court over rent.Please help

  117. Amber

    My name is Amber. My fiance and I have gotten behind in out rent. We owe last month and this month. He was working as much overtime as possible which keptbus afloat. His job has recently stopped letting them have overtime and they have cut back on their hours. I am on disability and we have a 12 yr old daughter. He has applied for a new job and he has an interview but until then we need help with our rent. With oweing last month and this months rent we owe $1100. Can anyone help? Please let me know. Thank you so much.

  118. Wesley

    I got an eviction notice last night. I got layed of a few weeks ago. I have another job to start next week. This is a emergency I have 4 children. They need their home. Please help me find assistance in tx

  119. Free Financial Post author

    Hello, Allen. Please go to the Department of Social Services, for help preventing the eviction. They can offer temporary emergency assistance. Also because your wife is pregnancy you are eligible to WIC (extra food to help pregnant women and young babies) You may also be eligible for food stamps and TANF. When you go to the DSS, take with you proof of your wife’s pregnancy and proof you are unemployed. Good luck.

  120. Free Financial Post author

    Hello, Stephanie. Because you have small children, you should be able to get help from the Department of Social Services. Depending on your income you may be eligible for WIC or SNAP. Also, call the United Way 2-1-1 on you phone. Good Luck

  121. Free Financial Post author

    Hello, Edna. Please contact the Department of Social Service for help with your utilities. Also, call the United Way (2-1-1) who can direct you to many other organizations.

  122. Free Financial Post author

    Thanks for writing Frank. There are so many people needing help organization do run out of money. If you have children, 5 or under you can get help from the Department of Social Services. The United Way has a list of assistance programs in every city. They can be contacted by calling 2-1-1.

  123. Free Financial Post author

    Hello, Arthur. You did not say what you need help with, so I will direct you to the United Way. Please call 2-1-1 to find out what help is available for you and your family. You may also contact HUD and the Department of Social Services. Good luck

  124. Anthony Watson

    I need help paying back rent and get my lights turn back on please help me I do not what to get put out this week

  125. Anthony Watson

    I need help paying back rent and get the lights back on I live in rome georgia I stay in apartment 1349 Redmond circle apartment h5 please help

  126. Laketa S Buice

    My name is Laketa I have a High risk pregnancy currently and 3 children. Due to high risk pregnancy I have not been able to work. I am now behind on my rent which is $950 please help.

  127. Free Financial Post author

    Hello, Wesley. I am sorry to hear about your recent troubles. Please contact the Department of Social Services and United Way to find help with rent. They will contact your landlord and let them know you are getting help with rent. That should stop the eviction process.

  128. Free Financial Post author

    Hello, Anthony. Please call the United Way at 2-1-1 for a list of agencies in your area that can help you. Also contact local Church Programs. They help with food, clothing, rent and utilities.

  129. Free Financial Post author

    Hello, Laketa. If you are unable to work, consider applying to TANF with the Department of Social Services. That would include SNAP (food assistance), Utilities, Rent, Medicaid and WIC for you and the new baby. Good Luck.

  130. Free Financial Post author

    Hello, Brenda. You are in a difficult situation. I would apply for public assistance until you are approved for disability. When applying I would not mention a fiance or that you are living together. Just address your own personal situation and mention that the money is giving you is a loan. (or they may count it as income) Good luck.

  131. Stephanie

    I have tried every organization and church in my area I am late on rent ($450 total with late fees) and tomorrow morning they will give me an eviction notice and an extra $294 in fees ( they claim they’re attorney fees). No one will help me, I have 2 children, what can I do?

  132. Delfin Favorito

    Need help or assistance with rent. Struggling to pat with social security.

  133. Khristal Woodall

    I am khristal And I am a single mother who is trying to get help with rent and I have already been to DHS in my area. Any churches willing to help

  134. conoley

    I really need help with bills bad have hep c and liver damage me and wife need real help 6414143541

  135. ed

    Me and my wife really need help for food & rent.
    But, I’m in Indonesia. Looking for a job, but don’t found yet.
    Just trying because we are so desperate.
    Thank you and God bless!

  136. Brandi Decou

    My husband has been in and out of work for awhile now and we are about to be homeless with are 2 young children. We need help asap

  137. Cecelia

    I am currently homeless due to no fault of mine. I can explain later. I have been living in my car for 3 weeks now with 5 animals I work but it’s been hard to forget. I have been in touch with many people and the only help I have been able to get is for food stamps. I can’t take much more mentally. Pleases help I am in Jonesboro ga

  138. Caletha

    Hello I live in a mobile home park and I am faced with being evicted due to falling behind…My home is paid for but the lot that it sits on is what I have fallen behind on I need assistance to bring it current to keep from losing my mobile home I am in desperate need if help.

    Thank you and God bless

  139. Jennithia

    Hello I am in Texas and I need assistance for paying my rent. Do you know how I can apply to get help? Or where I can go?

  140. Sabrina

    I have three children and my rent is due tomorrow I’ve tried to find help everywhere and I couldn’t get help even asking people my rent is due tomorrow 9/21/2016 and I’m out of time or they putting me and my boys out please if you can help me

  141. Free Financial Post author

    Hello, Cecelia. I am sorry you have lost your home. You have a problem because most shelters do not take in dogs. There are no shelters in your city that also takes pets. For help call Advantage Homeless Day Service Center: 1-855-333-9544. You go there and get a shower, wash you clothes. get help with access to computers, rehousing and financial assistance. Check out the link Here For LOCATIONS Good luck.

  142. Free Financial Post author

    Hello, Sabrina. You can not be legally put out of your apartment for being last a few days with the rent. Take the late notice or eviction notice to the DSS and request emergency assistance with rent or utilities.

  143. Joseph Perkins

    My check was garnished and now I owe $1,190. If I don’t pay this by Friday my family and I will be tossed on the street. Any help would be appreciated.

  144. Crystal

    I’m in a serious bind and need all the help I can get. I need help paying my rent and only have a short amount of time to do it in. Please!! Someone help!!!!!

  145. Bradley Dominey

    My wife , son and I are about to be evicted. Can someone please help

  146. stephanie swem

    Yes i got sick walkin newmonah miss bout2 weeks of work now its time for rent i do have a job go back to work tomarrow if u could help me before im homeless i can pay u back or work for u

  147. Veronica Aldridge

    My name veronica I need help paying my rent it is due Friday I have been trying to get help nobody will help me

  148. Pamela Lipscomb

    Hello, Stephanie. I am glad you are feeling better and getting back to work. There are organization that can help you with rent, but they all are based on your income. Contact the agencies in our article “Church Assistance Programs” If you qualify financially you will get help.

  149. Pamela Lipscomb

    Hello Veronica, Please call 211 The United Way to find agencies in your area that help with rent. Also contact agencies in post, ‘Emergency Rent Assistance’.

  150. yong Lee

    hello, my name is Yong. I lost job about 4 months ago and struggling to get a job because of my depression. I promised to help my son who lives on Richmond VA for his rent but now I need $2000 to support him to stay at his apartment. I also need $3000 to stay living for now to get out of this depression. I am out of people who can support me. I was thinking about end my life here because of my inability, but I am reaching out for help, so me and my son can have fresh start from the bottom. Please help us as soon as possible. Thank you and god bless!!

  151. Charity N. Porter

    I have been looking for rental assistance to prevent me and my children from being homeless and no one will help me either. Not even churches unless I am a member.

  152. Pamela Lipscomb

    Hello, Yong. I am sorry you are suffering from depression. Call the hospital in your city and ask if they have Sliding Scale program so you can go to the doctor for your depression for free. You may be able to get help from the Department of Social Services in your city. Also call Catholic Charities and the Salvation Army for help with your bills.

  153. Pamela Lipscomb

    Hello, Charity. Call 211, which is the United Way to find out what help is available in your city. You must have an income that meets US poverty guidelines.

  154. Geronta

    Hello my spouse and I been homeless for 2 weeks with both our kids being involved with the moves we had to make to find somewhere to sleep as of now I am currently working and can’t seem to come up with the deposit. I was evicted from my last apartments and paid off the full fine the next month I’m trying to provide a good home for my kids and now that min wage went up so has rent. If possible to help us from sleeping in the car with a 7month boy and a 6 year old girl would be kind. Even if I can’t be helped by you it would be nice to know who I can try to help. I’m 25 the mother is 22

  155. P. J. Lipscomb Post author

    Hello, Geronta. HUD, the DSS can help with security deposits for a new place. Some Salvation Army Locations have temporary housing units for families. Also, consider the WMCA for temporary very inexpensive temporary housing. It seems like you may be eligible for TANF, WIC, SNAP and Medicaid. Take you ID and all the family Social Security Cards to see if you are eligible for help. You will have to find your own house or apartment to rent. Then the DSS will give you the security deposit for rent. Keep in mind you must qualify financially, and legally. Good luck!

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