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Organizations that work with charities and community action ground to bring aid to disadvantaged communities.

Organizations that Give Away Free Furniture

How to Get Free Furniture.  Every year millions of people are displaced from their home due to fires, floods, and tornadoes.  What do you do and where do you go when you have lost everything?  Furniture banks help low-income families to re-establish their households, by providing free furniture and household items to help them re-establish their homes. If you are… Read More »

Tax Deductible Car Donations – Help Goodwill Industries, Veterans, Single Mothers

Tax Deductible Car Donations – Help Goodwill Industries, Veterans, Single Mothers.  Do you have a car on your property you don’t drive?  Why not donate your car to charity?  It’s been sitting in there for a while, and will all your best intentions, you haven’t fixed it. Tax Deductible Car Donations to Goodwill Goodwill Industries will take your… Read More »

West Virgina Catholic Charities Emergency Assistance Programs

West Virginia Catholic Charities Emergency Assistance Programs.  Catholic Charities was founded over 100 years ago, by men and women of faith.  As a result, their vision way, to change the world by serving the poor is helping people all across the United States. Their programs help ever aspect of the population, including the elderly, children, unborn, immigrants, adults, married… Read More »

Jewish Association Free Loans

Jewish Interest Free Loans.  These loans help people of all faiths struggling financially. The mission of this non-profit, is to help other become self-sufficient through no interest loans.  Do you have a child with special needs, need help with education or bills, if you qualify you can get an interest free loan.   Jewish Free Loan Association has branches all across the… Read More »

Wheels for Work – Car Repair – Tompkins/Tioga

Wheels for Work program is sponsored by Catholic Charities.  They help qualified low-income adults with transportation.  The program presently covers Tompkins and Tioga Counties in New York.  This program pays for auto insurance, and vehicle repairs. This much need program, however, the program does have a limited amount of funding.  Owning reliable transportation can make the difference between working or being unemployed.   If… Read More »

Free Coats for Kids 

Free Winter Coats.  How can I find a charity that gives out free winter coats?  You may ask. There are many children that need winter outerwear.  Their families don’t have the money to buy a new coat for their kids. When a child wears a coat, they cannot button or zip because it is too small, give little protection against… Read More »

Charity & Non-Profit Bill Assistance

Charity & Nonprofit Help with Bills.  Are you looking for a charity and non-profit assistance with housing, job development, family counseling and support and more? There are many of the assistance programs that help, under-served communities in the US and abroad.  Without the generous support of nonprofit assistance groups and individual volunteers, life would be unbearable for the homeless, elderly, disabled… Read More »

Local Food Banks Near You

Find Local Food Banks near you.  U.S. food banks and pantries help feed the poor across the country.  A neighborhood food bank or food pantries can make the difference between eating and go to bed hungry. These food banks support disadvantaged families, who could not make it without this help. These food banks, give away groceries, and household items such… Read More »

Local Church Assistance Programs

Local Church Assistance Programs. Need help paying rent, medical bills, utilities, eviction prevention, and dental?   Organizations like Catholic Charities and Salvation Army, help struggling families resources to help them keep stability.   These faith-based ministries provide assistance to strengthen the well-being of your family.   You can also help with job preparation, immigrant assistance, parenting education and family counseling. Most of these… Read More »